Directions in the Atlanta airport

I was on a flight way too early this morning, and I’m now in the Atlanta airport changing planes. Don’t we all just love changing planes in Atlanta?And there’s nothing a Traveling Mama loves more than when the agent at the gate in Atlanta tells her she has to change concourses! Am I right?

But I did get something from the gate agent this morning that I’ve never seen before: A slip giving me very specific directions on how to get from Concourse C to Concourse D. The directions were very well thought out and clear, right down to telling you which gates were to the right and which were to the left when you arrived at the right concourse.

This must be so helpful for travelers who aren’t familiar with navigating the Atlanta airport labyrinth. Kudos to Airtran for dreaming them up.

Now I suppose these direction slips may have been around for awhile. But I fly Airtran through Atlanta at least once a month and I’ve never seen them before. Have you encountered them on your travels?

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  1. Absolutely not, and I travel through Atlanta at least 50 times a year. I know my way very well, but I still get confused when I come out of the little train which way is which for gates at the top of the escalator LOL. Other than that, it’s my favorite big airport to transit in. Have a safe trip!

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