Love these Zoubaby monogrammed boots!

I am totally in love with these new boots I just ordered from Zoubaby, a cute new company that offers mongrammed rubber waders for moms and daughters alike.  They’re keeping my feet both dry and stylish during this rainy Philadephia spring – can’t beat that!  Because even the most organized of moms can’t control the weather (and goodness knows that “organized” is not an adjective most would use to describe me),  Zoubaby (www.zoubaby.com) boots were designed with the practical yet hip mom (now, that sounds like me) in mind.  Be it spilled cereal or unexpected rainstorms, come what may, every mom can stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

Zoubaby Boots“Mom-ogram” it! For a new twist on a rainy day staple, Zoubaby boots are personalized so that you can enjoy a look that’s uniquely yours.  With four monogram styles and eight colors, there are myriad ways to create a look of your very own.

Thank Mom!  From now until Mother’s Day — in honor of moms everywhere — Zoubaby is offering a special 20 percent discount off all purchases.  To order a pair (or two) of boots in time for Mother’s Day, just log on to www.zoubaby.com and use the promotion code: MOMS20.

Thanks, Zoubaby boots! (As always, we only write about products we truly like and believe in. Opinions are 100% genuine.)

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