Olympic Dreams of Canada

Just before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies NBC aired a Tom Brokaw segment on the relationship between the US and Canada. I watched the beautiful scenery play before my eyes and the history of a country that is so close, yet to some of us, so far away.

Canada is a beautiful country inhabited by the nicest people. I’ve been to Vancouver, Quebec City and Montreal. During each visit I only encountered kindness and friendliness. Social media has also brought me closer to the people of Canada and being asked to speak at Canada e-Connect was an honor. I hope to stay in touch with many of the personalities who crossed my path and visit other parts of this gorgeous and rugged country.

When I think of Canada, I see visions of First Nations People, Anne of Green Gables and a fluffy white snowman called Bonhomme. I think of maple leaves, snow and more recently the Winter Olympics. What do you think of when someone mentions Canada?

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  1. When I think of Canada I recall a wonderful time in Calgary.We rode the Luge at the Olympic training center…too fun! The food in the downtown area was wonderful, the inviting shops and friendliest people. Lake Louise was like postcard, Banff was breathtaking. We were wisked to a Dude ranch where we were held up by cowboys, enjoyed steaks on the grill with all the fixins, the cowboys who held up our group served our dinner. I can’t wait till I travel there again. I hope to cross out an item on my bucket list-seeing the Northern lights, Snowshoeing and a trek on a dogsled.

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