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Road Trip Tips Roundup

Here are links to some of our road trip tips to help make that family road trip a bit easier on everyone. Be sure to visit GetRoadReady.com, a Prestone-sponsored site that has tips for getting your car ready and offers free road trip games to print out. You can also visit GasBuddy.com to search for the best gas prices in your area.

The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TXLooking for healthy road trip snacks? We’ve got you covered! We also answered a reader’s question reagarding healthy road food options. Got a heavy foot? Here are some tips for avoiding speeding tickets on a road trip? Are you having trouble financing your vacation? In a past contest I shared some of my family’s secrets to finding money for travel and also our tips for taking a vacation on a serious budget.

Remember that you can always use our search button on the righthand side. We’ve tried to make things easier for you, whether dreaming about travel or actually planning a family vacation. Check out our Approved section where we list only the products will REALLY like. Please feel free to add your own road trip tips in the comment section and check back daily at TravelingMamas.com for more travel information.

Have a safe road trip!

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