Rock Your Holiday with Rayovac, Paper Jamz, and TravelingMamas

Have you heard about the fun and lightweight toy for all ages? Paper Jamz is an affordable and entertaining holiday gift that everyone will love. I first saw these in Walmart when grocery shopping and my daughter talked me into buying one. It was less than $20 and extremely light. We also bought a pack of Rayovac batteries, which is the official battery of Paper Jamz (and I put a few extra packs in the buggy to get ready for all the holiday toys that need to be powered.)

Paper Jamz makes a great gift or toy for travel (once you get to your destination) because it is lightweight and can be placed on top of your luggage in the trunk. It isn’t small, so I don’t recommend it for air travel, but man is it a fun gadget. Each Paper Jamz comes with three pre-recorded songs and you can even freestyle. I was rocking out the other night singing about decorating the house and how I was thankful to be one of Rayovac’s Power Bloggers. It’s fun to work with them and pretend like I’m a rock star with my Rayovac powered Paper Jamz guitar. The poor dog was looking at me sideways before he started howling.

I’d love to help a few of you get some of these popular holiday gifts to put under your own tree, or just rock out on Christmas Eve with the family. Rayovac and Paper Jamz want YOU to have as much fun as I’ve been having and would like to give one of you a $250 Visa Gift Card and five (5) of you Rayovac Jams Packs (A Paper Jamz Guitar and one pack of Rayovac Alkaline AAA 24 pack batteries).

How to enter to win the $250 Visa Gift Card:

Write a blog post about the Rayovac Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes. Include the following Mom Rocks the Holidays widget to your post so your followers can link directly to the Sweepstakes   – You must be sure to add at the end of your post the following phrase – “Followers who promote the Rayovac Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes may receive gifts from Rayovac.” Then, send an email through our contact page with the link to your post so we can verify your entry. We like Rayovac batteries because they provide value and are long lasting.

How to Enter to Win the Rayovac Jams Pack:

Just leave a comment telling us what you’re doing this holiday season!

This is a sponsored post by Rayovac and prizes are provided by the sponsor. Giveaway is open to US residents ages 21 and older. Giveaway closes at 11:59PM CST on December 2, 2010 – So hurry and enter!

Bonus Entries: Tweet this post and provide a link to the tweet as a comment for an extra entry!

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  1. This holiday season, I am going to fondly remember the wonderful life my mother gave me. She passed away the Friday before Thanksgiving this year. We children are all blessed that she was our Mom.

  2. My sons and their families will be coming to my house for Christmas. I look forward to seeing my little grandson’s faces as they open their gifts.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  3. We’re staying home this holiday season and working around the house to get things back in shape for 2011.

  4. On Christmas Eve I spend the evening with my husband, daughter and in-laws and on Christmas day with my husband, daughter and my family. Merry Christmas from TN!

  5. We’ll be hosting Christmas at our home with all our family. Thanks so much.

  6. YAY! Free batteries! With a 1 year old and so many electronic toys nowadays, we go through batteries like they were delicious candy… thankfully Rayovac are WAY less expensive than the “other guys” and last just as long. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Oh yeah, whoops, what we’re doing for the holidays… We’re going to my Mom’s house to celebrate with the family and extended family – even though its going to be a frugal Christmas this year, we’ll still have family, food, and fun even without the gobs of presents.

  8. We stay in our pjs all day and watch Charlie Brown Christmas! (and play with all the new toys!)
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  9. My dad won’t be joining us this year, so my sister and I are being a bit low-key this Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we’ll go over to the paternal fam’s annual get together and eat and hang out. On Christmas day, I’ll get up early to start cooking before going off with my friends for our traditional Christmas Coffee at Starbucks. I’ll come home to finish cooking, then eat dinner and open gifts with my sis and possibly my friend and God-kids.

  10. We will have a family get together on Christmas Eve, when the presents will be opened. The fun thing will be my grandson, who will be old enough this year to enjoy the packages–and maybe his mother will actually let him open them this time!

  11. having a cancer treatment and in isolation right now but will be out just in time for christmas to be with my family — all that matters
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  12. usually travel about 140 miles to the family for the dinner–unless we get a ton of snow !!!
    thanks for the contest!

  13. All of my kids will be home WOOHOO,, I dont have tweet, cant enter for the Flip, bummer

  14. I don’t really have any special plans. I like to take a couple days and catch up on a novel or two.

  15. We will have our normal traditions…breakfast with the Grandparents and then they watch our kids open their gifts and we don’t have to run out anywhere first thing Christmas morning.

  16. Just kickin it at home with the kiddies and hubby. Catching up on all my shows that are DVR’d.

  17. We will be here at home with all the kiddos, We will have dinner and open gifts and have a great time.


  18. Most of the family is staying home this year so it will only be the immediate family of 5. Thanks.

  19. We will be hosting my husbands family christmas on the 18th and the spending christmas eve with my family.

  20. Eating good food, hanging out with love ones and oh yeah, we’ll be opening gifts and praises God.

  21. We will be together celebrating my Daughter’s 7th bday this christmas! It is just one more special thing to celebrate.

  22. We’re going to have a great big family Christmas, open gifts, eat too much food, play whatever new board game Santa brings us, and just generally have fun.

  23. We will be staying home this year. Cutting and Decorating a tree with the kids and baking with my daughters. lkvoyer at aol dot com

  24. We are having our huge extended family Christmas get together early on the 4th and then on Christmas eve my brothers and sisters and their kids.

  25. Going to Disney world and then coming back before Christmas to have dinner with my family and in-laws.

  26. I’m looking forward to inviting my entire family, as well as an entirely new family tree I recently discovered when I found my biological parents.

  27. This year, my kids and I are staying close to home. About 4 months ago, my niece came to live with us and I’ve learned that she hasn’t really been able to enjoy a traditional christmas, so we’ve decided to go all out for a homebound holiday! She’s going to love it!

  28. We’re going to spend the night at my in-laws on Christmas Eve. The kids will LOVE waking up there on Christmas morning. 😀

  29. We will be going to my sister-in-laws for Christmas this year. I am debating wether or not to travel to visit my mom during the break as well. Depends on the weather.

  30. We will be home during the morning and early afternoon opening presents. Then we will be off to DH’s family for dinner. Thanks for the chance.

  31. I am having surgery tomorrow, so I will be recovering from that. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery so I can enjoy spending the month off being home with my family for once. lisacarr7 ataol dot com

  32. this season we are staying home and relaxing,instead of traveling!

  33. My mom is coming to visit for the first time since I have had three children. My MIL is not coming, thank goodness. We are just doing low key stuff that doesn’t require $$.
    Alicia Webster

  34. I’ll be getting out of cold cold Colorado to visit my parents and sister in warm sunny Florida!

  35. This year is up in the year, because we are in the process of moving and setting up a new household.

  36. we are going to travel through half of the country to spend holidays with the rest of the family

  37. this holiday season we are staying home and making a big dinner for our family after we get up bright and early in the morning and exchange gifts, if weather permits we will go out sledding after dinner 🙂


  38. We will be going to our in laws to celebrate, and then to my family’s houses!

    We have two parties to go to this year also, should be fun!

  39. I’m going to my parents house. Then, we will visit my mom’s family on Christmas Eve and my dad’s on Christmas Day.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  40. I’m going to my parents house. Then, we will visit my mom’s family on Christmas Eve and my dad’s on Christmas Day.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  41. We are going to my family’s home on Christmas Eve and my wife’s family on Christmas Day. This has worked out well in the past and we get to spend the holidays with our entire families!

  42. Usually, we get the family together and watch movies on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas Day we go to my mothers.

  43. This holiday I am going to be doing a lot of things. I will be spending time with my family as well as trying to squeeze as much Christmas as I can out of a small budget.

  44. This holiday season I will be spending most of my time with my children and we’ll go to a movie, play some video games, have lunch, etc 😀 I will also be taking my dog to visit neighbors, he loves that!

  45. We do Christmas eve with husband’s family, Christmas day alone as a family, and then my family the day after. It’s a very busy but enjoyable time for us!! Thanks.

  46. Staying at home with the family and opening gifts and eating and just enjoying each others company.

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