Don’t Be a Sasquatch in a Swimsuit

Swimsuit season may be over and many of you will be growing your winter coat, but what if you get that last minute chance to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas? What are you going to do? You certainly don’t want to look like a Sasquatch in your swimsuit.

Hair removal isn’t exactly an issue that comes up in conversation with our own mothers and many in their generation are a little uncomfortable talking about this. So, TravelingMamas.com polled a few readers on hair removal for that delicate area to help you make the best decision the next time you have to go out in public in a bathing suit.

Shaving– Can we just go ahead and say it? Who the heck wants razor rash THERE? For some this may be the quickest and cheapest option. Just remember to open up those follicles with a hot soak or a warm rag on the area in question. Lather with moisturizing shave gel or cream. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it. After shaving, close the hair follicles with a cold rag or bath and use a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Be sure to keep an eye out for ingrown hairs. We sure don’t want an infection in that area!

Waxing– Ouch! If you are one of those who enjoy inflicting pain on your nether regions, then go for it. Find a salon or spa that specializes in a bikini wax and let ‘er rip. Your hair off that is. There are various styles of waxing: American, French, and Brazilian. Full Brazilian refers to EVERYTHING removed around the va-jay-jay, but actually in Brazil this form of waxing is uncommon.

Sugaring– This is a less painful choice than waxing as the sugary paste is applied at room temperature and doesn’t breed bacteria, which is a leading cause of infection. It also acts as an exfoliation. This is the oldest and most natural form of hair removal dating back to 1900 BC Egyptian practices.

Electrolysis– This is the most expensive and time consuming of all epilators. The average treatment occurs over a two year period where the hair follicles are damaged by a small electrical current throughout a number of treatment sessions. This process slows the growth of hair over time and for many users can result in no growth after years of use, but is not guaranteed.

Depilatory (creams)– This is a chemical compound that causes the hair to weaken at the follicle, allowing the user to easily scrape or wipe the hair off. This is an inexpensive and fast option available over the counter. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you should test the depilatory on a small area before your first use. The chemicals can cause irritation and a rash if left on for too long.

No matter what option you choose for hair removal, we hope this mini-guide will assist you in making a decision on a subject our mothers wouldn’t tell us about. Don’t be a Sasquatch in a swimsuit and share this with your own daughters when the time comes. Feel free to leave any tips or comments to help other traveling mamas in their hair removal decision.

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  1. WOW… Wat an article.. Seriously its hilarious.. To me waxing sounds too painful.. A razor or aD epilatory may be an ideal option. But i guess the best would be, don’t wear a swim suit at all.. lol….

  2. This is a great article, and not just for women. Some of us men look exactly like that statue, but with swimming trunks.

    I’ve tried sugaring, Nads, and shaving. Let me just tell you that sugaring still hurts, although less than nads. Shaving just encourages the hair. It’s a losing battle. 🙂

  3. I love that you’re not afraid of this subject! Let’s face it, de-sasquatching is on the pre-vacation to-do list. 🙂 I might add that laser hair removal was a great option for me.

  4. Oh, this is hysterical, ladies! The whole waxing thing just scares the snot out of me. I’m just not fond of pain! The full Brazilian? Not for me!

  5. I’ve tried all but sugaring. Shaving was the worst at causing ingrowns. (Sooo not attractive in the bikini area!) Here’s an unusual but effective post hair removal tip: squirt Visine along your bikini line to reduce the redness. Probably not what the company imagined for the usage label! LOL But it works.

    Overall, laser hair removal worked best for me = smooth as silk. Drawbacks: expensive and painful. Cost: $200-$300 per treatment. How painful? Take a rubberband, stretch it as far as you can, and then snap it against your bare punani. Repeat 10-20 times in less than two minutes. The upside: after 3-5 treatments over a year or two, it doesn’t grow back.

    Happy Sasquatchlessness, ladies!

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