Behind the Scenes: Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton

I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a stay at the Beverly Hilton, host of more than 175 red carpet events each year, including the famous Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards. The Beverly Hilton also was the site of the first-ever Grammy Awards in 1959. It was an amazing moment for this Louisiana mama to stand in from of the mirror in the ladies bathroom of the International Ballroom. I was all alone, surrounded by soft pink marble tile, as I thought of all the great Hollywood actresses that checked their hair before going out to accept their awards.

Tonight, more than 1200 guests will gather in the International Ballroom  of the Beverly Hilton for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Hopefully, the actresses nominated won’t get held up in the restroom while their name is called to accept their award, like Christine Lahti in 1997 and Renee Zellwegger in 2000.

The Beverly Hilton offered a 2011 Golden Globe package that included red carpet seating which started at $3,000. If you get your own chance to overnight at the Beverly Hilton, step inside the International Ballroom and peek inside the ladies restroom, which was decorated by Eva Gabor. Take a dip in the Aqua-Star Pool, which is not only the largest pool in Beverly Hills, but the perfect place for some synchronized swimming, a la Esther Williams.

Here are a few behind the scenes clips as the Beverly Hilton gets ready to play host to yet another amazing gathering of talent. I’ll be watching the Golden Globe Awards tonight. Will you?

Suki Sugiura, Executive Chef of the Beverly Hilton shares what the stars will be dining on tonight during the Golden Globe Awards.

Check out what’s in the star’s gift bags for the Golden Globes

The Beverly Hills Police Department explains the security needed for such a high profile event

Setting up the Red Carpet – This year there will be more than 32,000 square feet of red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards

Presenter Julie Bowen gives a final look behind the scenes of the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton

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