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Dhani Jones Inspires Travel #BingTravel

We all need a bit of travel inspiration at times, even a traveling mama such as myself. Bing Travel invited me to New York City to chat about travel experiences with Dhani Jones, NFL player and former Travel Channel star of “Dhani Tackles the Globe”. I was looking forward to hanging out with a few travel writing friends and the opportunity to meet some area TravelingMamas.com readers, in addition to learning about Dhani’s new projects.
Dhani Jones and Shannon Hurst Lane at Bing Travel event in NYC

The setting was the Hotel on Rivington, a chic hotel located in Manhattan’s historic Lower East Side. A few of us gathered in the penthouse space before the Bing Travel event, catching up on each other’s adventures and planning new ones. I sat down with Dhani for a few minutes as I picked his brain about learning how to tie his trademark fashion statement, some of the inspiring trips he’s taken, and how he arrived at this one particular moment in his life.


Dhani Jones isn’t just an athlete, he’s The Sportsman, as revealed in his newly released memoir. After our interview, a large crowd gathered to learn about Bing Travel as the sun set in New York City, providing an awe-inspiring setting for this gathering of like-minded individuals. We all share a love of one thing – travel. And even after all these years of my own amazing experiences, I was inspired to dream once again of visits to far off lands in the not too distance future.

Sunset in NYC at Bing Travel event

Special thanks to Bing for the opportunity to attend the event and the story development support services. At TravelingMamas.com we use Bing’s Price Predictor before making airfare purchase decisions. Be sure to check out our post on how to find cheap airfare, full of tips and tricks to save you money when you travel.

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  1. Thank you Shannon! Imagine my surprise when I saw the end of your interview. I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to meet you as well as my travel inspiration -Dhani Jones. He is a remarkable individual with great stories and experiences. I’m so please he was more than willing to share that with the rest of us. I can’t wait for the next event.

  2. Wow… I loved watching Dhani Jones on the Travel Channel and was really excited to see a segment of him on Traveling Mamas. He seems to be a wonderful person and everywhere he travels, people seem to be attracted to his wonderful personality. His travels were always breathtaking and inspiring. Keep up the good work and best of luck Dhani!!!

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