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I’ve recently been selected to participate in the Lana’ i New Media Artist in Residence program, which excites me to no end! I’ve been to Hawaii a few times, but always on assignment and with no one from home. This will be my first visit to the Island of Lana’ i and I have the chance to experience this journey of discovery with my husband. We’ve contemplated bringing our kids with us, but with their ages (12 and 14) taking them out of school isn’t an option we want to consider. Plus, even though we’re parents, we can’t forget that we’re a couple also.

manele panorama

Crystal Pineapple from Four Seasons LanaiI have been dreaming of Hawaii lately, and Lana’ i in particular, ever since I won a beautiful crystal pineapple from @FSLanai on Twitter. When this small, delicate item arrived in the mail, I immediately placed it in my china cabinet, next to my wine and champagne glasses. Every time I relax with a glass of bubbly or vino, I catch a sparkly glimpse of this magical pineapple of travel inspiration and immediately dream of Hawaii.

Soon, the dream will become a reality I get to share with my man, and it has become his dream also. He’s been exploring the Lana’ i Official website, researching golf courses and outdoor adventures. He knows I’ll have some official things to do while in Lana’ i (like check out the spa), and he plans on making the most of his visit by hitting the links and planning his game strategy.

We both can’t wait to experience the culture of Lana’ i, the flora, the wildlife, and the natural wonders so that I can share things with you in hopes that you can one day plan your own dream exploration of the Island of Lana’ i. I anticipate a little bit of relaxation, but will be spending the bulk of my time checking out the hotels, food, and attractions of Lana’i for families and couples. I hope to talk story with some of the locals and learn of the people that make Hawaii and Lana’i an inspiring destination. I hope to even add a few new balcony moments to my travel memory library.

Four Seasons Manele Bay

Follow along the other new media artists who are also sharing their own experiences through the Twitter hashtag #VisitLanai, the Visit Lana’ i Flickr group, and their own personal blogs. My fingers are crossed that I don’t offend anyone with my attempt at learning the correct way to share the Hawaiian language. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know so that I can make corrections.

Participants Include:

TravelingMamas.com (this site) – on Twitter: @Cajun_Mama & @TravelingMamas

Landlopers.com – on Twitter: @LandLopers

CAroundTheWorld.com – on Twitter: @CAroundTheWorld

Everything-Everywhere.com – on Twitter: @EverywhereTrip

GoVisitHawaii.com – on Twitter: @SheilaBeal

TravelswithTwo.com – on Twitter: @TravelswithTwo

Lanai New Media Writer in Residence Badge

Sponsors of this new media project include: Lana’i Visitors Bureau, Four Seasons Lana’i (includes FS Manele Bay and The Lodge at Koele), Hotel Lana’ i, and many others TBA. All posts identified with this project will display a graphic stating such. An honorarium and some travel assistance is being provided for participants, but as always you can expect on an honest accounting of this travel experience.

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