Mama on the Move: The Millennium Hotel St. Louis

If any of you have been following my tweets on twitter, you may be wondering what I was up to. I was on a cultural tour of Black history in Missouri. I wanted to post while on the road, but things just didn’t work out (busy from sunup til sundown). I had hoped to salvage the opportunity during my free time at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. The pictures on the hotel site had me excited about the luxury rooms.

Millennium Hotel St. Louis picture of Standard RoomWe drove into the driveway late Friday night during a downpour. The bell boy made our bus back up out into the street without letting the driver deposit us as close to the entrance as possible. Then, the ding dong bell boy comes to the bus with one broken umbrella to handle 14 people. Ummm. Okay. I just walked in the icy rain up the drive.

Check in was relatively easy and I deposited myself inside of room 2503. I was looking forward to a relaxing hot bath in this luxurious hotel. I immediately ran to see the awesome view of the arch. It was a great view. Then I began to look around.

CajunMama's Standard Room at Millennium Hotel St. LouisI’m being kind when I say that The Millennium Hotel St. Louis reminds me of a former 1980’s heroin addict that has aged badly. Yes, it is contemporary, but for a rack rate of around $300, I expected so much more. The place was just tattered and worn.

So I went for a steaming shower instead of a bath. The narrow tub had a typical liner and curtain. I got in, but the airflow from the main room cause the liner to keep blowing in on me. I would move it. And it would blow in again. I finally slapped it, but because I was wet it attacked me as if it was angry at me for slapping it. I was really grossed out by the time the really gross shower liner had wrapped around me.

After drying off, I decided to sit and write a Mama on the Move post. The only wireless was available in the lobby for $2.99 per hour. The high speed access was there, but the room’s cord was missing. My wireless was picking up a signal from the St. Louis Wifi Access. So I got excited and paid the $7.99 for access. Of course the pages to pay loaded without a problem. Once the payment processed, it took 20 MINUTES to load up a page. I finally got frustrated and shut the computer down.

I then decided to get in the bed and watch tv. Guess what? That contemporary night stand was leaning at an angle. Everything I put on it slid to the floor, even the tv remote.

I thought at first that maybe it was just me, but after speaking to a few of my traveling companions and hearing their horror stories of their rooms (one gal switched twice and another was charged twice for the high speed internet) I realized that my opinion was justified. The Millennium Hotel in St. Louis sucks.

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  1. Haha, Keith. Good one. I was really disappointed in this place. The lobby looked fine, as did the bar and lower level grill. At least my sheets were clean. I guess I should give them props for that. LOL!

  2. As one of CanjunMama’s traveling companion in Missouri, I can attest to everything she suffered. At least the lucky Mama had a view of the Arch. My room overlooked the TUMS factory… apparently another outstanding St. Louis landmark. (I was the dude who was double charged for Internet access.) I too experienced the wonky furniture, the groping shower curtain.. oh.. and did I mention the drops of dried blood on the bathroom floor? Leaves one wondering just which millennium we are talking about here.

  3. LOL!!! I am a flight attendant and I am sooo used to some hotels coming across as swanky and cool and instead they are sketchy and LAME. I found your blog through Divine caroline. Very cool!

  4. And here I was telling Cajun, you’re going to looove this hotel! Granted, it has been over 4 years since I stayed there. (I was there numerous times when I was overnighting as a flight attendant and it was one of my top 5 favorite hotels – seriously!)I remember liking the beds and the location. It seems I always had a view of the Cardinals Stadium but never the Arch, but it is only a short walk away. Hopefully, the hotel will get a face lift sometime soon.

  5. >>get a face lift sometime soon.<<

    From what Cajun said, maybe they should leave the face as it is, and lower the rest of it! 😀

  6. Paul – I hope you get a better experience soon.

    Ritch in Love – Thanks for stopping by. Hoped you voted for us at Divine Caroline ;P

    Desert – I’ll let you slide this tim.

    Keith – You are a funny man, my friend.

    Mountain – Sometimes you just gotta let people know.

  7. Love your candor!

    I’m glad you don’t subscribe to the “If you can’t say something nice” press trip policy.

    Did they give you a property tour, at least?

  8. As a Lodging Editor for a website, I appreciate your candor. We always read glowing reviews, but don’t often hear the flip side b/c newspapers and magazines fear advertisers retaliation.

    Thank you for using your journalistic skills and pointing out the who, what, when, where and why for your readers. Believe me, I tell more people about hotels to AVOID than the ones with the high-end thread count.

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