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Nokia Announces Lumia 900 at #CES 2012

Bold. Beautiful. Balanced.

Today Nokia announced the Lumia 900, one of the most anticipated smartphone debuts at CES 2012. There has been buzz via a few online leaks over the past few weeks and in the even in the press room I overheard a few conversations regarding Nokia’s US announcements. Personally I’m very excited about the Lumia 900. After being introduced to Nokia products last year at CES, I was disappointed that I couldn’t use the Nokia N8 through AT&T.

CES Nokia Press Conference Lumia 909

All the leaks still couldn’t reveal the sleekness of seeing the Nokia Lumia 900 in action. The Nokia Lumia 900 will run on Windows Phone Mango (7.5). The screen is a bit bigger than the Nokia Lumia 800 and will offer an 8 megapixel camera. The smartphone will be about 20 grams heavier than the iPhone 4S, but unless you are an astronaut on a mission to the International Space Station and are worried about load capacity, the you won’t need to worry about this minuscule different in weight.

The Lumia 900 is similar in design as the 800, with a bright color option that I’m fond of. This will be the first Nokia phone in the US to run on Windows OS. Plus it’s LTE (4G).

CES Nokia Press Conference Lumia 909

Some highlights I’m looking forward to with the Nokia Lumia 900 are:

Carl Zeiss Optics – With two cameras (front and back) the Lumia 900 might just be better than The iPhone 4S media capture. The Lumia 900 also offers a wide angle lens, capturing more of subject in your photo. This is great news for those of us looking for a higher quality smartphone camera than what the iPhone 4S offers.

Nokia Drive – This free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation system adds another layer of coolness for the travel aspect of this device. It offers an in-car user interface that turns the Lumia 900 into a GPS navigation device.

Partnership with EA – You won’t be bored if you’re stuck in an airport with the Nokia Lumia 900 which will offer 20 of the world’s top games to the Windows Phone Marketplace with the Lumia first in line to get these games.

ESPN Sports Hub – This pre-loaded application will keep sports fans in the know when having to travel during game time. I’m a big fan of LSU and Saints football, making this handy to have at my fingertips.

The Nokia Lumia 900 has so much more than just these features I’ve highlighted. It will be available through AT&T in the comings months. For more information, visit NokiaUSA.com.

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  1. Those smartphone cameras keep on getting better and better – I’m using my iphone as a camera for everyday occasions when I don’t have my camera with me and I bet soon people will just rely on their phones unless they’re really keen photographers

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