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What is a Nordic Spa?

Have you ever heard of a Nordic Spa? I’ve found that they are very popular in Canada’s Quebec Province. Last year I checked out a Nordic spa near Quebec’s Ice Hotel and it was a screamer. This year, I found an indoor spa in downtown Montreal right around the corner from Le Petit Hotel on Rue Saint-Paul E.

Nordic spas are also called thermal spas and treatment includes a series of visits at different areas. The first part opens the pores and starts with choice of a 10-15 minute visit to thermal bath, eucalyptus steam room, or Finnish sauna. The second step is the closing of the pores, which can be through a soak in the cold plunge pool or ice cold shower. The final step is relaxation for another 10-15 minutes. To get the full therapeutic effect, this process should be completed three times.

A day pass to a Nordic spa is an inexpensive way to relax while on vacation. The cost can vary but is usually less than $50. Most Nordic spas also offer other services which should be booked in advanced and require an additional fee. Be sure to pack along sandals or Crocs and a robe. Robes are usually available for an extra fee.

In this short educational video, I will take you through the process of a Nordic Spa experience in an indoor facility.

Special thanks to Galavanting Gal Kim Mance for pressing the red button on my Flip and to Tourisme Montreal for hosting our visit.

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