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Contest Giveaway – Houmas House Gift Pack

Houmas House

I’m so proud to be from, and live in Louisiana. One of the things I love about my state is the preservation of history and the gentility of the South. One place that is preserving the history of my state is Houmas House. It is a River Road Plantation that was purchased about five years ago by Kevin Kelly, a true southern gentleman. He took this old grande damme and gave her a facelift and love and turned her back into the great beauty she once was.

Houmas House is the site of numerous films including Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, Fletch Lives, and television shows like All My Children and K’Ville. It is also reportedly haunted by a few ghosts of days gone by.

I like to start each visit to Houmas House with a stop at the Turtle Bar for either a mimosa or a mint julep. The Turtle Bar is located in a garconniere, which in Antebellum days housed the single males of the household. It was a place for cards and raucousness, so it is fitting that this historical building is now a cozy place to sip libations.

Apple Gallette from Houmas House

The resident chef, Jeremy Langlois, creates Nouveaux Creole dishes that are “to die for”. On my last visit, Chef Jeremy prepared a multi-course meal consisting of Bisque of Curried Pumpkin, Crawfish, and Corn, a Cosmopolitan Sorbet, a Community Coffee marinated rack of lamb served on top of potatoes, and dessert of Apple Gallette topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. Mmmm!

An after lunch stroll through the gardens and walkways is a nice prelude to the tour of the house itself. I could imagine myself living in grandeur once upon a time. It’s a good thing I keep my bookshelves stocked with romance novels. I can see Houmas House as the setting for a few of them.

This week’s giveaway is a gift pack from Houmas House. The pack consists of a nice crystal paperweight, coffee mug, and silver-plated sugar pack holder in the shape of a garconniere. These come in a handy reusable logo bag.

Houmas House Gift Pack

So how do you win this fantabulous gift pack? Post a comment telling us where you live and why you like to live there. Contest is open to US residents only and immediate family members of Traveling Mamas are ineligible. Contest will close at midnight EST April 1, 2008. Yes, this is April fool’s day, but we’ll announce the winning comment on April 2, so there’ll be no fooling around.

Good Luck!

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  1. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I love living here because it is a large city with a small town feel. Also, BR is just a short distance from New Orleans which is a great place to visit. The food in Louisiana can’t be beat! Louisiana is a great place to live.

  2. I live in Duluth, Minnesota. I like living here because its on the shores of Lake Superior and I can see the lake when I look out my window. The summers are awesome.

  3. I live in Chico, California and I like it here because it is not so big, and yet offers a lot.

  4. I live in Hazel Green Alabama. It is a very small community in North Alabama. I love living here because everyone knows everyone. I always have friendly faces to wave at when I’m out and about. I also love Hazel Green because it so close to Huntsville. Huntsville is a semi-small city with a big city feel. There are lots of restaurants, theaters, shopping opportunities, and museums. Have you ever heard of the Space and Rocket Center???? I am originally from Louisiana and have lots of family there. The only thing that would make living in Hazel Green better would be having my family live here too!

  5. I live in Panama City Beach FL. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States

  6. I live in Miramar Beach, (Destin) Fl. Destin is noted as being the fishing village capital of the world. Along with its snow white beaches, it has the most beautiful coastline that I have ever been to. thank you

  7. I live in the country in Ohio, on a farm. I love living there because I am able to have many differing animals; alpacas, horse, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs, dairy beef, and younger brothers. We also have a family run christmas tree farm and an apiary (we have beehives). There is so much to always do, one can never be bored!

  8. I live in Rochester, MN. It is a great city with alot of options. Close to the river for boating. and I love the 4 season’s

  9. I live in upstate, NY in a rural town with one traffic light. I like the fact that we have 5+ acres and in the Spring and summer it is nice. I hate the winter though.

  10. I live in the lower Hudson Valley of New York, just south of West Point. I love it here because of the Hudson River and its beautiful vistas. It is such a beautiful river with lovely views up and down. We are semi-rural but are in close proximity to New York City. The best of both worlds!

  11. I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that run along the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. There are less than two thousand people in my town and almost everyone of them would help you out in a heartbeat. The view is just gorgeous and everyday it changes. It is so peaceful, you can actually feel it. People travel from all over the world to visit our parks and I am lucky enough to live in a little piece of that.

  12. I live in Vero Beach, Florida. I am born and raised here. We have beautifull weather year round. This is a raise your family kind of town. I love it here. Have a blessed day.

  13. Well I am for New Jersey because you are a hop-skip & a-jump from NY and I LOVE NY!!!! I also love the change of seasons and that we are closely surrounded by other states. Was born in MA and love traveling up their with the Garden State Parkway especially with the foilage. NJ and you perfect together.
    😉 Thanks.

  14. I live in Idaho – Great skiing, beautiful mountains and lakes for camping, golf and most importantly a slower pace of life.

  15. I love in Portland Oregon. I love the Pacific Northwest because it’s gorgeous here. There are waterfalls on the sides of the roads, and downtown sits on a river. It’s just beautiful here!

  16. I live in Helena, MT and love it up because we have fabulous mountains to hike right in our own backyard. And speaking of backyards… we also have Yellowstone National Park close enough we could drive down for a nice weekend get away and get lost in our own backyard of the USA.
    Marissa 🙂

  17. i live in barre, ma because i was born here and viewing the rest of the countries weather we have the best of all seasons.

  18. hi well i live in muncie ,in and well as to why i love it here is that well its just realy nice place to be its the home of ball state and well also where your ball caningjars come from and well we also where the maker of giafld and oddie comes from and well just all kinds of neet stuff any way its a lot more of a better place then where i came from dont get me worng racine ,wi ok too but well after being there for so long i need to move lol

  19. I live in Coconut Creek Florida…I love the weather and going to the barn to watch my daughter ride…

  20. I live in Riverside, IL and I love it because it is a charming town with winding streets and gas lamps just 9 miles west of Chicago. I get the best of both worlds!!

  21. I live in Nashville, TN. I love it here. It is a fairly big city but still has a small town feel.

  22. I live in Dallas, Texas. I like it because there’s great shopping, great restaurants, and no beach so I don’t have to worry about bathing suite trauma.

  23. I love where i live here upstate ny. I’m about 15 minutes from howe caverns & secret Caverns. the caverns start under are small town. so the house is always cool in the summer. We bought a farm house well over 100 years old. The supports under the main floor are original trees trunks they used to build the home. We have lots of streams and wild life all around. The deer pass thru every day on there way to the waterfall across street. It took us over 3 years to get here we had been threw a previous foreclosure and having lots to learn our house. Even though our house is old and needs lots of work. I love it just as much when something breaks. It’s a beautiful change from our apartment in the very bad part of city we were in. Though we did have vandals break into our car the first week we were her we left the windows down and the raccoons got our popcorn chicken we left in the car. But they were polite enough to close the box when they were done. such a nice the change from the many broken windows we had in are car! 🙂

  24. I live in Sterling, Alaska, I love it because there isn’t many people, it’s quiet, and the mountains and lakes and rivers are beautiful.

  25. I live in Newtown Square, PA, just west of Philadelphia. I love it here because we experience all four seasons, but rarely do we see severe weather events. I am close to the city and to the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. This area has rich historic legacy, especially for those who have an interest in visiting Revolutionary War monuments, battlefields, and landmarks, like Independance Hall and Valley Forge. If you’ve never been here, you must visit!

  26. I live in Orlando, Florida and I love living here because it is so close to everything- beaches, amusement parks, etc. Anything you want to do for fun is within driving distance.

  27. I live in Blackwell, Oklahoma. I like it because I’m right off I-35, so I can jump on the Interstate and go where I want. My family all lives near me, which I love – especially to be 15 minutes away from my two grandsons!!! The most tranquil part of where I live is that I can drive out to the country where my in-laws live, take a long walk, and see NOTHING but blue sky and the wheat fields in the summer. The air smells so fresh and clean it just takes your breath away!!!

  28. I live in Delaware and it’s small but at least there are lots of different attractions to go to in neighboring states. Thank you for the cool contest!

  29. Cool contest! I live in Carrollton, Texas. It’s nice because it’s in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, giving lots of great sports, entertainment and cultural events to visit.

  30. I live in Dayton,Indiana and I love it because it is a small quiet rural town.

  31. Live in Illinois along a river. Watching the sunrise on the water is breaktaking. But I have family and friends in BR and NOLA… It’s all about the rivers, folks. Love it there as well.

  32. Covington KY is perfect because there’s a true blend of culture, race and ethnicity. There are beautiful old mansions and affordable ole fixer-uppers. We just had a Libeskind building open on our street (OK, nowhere really near us). Gays/lesbians, African-Americans, families, Guatamalans, Latin Americans, Asians, nuns, actors, musicians – if it’s around, it’s in Covington.

  33. I live in Washington and I love it here beacuse there are so many tree and the summers are not to hot

  34. I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I love it here as we’re close to the Coast and close to Mount Hood if we want to go and see the snow. We have a bit of everything here.
    Great give away!

  35. I live in florida. I like living here because I love the sunny weather all year round, I can’t stand the cold. We also have some of the best beaches in the world!

  36. I live in southwestern Virgina (not wv). I like it here, the cost of living is cheaper than most of the country and it’s a small town kinda place, which I like.

  37. Greetings, Like you, historical preservation is very important to me. The town I grew up here in Illinois did not preserve many old homes and building. They tear them down. When my husband and I married 22 years ago, we found a 90 year old home in the town we still live in about ten minutes from where I grew up! We love this town. We bought a 90 year old home and rehabbed it and actually got a historic preservation award for our work. They also take old building and remodel them into a Children’s Museum, a junior college and there are many well-preserved old homes in our town. The main street is amazing also. Thanks, Cindi

  38. I live in Omaha, NE because it is a growing city with a small town feel to it. I live on the outer edge of the city where cars only go 20 mph in front of our house and the street is lined with trees. A great place to have a family!

  39. I live in rural Iowa because all my family lives here and I work in the family business. To be honest, I don’t like it here. Can I still enter the contest anyway?

  40. I live in Florida, near the space center. I love the water, it’s what makes Florida.

  41. I live in Franklin Tennessee and I love the history this small town has. It is also very close to Nashville and we have all four seasons.

  42. Here in NY we get 4 seasons. I do love it but I miss Virginia weather when we had warmer winters

  43. I live in suburban Chicago & delight in being so close so much…water play on the Lake, theater, museums, sports, ballet, music, festivals…not to mention the rich diversity surrounding us! Despite the cold…we’ve had 43 snow events this season…I love it! Thanks for hosting!

  44. I live in Round Pond Maine and I like to live here because it is the best of all worlds. I can be a mile from a deep water harbor at home,and in less than 10 minutes I can be skiing with an ocean view or picking apples at an organic farm and I’m only a couple hours away from the beautiful city of Portland. And the people are super nice! Teenagers are even polite here!

  45. I live in Indianapolis and it is the only place I have ever lived, so I don’t know any better. 🙂 I like to live near the city because there are so many things to do.

  46. I live in Western New York, and I love the friendly people who live here, our wonderful summertime weather and festivals, and our close proximity to Canada.

  47. I love living in Aiken County South Carolina. We have beautiful weather all year round, the Palmetto tree a palm is our state tree. Aiken county is a wonderful place for people and horses. We’re a very large horse community with lots of golf course’s and I live just a couple blocks from the Savannah River.

  48. I have lived in Connecticut all my life and I love it! I enjoy all the four seasons. No matter where I travel I am always happy to come home to this beautiful state!

  49. I live in Pennsville, New Jersey. I enjoy where I live because of the wonderful people in our lives, being close to the river, and having enough property to raise a small herd of Tennessee Fainting Goats and a few Indian Runner ducks. Its also a nice place to raise a family!!

  50. I live in Towson, MD and love it because it is only 15 minutes outside the fun of Baltimore with a small town feel. We are a college town and have lots of fun activities.

  51. I live in Aurora, Colorado. I grew up in Texas and I do get homesick, because Texas is a little county in and of itself.

    But Colorado.. is where my nomadic heart landed. Why? Because there are four distinct seasons. Because I can camp here and not sweat to death at night.

    There is so much to do in Denver and Colorado springs, so many thing to see. Because Garden of the Gods is perfect.
    It’s a great place for my kids AND for me….

  52. I live in Scottsbluff Nebraska. I don’t mind living here because it is a smaller community so everyone is very friendly!


  54. CA, the best! We have the Pacific Coast, the Sierra mountains, the deserts, the big cities, one of the most beautiful of the National Parks, and much more!

  55. I live in Ohio and love it. I get to see all the seasons and a small drive can show me all kinds of different terrain.

  56. I live in Northern Illinois and I love living here because I get to see and experience all four seasons!

  57. i live in El Reno OK. the ONLY reason I live in this nasty little town is it is were my family is

  58. after many years in arizona (loved it ther, for all the reasons), i am now back in the home that i grew up in… titusville,pa. not a big metropolis, 6000 people, but safe, friendly,with beautiful architecture,may trees, and close drive to anything major.it holds the findin of oil and the first oil well is here.our only claim to fame. not exacly the best weather in the country, but nice. titusville, is a gem in this massive country.

  59. I live in Boston and I think it’s safe to say there’s never a good reason to leave Fenway Park.

  60. I live in Port Richey, Florida and I love living here because the weather is great and we go fishing year round. Temps for the next week are forecast to be in the low 80’s!

  61. Well, here’s another Baton Rouge, LA, resident. I think the things I like about BR give it the warmth and charm it deserves.

    Spanish Town – What would Saturday morning shopping at the downtown Farmers’ Market be without coffee and a biscuit at Capitol Grocery!?!

    A walk or bike ride on the new bike trail on top of the Mississippi River levee gives a fresh start to my mornings.

    Lunch downtown at any number of local restaurants tickles the palate and nourishes the soul.

    The arts community here is rich and diverse.

    If I want a break from the city, I simply drive 30 minutes away to the small town of St. Francisville. A whole other facet of Louisiana.

  62. I live on Long Island, and I actually can’t stand living here and can’t wait to get out.

  63. I live in Seattle,Washington. I love to live here because I love rain and coffee. Need I say more?

  64. I live in Evergreen, AL. It is a very small rural town in south Alabama. It was a great place to grow up as a child and also to raise my child & grandchildren. We are about 100 miles from the beaches of Gulf Shores and we live about 75 miles south of Montgomery. It is a slow pace of life now that we have retired. The best thing is knowing almost every body in town and the friends you had in childhood still live here too.

  65. I live in Mesa Arizona. I love it here for a few reasons really. Mainly the lack of really cold weather and 4 seasons. If it is under 90 I am cold so it works well for me here.Also, we don’t really have natural disasters here. No earthquakes, no tornados, no hurricanes, nothing. We do get the occasional micro burst and some flash flooding when we manage to get rain but otherwise we are pretty stable.Lastly though is the beautiful desert scenery we have here. I can drive for 10 minutes and be in a gorgeous desert botanical garden or in the middle of a bustling city. I have the best of both worlds right outside of my door.I suppose though that when you get down to it, I love it here because this is where my daughter was born so I feel like a piece of my heart will be here for all eternity.

  66. I live in Roswell, NM. Yes. Home of the “alien invasion of 1947”. We moved here because my in-laws decided to retire here 4 1/2 years ago.

  67. I fell in love with Columbia, Mo. when I visited back in 1971 and moved here in 1972 and have been here ever since then. It is an awesome town with wonderful people.

  68. I live just outside of Cincinnati. Great place. Nice people and I still see an occasion duck or deer in the yard.

  69. I live in Palatka FL. I love it because it is layed back and easy to get around.

  70. western pa, love it cause it’s home, family is there and if you want excitment we’re an hr. away from pittsburgh, erie, cleveland

  71. Hello…I live in South Portland, Maine. I love living here because we have a great sense of community that you don’t find everywhere. Also summers in Maine are the greatest!! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win.


  72. I love in Reading, PA-I love being so close to NY, Philly, the beach, and so many other places. There’s a lot of great Pennsylvania Dutch food (which my dad loves, meat and potatoes guy)and plenty of beautiful forests and lakes for recreation.

  73. Indianapolis, Indiana is the place to be if you want to be near my son and grandson, the best two reasons I can think of.

  74. I live in Murrieta, CA which is in southern California. To be truthful I don’t like living in southern California, too many people, the cost of living is crazy, we have earthquakes, fires, droughts, but with all that said, my family is here and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. They are my heartbeat.

  75. I live in Las Vegas and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else…as there is sooooo much to do here, and I love the climate.

  76. I live in the central coast of California, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have the beach across the street, beautiful weather and its a wonderful place to raise children!

  77. I live near Wichita Kansas. Wichita has nearly everything a big city would have, with a much lower cost of living. There are more restaurants per capita here than almost anyplace else. Thank you for this giveaway!

  78. I live right near Boston-Red Sox Nation…that’s the first reason–there is noone better than the boys of summer. I also love being close to every place in gorgeous New England

  79. I live in Des Moines, IA. The reason I like living here is because of the four seasons. Spring, summer, winter and fall. Each season is full of beauty.

  80. I live in Cleveland, OH. I’ve lived here all my life and my family is here. I like Cleveland for its diversity. I love our museums and sports teams. There’s great restaurants and you can always find something to do here on the weekends.

  81. I live out in the boonies – which I love. We have herds of deer that will come right up and eat out of your hand, birds singing during the day, fresh air, very light traffic… also the lake is less than a mile from us – good for fishing and boating.

  82. I live on Long Island, NY, and have done so all my life. The standard of living is very high here with many amenities and services. Also, my location is very close to New York City. I am fortunate indeed. 🙂

  83. I live in Picayune. I been leaving here all my life, which may be the main reason I love it, but it’s small & you hardly ever go to town and not run into someone you dont know. It’s also a safe community to live in. Another good thing is it’s right outside of New Orleans :]

  84. I live in Boca Raton, FL. But am from York, PA.
    who dosn’t love a big old southern Mansion!!!
    I’ld love to live there! But just to see inside would be great!

  85. I live in Concord, NC, I love it because we have great weather, close to the beach, and moutains.

  86. I live in Sacramento, CA. It is great here because we have the small town feel and friendliness, yet we have all of the amenities and more of a big city!! The weather is awesome too! I also like the diversity that CA offers!!

  87. I live in Lawrenceburg TN i really enjoy going to David Crockett State Park its a great place to relax.

  88. I love Northern California for our mountains, lakes and nearby ocean. My Grandson makes sixth generation born and breed here. This is where are roots are. I work in Placerville which was called Hangtown, minutes where CA gold was discovered. This place rocks!

  89. I live in Georgia, and I like living here because it is warm most of the year. I get to wear shorts about nine months out of the year.

  90. I live in Vermont,now we are having snow,its so beautiful with the snow falling an the people sking an snowboarding,sledding,espically in the fall the colors are so brilliant,we live in a rural quiet place like little house on the praire,serene an beautiful!

  91. I live in Oklahoma, a place that has everything from teepees to wonderful lakes and even mountains. We live in Green Country in a rural few acres that we think is beautiful.

  92. I live in northern Indiana. Have lived here all my life, so I’m kind of tired of winter. The other seasons are nice, but summer is humid. People are pretty conservative here, and very giving.

  93. I live in the windy state of Kansas! We have so many neat things to do around us. The oz museum, the riverboat casinos, worlds of fun and zoo’s too numerous to mention! And we are really friendly too

  94. I live in So Calif. I tried living in Richardson Tx for 10 years but I love the weather in So Calif. so I moved back. The one thing my children took from Texas was good old southern cooking. Having had two southern grandmas I new about the cooking but really hadn’t tried much on my children till we lived in Texas. My kids now love gumbos & crawfish, gator tails you name it, oh don’t forget fried okra. My son is a packers fan and went to Greenbay for a football game & Brets southern/cerole cooking restaurant. Although I love So. CA and was raise here I will always hold a piece of the south in my heart. Having been raise by two southern grandmas that southern way will always be with me. Thank you for the opportunity to win such cool prizes, a little piece of the south.

  95. I live in Sioux Falls SD – I like it here, because it is a safe place to live, and the Falls that the city are named after are beautiful.

  96. Hi
    I live in Charleston IL. It is a small town with an university, and close enough to to some big cities, so i have the best of both worlds.

  97. I live in a small town in Mississipi and I love it because of the everybody knows every body atmosphere. Its nice to be able to walk down the street and smile and greet everyone you see.

  98. I live in Upstate New York, and the view is breathtaking. In the fall the leaves are brillent with color. The winters are brisk, but beautifully snow covered. The spring is warm and inviting. The summers are hot and exciting. Living all four seasons in one place is like heaven’s gate. Just love New York. Come visit.

  99. I live is South Bend Indiana, I love the history and community, we are the Home of Notre Dame, University and we have lots of Spirit, I also the seasons.

  100. I live outside of Austin, Texas and the absolute best thing about this area is the tremendous amount and variety of live music available. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. i live in manhattan in new york city and i love how i alive the city is! It is awesome and always something to do, thanks for the contest

  102. I live in Mid-Michigan, Home of the singer Madonna. We have a wonderful River Walk and lots of nice people who have respect for others. We have a great downtown with many Antique Shops and we have a rich history of Lumber Barons who used to live here in Huge Mansions along a Ave named Center Ave. We don’t have alot of crime here and we have a wonderful Museum. I love it here.

  103. I live in Lexington, SC-
    we like it here because it is a few hours from Myrtle Beach, is generally warm much of the year, the job opportunities in this town are very good, and the cost of living is not too high. There are charming traces of “Old South” everywhere you turn 🙂

  104. I live in Mandeville, LA which is a great small town across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. Even ater the horrible destruction from Hurricane Katrina, I wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home. The New Orleans area is like no where else on earth. We have art, culture, the best food anywhere, music and it’s a beautiful place to live. Come on down and visit or wonderful city.

  105. i live in north carolina and i love it because it’s quiet and has some of the best barbeque.

  106. I just moved to Texas; give me a litte while and I’ll tell you why I love it!

  107. I live in the Suburbs in Ohio. I love it because just a 20 minute ride either way can take you into a major city or to the country!

  108. I live in North Carolina and love living here in a small town. 30 minutes from the city, 3 hours to the mountains, 3 hours to the beach. Perfect!

  109. I live in Soutern Minnesota and love the small town living! No lines, no long wiats and it’s quiet!

  110. I live in Mexico Maine I love it here because you know your neighbors and its peaceful theres hardly any crime and you get all 4 seasons! Plenty of hiking and outdoors activities too!

  111. I live in Hopkinton, IA. I like the changing seasons & the feeling of safety & belonging there.

  112. I live in Martinsburg, PA it is just a little community I love it cause everyone is so friendly and we get all 4 seasons.

  113. I live in a very old house, near the beach in the Tidewater area of Va. I love going and watching the waves. I love our old house because it’s unique and and full of character. Lastly, I love this area because there is always plenty to do.

  114. I live in small-town Minnesota and like being so close to my family after living far away for so long. It’s hard to say why I like it right now because we just got 6″+ of snow on the last day of March! But, on a nicer day I would say I like the pretty surroundings and the nice neighbors.

  115. I live in Skokie, Illinois, not too far from Lake Michigan. It is a suburb which provides lots of parks for its residents.

  116. i like la habra,ca because it’s close to buena park and anaheim and there’s fun places to visit

  117. I live in a very small town in Michigan.I like it here because the schools are family oriented!

  118. i live in Whittier, CA, and i love living there because, it’s a small down right in the middle of Orange County and Los Angeles, i love that because i can experience both cities, but not actually have to live there. I also love it here because whenever you go somewhere you’re bound to see someone you know, which could either be a good thing or bad thing, haha!

  119. Conway, Missouri. I love it here, because there’s lot’s of wide open country and really great caring people.

  120. Stevensville, MI but I don’t like living here at all. I can’t wait to leave this small town. I was born and raised here but I’ve always hated it.

  121. i live in royal oak,mi. i love it because you never know what the weather is going to be like. and of course the mitten is cute.

  122. I live in northern Wyoming..near the beautiful Big Horn Mountains..small town with great people and great family values!

  123. I live in central MO and I love it here because it’s so quiet. I’m surrounded by corn and soybean fields so it’s always peaceful. At the same time the largest city is only 30 minutes away and I can see great art and dine at so many wonderful restaurants.

  124. I live in Maryland. The great thing about this state is that you get it all. Beaches, mountains, farm land, big cities. Nothing is more than a few hour drive.

  125. i would love to live in savannaha georgia ever since the movie goodnight in the garden of evil i thoght it was real pretty and a small town charm

  126. I live in Oklahoma. Most of my family still live nearby. There are lots of lakes and new places to discover everyday.

  127. I live in Portland,Oregon. I came to live originally because my oldest son and his wife lived here. I had been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Colorado where I was living and after I was discharged from the hospital they suggested I relocate. I have come to love this part of the country…the weather is temperate, the people are environmentally conscientious and the area were I’ve lived for the past five years never has had any crime. What more can you ask?

  128. I live in Fredericksburg,Virginia.I like
    to live here because there alot of trees
    and the weather is never bad.I am
    surrounded by famous civil war
    battlefields.It is an hour from
    Washington DC,which I like to visit.
    All in all a nice place to live

  129. I live in Patrick, SC. After the death of my husband I was overwhelmed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of the residents of Patrick. What more could anyone want than kind, friendly people, pleasant weather, and beautiful scenery!

  130. I live in upstate NY and I like it because my town is very rural and we have almost 6 acres.

  131. I love living in Brooklyn. Within 20 minutes of walking (my carbon footprint can be invisible sometimes), you can eat Polish, Thai, Puerto Rican, fusion, Japanese, Indian, or Hassidic Jewish food. And a short subway ride away is NYC!

  132. I live in the Chicago suburbs. I love gettting to experience all four seasons. I love being close enough to the city to be able to go there as often as I wish. Wonderful museums, shopping, architecture, food, music, the lake front…what more can you ask for?

  133. We live in the Missouri Ozark area. It has 4 beautiful seasons here and the Mountains are great.

  134. I live in St. Albans, West Virginia. I like living here because the people are nice and the seasons are beautiful.

  135. I live in the Missouri Ozarks – one of the most wonderful, but unpredictible places to live!

  136. I live in Jefferson, Georgia. It is close to Atlanta and the wonderful town of Athens home to the University of Georgia.

  137. I love living in OKlahoma because I am centrally located in the United States – I can be at the beach or to the mountains in a day’s drive. Oklahoma has many scenic areas with lots of bed and breakfasts, beautiful lakes, and now we are getting an NBA team in OKC. The people are very friendly too!

  138. I live in mid Missouri I absolutely love living here where the people are so friendly and the property is beautiful all is calm and all is bright I love living here day and night.

  139. I live in Beverly Hills, Florida. We are only 15 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, where we can walk in white sand or visit the manatees. And the weather is to die for!

  140. I live in Miami, Florida. I love that the beach is only a mile away, turtles and iguanas are a commonplace sight, you can buy frozen chocolate-covered Key Lime pie on a stick, flawless, tanned sexy roller bladers wave as they skate by, and there are a hundred places to get a good Cuban sandwich.

    In a single weekend ,you can go to a Japanese festival, watch the Chinese dragon boat races in Biscayne Bay,
    watch a concert on a Native American reservation and buy art and antiques in a hip outdoor mall-which features a belly dancing academy that performs while you shop.

    I complain about the heat sometimes, but when I think about it, Florida is pretty great and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  141. I live in the back woods of Florida. I love living here because I have 5 arces of land, my privacy, and a wonderful community of people.

  142. I live in Storrs, Connecticut and I like it because it’s a college town – full of energy!

  143. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and I like it because it’s big enough to have great cultural events and small enough that virtually anywhere you go you will run into someone you know. Four seasons (although I wish winter was just a bit shorter) and a reasonable cost of living makes it even better.

  144. I live in the DFW Metroplex and there is something for everyone – sports, art, amusement parks, music, fine schools, water sports, shopping, eating! We even have wide open spaces and it seldom snows! However, the summers can be pretty brutal, but almost everything is air conditioned.

  145. I live in New Jersey. I like living in New Jersey because New York and Philadelphia are so close by. Also, I love living in New Jersey because of the beaches. I think New Jersey has some of the best beaches in the country.

  146. I live in MN and enjoy the four seasons. We also have many family members that live close by which is an added bonus.

  147. We live in NJ and enjoy the 4 seasons. The snow never stays around for that long and we have the beaches within easy driving when the summers get too muggy.

  148. I live in Washington,DC and I love the cherry blossoms that bloom every year. People from all over the world come to view their beautiful blooms in mass.

  149. I live in Lexington, KY. I love living here because I can drive 5 minutes in any direction and see some of the most beautiful horse farms in the entire world. It’s amazing!

  150. I like to live in San Jose, CA because of the climate and the variety in restaurants and the diversity of the population.

  151. Lets hear it for Meridian, Ms. Security with peace of mine offer a good nights sleep and values for self and family. However large enough for a both senior and junior college, art museum, naval air station that trains 50% of all naval pilots, a symphony, and the first experimental house that houses children and offer college known as Hope Village for Chilren. Lets hear it. GO MERIDIAN for A Small City for forty two thousand. Why don’t the rest of you come take a look. Oh by the way best of luck to all who enter the contest. Thank YOu!!!!!!

  152. I live in Riverside,CA and I LOVE it here because its warm (most of the time)

  153. I live in northern Idaho, truly God’s country with magnificent tree-covered mountains, streams overflowing their banks, and wildlife to scare the living daylights out of you as they peer in through your windows. We are still skiing here the first of April (of course it snowed last night).

  154. I’ve lived in this same town for about 42 years. Went to the same school all 12 years. My kids have went to the same school. I’m now thinking I would love to sale out, if my husband could find a new job, we would move near the mountains.I now live in Indiana, but Tennenese sounds good. I’ve had the same address for 25 years. It’s nice here very small. My homestead where I was raised is only about 3 miles. Most of my family lives around here. But time to move on before it’s to late.

  155. I live in New Orleans and love it hear. It is like a small town with all of the stuff from a major city

  156. I live in Lexington, KY and LOVE it here! It has a small town feel but all the nicest things of a bigger city like shopping and tourism galore. It’s clean and safe and great for raising kids! The gently rolling hills with the white horse farm fences and beautiful horses make it unlike anywhere else.

  157. I live in Monticello, NY. That’s in the Catskill Mountains of NY. The seasons here are pretty much winter with a little bit of summer. It is a beautiful area, very friendly. It’s the area featured in the movie “Dirty Dancing”

  158. Love living in Rockford, IL. We have four beautiful seasons, blooming trees in the spring, very green in the summer and lots of trees in our town, great colors in the fall and in the winter it’s like living in a picture postcard when the snow is on all the trees. It’s nicknamed “Forest City”

  159. i live in rockwood,tn and i love it because its a beautiful small town where everyone knows everyone,and is always willing to help each other out!

  160. I live in Sarasota, FL…moved here 5 years ago from Chicago…I have Midwestern neighbors on each side of me also! This is a great place to live, as well as ‘pretend’ your on vacation!

  161. I live in St. Francisville, LA it’s a small town north of Baton Rouge, LA. It is a very small community with many historic plantation homes much like Houmas House. We have pligrmages twice a year and the private historic homes are opened up for public view. John Audibon was a tutor at Oakley House, where he did many of his bird paintings. There’s a parade for fourth of July down main street. Choirs sing, the local high school band marches. A very hometown kind of feeling. Ya’ll come!

  162. Hollywood, Florida. I live becasue my boss told me to. Transfered from St.Pete beach a couple years ago. I miss many things about the west coast, white sands, s-l-o-w-e-r way of life, great food, better fishing, people seem to be friendlier, girls nicer, killer sunsets. Other than that Hollywood is great.lol

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