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The Amazing Race and Phil Keoghan

I’ve always been a fan of CBS’ The Amazing Race. This is our pizza and TV night as a family, watching contestants travel all over the world. Each member of our household chooses a team at the beginning of the season, and whoever chooses the winning team (or whose team makes it the farthest) gets to decide our family night out.

In fact, my husband and I sent in our application and video for this season, but as you can tell by watching, we weren’t picked. Watching the show as a family is the next best thing to traveling, so we’ll settle for pizza and a tv.

Last week I was so excited that a pit stop was in Salvador, Brazil. I visited there a few years ago when staying at a nearby resort, Breeze’s Costa do Sauipe. I enjoyed the friendliness of the locals and their joy in everyday occurrences. And man, was the food awesome. I come from a place where we like hot and spicy food, so when I asked for the hottest of the hot sauces to put on my food, I was called crazy loco lady by my server. Of course this made me laugh and thank him in Portuguese with an obrigado.

The host, Phil Keoghan is one lucky dude from New Zealand. He gets to visit all these wonderful places in the world and meet some amazing people. I found out on Yahoo! TV that his parents own a bed and breakfast in Rolleston, just outside of Christchurch. Phil also mentions some of his top destinations from The Amazing Race, one of which is New Zealand, where his family is.

Family is very important to me. I might not ever get to be on The Amazing Race, but it won’t stop my family from tuning in tonight with a hot, cheesy pizza, and dream of the places we can visit in the future. It sparks that travel bug, and as a Traveling Mama, I feel travel is important to a child’s education just as much as a textbook.

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  1. I love it! ‘Specially the fact that you applied to be on the show. We’ve been doing family movie night last couple weekends w/ Star Wars movies. Next week is Episode III (personally, I’m looking forward to the ones from my childhood). Hey, space travel isn’t *that* far away!

  2. We like to watch the Amazing Race too! It would have been so cool if you would have been picked. We would be cheering you on!

    You are all so blessed to be able to go on vacations, and see places like Brazil. *sigh* Maybe one day I’ll get to see a far off place.


  3. It’s one of my top 2 fav shows (other: So You Think You Can Dance).

    I totally agree about introducing kids to the world, and what a great way to do it on Sunday nights with a good pizza! Who is your pick for winner this season?

    Would have loved it if you and your husband were one of the teams this season. Maybe next spring!

    Diana Scimone

  4. My pick for this season is Mark and Bill. I cracked up laughing when they began to quote Yoda.

    Ali – We are very blessed and I know the four of us are thankful for each opportunity that comes our way to travel, whether with our family or just a mama alone.

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