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Family Trip Giveaway: Colonial Williamsburg

In anticipation of summer, Colonial Williamsburg has a special trip giveaway offer for Traveling Mamas readers. One lucky family will have an opportunity to win one (1) complimentary 4 day/3 night package getaway to enjoy interactive history and unparalleled southern hospitality at one of the country’s most popular must-sees for families. This summer, Colonial Williamsburg will be introducing a variety of new interactive programming adding to the fun, and the Colonial Williamsburg Resort is celebrating 75 years of hospitality, so you’ll enjoy the best in customer service, as well.

Colonial Willamsburg Family Travel Destination image by Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Family BlacksmithProgram highlights this summer include RevQuest: The Lion and the Unicorn, the second chapter in a popular text message-based adventure through the Historic Area. To save the Revolution, players text in for clues that help them decipher codes and find symbols in Historic Area locations they might not otherwise explore. Find your allies among Historic Area interpreters and see if you have what it takes to save the Revolution! Additionally, Colonial Williamsburg’s newest exhibition building, the Public Armoury is open, showcasing historic tradespeople at work.

Kids are invited to play games, learn to dance and practice 18th century manners at the Benjamin Powell House, help tend the plants at the colonial nursery, pick tobacco at Great Hopes Plantation, or take their shoes off and stomp in the mud helping the brickmakers at the brickyard. For a fun, family meal, the new Huzzah! BBQ Grille features great BBQ favorites with international flair.

At the Williamsburg Woodlands, families can take advantage of the Fun Zone, including an outdoor pool, putt putt, shuffle board, ping pong, magic shows, cookie decorating, making your own sundaes and more, all right on-site at the hotel.

With this offer, families can also take advantage of nearby Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.

The Colonial Williamsburg Bounce giveaway package includes:

  • 4 days/3 nights at the Williamsburg Woodlands, an official Colonial Williamsburg Hotel
  • Daily breakfast
  • Admission to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and Art Museums
  • Admission to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA
  • Access to the Fun Zone (outdoor pool, putt putt, ping pong, shuffle board, cookie decorating, magic shows and more)

The package has a value of more than $800. Can’t make it this summer? This offer can be used anytime within the next 12 months, depending on your schedule.  Some blackout dates apply. The Summer Bounce Package is good until August 30, 2012. Aug 31-Nov 20, the package would include accommodations, breakfast, Colonial Williamsburg admission, and components of the Fun Zone (putt putt, ping pong, shuffle board).
Colonial Williamsburg Family mini golf activity image by Colonial Williamsburg

How to Enter:

Leave a comment letting us know if you’ve ever visited Colonial Williamsburg and/or what activities your family likes to participate in during your summer family vacation. That’s it! Comments close on May 14, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. One comment will be chosen randomly via Random.org and the winner has 48 hours to respond once notified by email from TravelingMamas.com. Must be at least 21 years old. Transportation is not included and we’re opening this contest to citizens worldwide who are planning a visit to the US in the next 12 months. One entry per email address per day. Valid comments will be recovered from Spam.

Thanks to Colonial Williamsburg for providing this fun family giveaway to TravelingMamas.com readers.

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  1. I’ve never visited Colonial Williamsburg because we wanted to wait until the kids were old enough, which I think they are now. We live in the Detroit area so we’ve been to Greenfield Village, but would love to experience the real living history!

  2. Never been but it sounds like a great family vacation!
    We love to have edutainment experiences, and lots o pool time of course!

  3. I have been to Colonial Williamsburg years ago in Feb. it was a quick time share sale type deal trip. It was to cold to really do anything. I would love to be able to go back on vacation with our children and do the tour that is offered in the historic area.

  4. We’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg on several ocassions and loved every minute of our time there. Visiting Williamsburg really brought the Colonial Period to life and got my children excited in learning about the events leading to the Revolutionary War. They even wanted to be jr. guides at Williamsburg- if only we lived nearby!

    We homeschool so many of our travel ideas are sparked by what we’ve been learning in school. We fill our trips with anything from hikes outdoors, to science museums, historical attractions, to art galleries, amusement parks and roadside attractions. There is no rhyme or reason to our planning- just whatever appeals to us at the time.

  5. I’ve never been to Colonial Williamsburg but would love to go with my family.

  6. I am a wife & mother to 3 delightful children (2 boys and 1 girl), all under age 5. My oldest son turns 5 this July; while we have never been to Colonial Williamsburg, we would love an opportunity to start introducing our children to our nation’s history at an early age to encourage their curiosity and interest.

  7. Have never been to Colonial Williamsburg but would love to take my daughters. Both of them became interested in Williamsburg after reading the American Girl stories about Felicity who lived in Williamsburg just prior to the American Revolution. I have been telling my girls for years that we will go there some day!

  8. The last time I went, I spent an incredible day at the Jamestown Plantation archeology site. It was also great to visit with the staff on the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg and learn more about that important time in the history of our nation. I’m ready to go back and see it all through my kid’s eyes.

  9. I visited Colonial Williamsburg as a child and loved it all! I’ve been looking forward to taking my children there too.

  10. We have never visited Colonial Williamsburg before. My children and I love to visit museums anything outdoors, anything historical. We enjoy doing pretty much anything.

  11. We’ve been a few times. We love visiting the area, and Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown always has plenty to offer. We love history so it is always educational as well as fun!

  12. I have never been but this is one trip our family has been looking into doing for a couple years. We love history!

  13. We took the kids too many years ago. It’s time to go back! 🙂 For our family vacations, we love to explore new areas, learn about its history, see new sights. We try to avoid really expensive, touristy things and just discover little gems along the way! 🙂

  14. No, I’ve never visited but it is a destination at the TOP of my wishlist!!!
    When we go on family trips we enjoy learning about the history of a place, the good eats of the area and just plain “fun” time=)
    Fantastic Giveaway, Thanks!!!

  15. Sounds awesome!! When we go on vacation in the summer, we like to do lots of swimming and indoor museum touring. 😀 Anything educational AND fun is great!

  16. I have never been to Williamsburg but have always wanted to go there! I think it would be fascinating to go back in time and experience what life was like for the colonists. As a teacher, you can probably tell that type of entertainment is right up my alley and helps me to stay passionate about my profession as a I continue to grow and learn. I also think would be great to visit Busch Gardens.

  17. Wow…My parents took my brother and I when we were 8 and 10 years old. I remember wearing colonial hats and learning first hand about the events that took place prior to the Revolutionary War. We had a blast. There is nothing like bringing history alive. My parents were both teachers and truly believed in hands-on learning. I am so grateful for this because these are the times I truly cherish and remember. My husband and I would love to take our son, Aidan, to Colonial Williamsburg. I am now a teacher and although my dad is now an angel, I hope to follow in his footsteps and give my son the unforgettable experiences I was blessed with. We love outdoors, hands-on, and just know how to have a good time!

  18. I have never been to Williamsburg but would love to take the family. We enjoy the outdoors, animals, museums, exploring, and learning while having fun!

  19. My family and I had the opportunity to live in the beautiful and historic Colonial Williamsburg/Yorktown area. It has been five years since moving away. Our oldest child, born there, remembers little of her first years… It is a family dream to return for a visit!
    If we were to return we would drive the scenic highways, stop at each of the historic national parks, stroll up and down the roads in Williamsburg eating so much there could be a possibly “death by chocolate”, visit the boutiques, and catch-up with the locals (who provide some of the best hospitality) known in the U.S. This is just to name a few!

  20. I was lucky enough to visit with my friend in 2007. I was getting my MA in history at the time and loved the experience!!! I would love to send my niece and nephew to visit Williamsburg!

    Great giveaway!

  21. Would relish the opportunity to spend quality time in Williamsburg with the family, learning, sight-seeing, having fun. Was only there as a child but many postitive memories.

  22. The family would enjoy Williamsburg. I have only heard great things-never been. Love to just have a good time together with the family.

  23. I took my family about 5 years ago- it was beautiful! Learning about the time period, and seeing genuine buildings, garb, artifacts was very interesting and exciting. My sons loved seeing all the weapons and tools, participating in activities, eating food from the period, and feeling like they were a part of what was going on. We went during spring break, so it was quite busy (and hot!) so we did not get to see and do everything, we would LOVE to go back! We are about a 5 hour drive away. We also went to Busch Gardens, and often talk about going back. We have been to Busch Garden Tampa Bay numerous times, but the one in VA is more European looking and themed. We loved it! They also have rollercoasters not found at other parks. Roaming around in Williamsburg was fun, as well. I would love to explore the area more. Here’s to hoping we win!!!!

  24. We’ve never been to Colonial Williamsburg but would love to. Our family loves to explore historical places.

  25. I have never been, but it is a place that I have always wanted to visit. I love learning about the history of our nation. And I really enjoy living history displays where you can see, hear and smell what life was like back then.

  26. My family would love to win this trip to visit Williamsburg. We would love to dress up, visit museums, ride rides, visit animals, and explore.

  27. Have never been-would love to visit museums, shops, explore, feed animals, eat, shop, and have a good time.

  28. I was at Colonial Williamsburg all too briefly and have a “bucket list” of things I’d love to do if I get to go back. Such an interesting, unique place!

  29. would be a delight to win a trip to this unique, delightful place-want to sight-see, explore, and have a good time

  30. Would love to be able to go back as an adult with my family. We study Williamsburg with my students in school and I would love to take my son so we can learn about preserving America’s story; we would love to indulge in the history aspect and experience American artisans, check out Busch Gardens, weapons and tools, transportation, etc. So many exciting things!!! Willimasburg is only a few hours away in the car!

  31. Our family has a young child, so we also like to spend time doing activities geared towards children – parks, zoos and such!

  32. have never been but want to see the ear to ear grin on my child’s face if he gets to see animals, rides, and experience old time America in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg!

  33. Visited a long time ago but would love to take my family to the fun zone, Busch Gardens, Water Gardens, Museums, and more! Howdelightful this all sounds!

  34. I’ve taken my family to Colonial Williamsburg when my kids were small. Now that I am a grandmother, I would love to take my 3 grandkids here so they can have the unforgettable experiences my kids did when they were little. They are all under 10 so they would love to visit parks, water zones, museums, and experience life in America as they do not know it today!

  35. Love the history of our country and have always wanted to visit Williamsburg.

  36. As a history buff, I’d love to visit Colonial Williamsburg to view in person what we’ve learn from history books. We have not visited Colonial Williamsburg, but would welcome the chance. We enjoy swimming and would love to see the enactment of tradespeople at work.

  37. Have only been a long time ago…would love to visit anything with my grandkids!

  38. I would love to bring my husband and son…we are up for anything! I’ve only been as a child.

  39. Our family likes to do activities that kids enjoy since we have a little one.

  40. Most of my family has never been to Colonial Willaimsburg. We love and adventure and are up to exploring anything!

  41. We love to just have a good time. Colonial Williamsburg looks like a great trip-love kid stuff especially.

  42. Love to stay young and have a good time. Visited many moons ago…would like to visit again with my 3 favorite grandkids. Grammie is up for anything!

  43. Would love to have the opportunity to take my family on an educational and fun trip this year!!!

  44. My family has never visited Colonial Williamsburg, but we love anything outdoors. We usually just sight see.

  45. The more I visit this site and read over the comments the more I want to return for a vistit. I think after settling in at the hotel, I would bring the family for a picnic on the river bank at Jamestown settlement. After a stroll through the park we would head to the outlets for a little while. Possibly ending our evening with dinner at one of the local Williamsburg eateries. Finally, a stroll through the breath-taking William & Mary Campus.
    Dreaming of a visit in the near future!

  46. My husband and have visited Williamsburg historic area with our children when they were young. We have grand children now and would love to take them to Williamsburg.

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