Las Vegas Casinos: An Experience of a Lifetime

Smart Tips for Your Trip to the Sin City

Don’t you wish you could go wild, even if it’s just for a night? A lot of women these days are always just too busy, either with their families or with their careers, that they seem to forget one important person: themselves. It’s high time to give yourself a break and book that flight to the Sin City, and live life (the night life that is) to the fullest.

Las Vegas is at its best when the experience is shared with someone dear; it doesn’t matter if you’re with your partner or your girlfriends. You need to plan your itinerary before you book the trip. There are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas, that it can be quite easy to get confused on what you’d like to do first. Like what American actor Drew Carey once said, “I love Las Vegas. I like that Las Vegas has everything. Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.”

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Whether you are visiting Las Vegas for the sights or for the events, the urge to play at the casino tables can get quite irresistible when you’re there. Make sure to set your betting money aside, and don’t spend everything you have at the poker table, especially if you’re quite new to the game. It would also help if you practice playing online first to get a better understanding of casino games such as poker. WSOP Champion Pius Heinz honed his playing skills online before he made it to the big leagues. From humble beginnings to the partypoker sponsored World Poker Tour, Heinz definitely made all his efforts pay off.

With all that said, here are two of the top casino hotels that are worth visiting:

The Venetian Las Vegas

The Venetian Las Vegas is not only popular for its casino, it also has a lot of entertainment and dining options, that you don’t really need to leave the hotel. The Carnavale 2013 – The Summer of 300 Experiences is happening at The Venetian from 27 May to 8 September. Carnavale is an Italian summer festival that showcases different events such as Passion for Cabernet, TopSpin 2013,Fashion Shows, and the Wolfgang Puck Event just to name a few.
Some of the highly-acclaimed restaurants at The Venetian are: Aquanox (seafood), B & B Ristorante (Italian), and Bouchon (Venetian).

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is the second biggest casino hotel not just in Las Vegas, but in the world. Poker enthusiasts frequent MGM Grand as it has one of the biggest gaming floors in the city (17,500 sq. feet). It’s also home to Cirque du Soleil, The Hollywood Theatre, and a lot more—making MGM Grand one of the best bets (pun intended) when it comes to family getaways or night outs with the girls.

The Stay Well Rooms at MGM Grand

MGM also has some of the best restaurants in the Sin City: Joel Robuchon (French), Hakkasan (Modern Cantonese), Diego (Mexican), Wolfgang Puck (American bar and grill).

Be sure to check out more tips on Las Vegas.

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