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Wine Tasting and Vineyards

Red Wine (Flickr photo by smcgee)Wine tourism has become a popular aspect of almost any destination. In fact, it isn’t just a pastime for the wealthy anymore. Moms just like me are learning about color, bouquet, and taste, all while taking some time for themselves and learning how to choose affordable wines to serve when entertaining.

The TwitterMoms Wine Club hosts online tastings each month. A bottle is selected and participants from all over the world taste and discuss the wine, sharing notes through Twitter. There is also another event that is popular, Twitter Taste Live.

I’m fortunate that as a travel writer, I am given opportunities to tour vineyards and wineries, learn the stories of how vintners got interested in wine, and of course sample some interesting and flavorful wines.

But, wine tasting isn’t limited to online events or special occasions. You can broaden your wine knowledge by hosting a tasting with your neighbors, finding wineries during your travels, or just opening a new bottle on a Saturday afternoon.

Please share your stories of wine tasting or travel to a winery. Whether you visit Napa, Solvang, or even Disney World, we want to know about it. If you toured an Inn and enjoyed some great dinner pairings on a romantic getaway, please share. Even if you have tips for someone’s first wine tasting or if you just want to tell us about awesome wine expert, Natalie MacLean.

Please leave a relevant link to the specific post/story or it will be deleted.

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  1. Sorry for the double post, one as Donna Hull and the other as My Itchy Travel Feet. I must be technically challenged!

    I never thought about Colorado as wine country until my husband and I visited the charming Leroux Creek Winery in Hotchkiss, CO. We combined adventures in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park with rest and relaxation with a soothing view and delicious glass of vino. The perfect combination.

  2. Temecula is amazing been twice five years apart. My last visit was the first week in May this month Had a fantastic time. I make reservation in advance for a hotel and to be picked up by gogrape.com Then you visit four wineries it is a lot of fun you drink a lot by the end of the day and do not want to drink anymore. The wineries open at 11pm and you get back to your hotel around 4pm I like all the wineries for one reason or another but really like Joel the host at leonesse cellars he is great you get a behind the scene look along with a tour of the the grape vines this is something not to be missed you can reach joel at joel@leonessecellars.com. You will really enjoy it.

    Having lunch at Wilson creek is fun if you see the Golden Retrievers they are the owners. If you go to La Cereza they seem to give out a lot of wine I had to finally say no more to them it was the last winery we went to they just kept filling my wine glass. The experience is great you get to choose what you would like to taste, meet people from all over the world I met people from South Korea on my last tour you walk away with a better understanding of wine.

  3. We enjoy introducing guests at DesBarres Manor Inn to food and wine pairings that bring out the unique flavours of Nova Scotia cuisine. Many people do not realize that Nova Scotia has emerged as an award winning wine region with interesting varietals that are hard to find in other regions. Nova Scotia’s wine festivals provide an excellent opportunity to taste special menus paired with Nova Scotia wine. During the winter, DesBarres Manor Inn heats things up during the Nova Scotia icewine festival with a five course menu that integrates icewine into each of the courses. The fall wine festival features weekly seasonal dinners that celebrate the bounty of Nova Scotia. And throughout the year, we offer wine tasting and cooking classes to get guests in the action so they can return home as Nova Scotia wine ambassadors. An interesting aside, wine expert Natalie MacLean has roots in our seacoast village as her grandparents lived in Guysborough. Maybe that’s why our pairings are so successful!

  4. Thought I would self-plug here. I run an adventure travel company that offers active trips in wine areas around the world. For example, we do a biking tour in Rioja, Spain, a hiking tour in South Africa, and a multisport tour in Chile and Argentina. http://www.ZephyrAdventures.com

    We also offer very cool Vineyard Walks in Sonoma County, which are a good illustration of why we like active wine tourism. Instead of flying to California, getting in a car, and driving from tasting room to tasting room you can fly to California, get in a car, and drive to a vineyard where you meet your own personal guide who takes you on a walk through private vineyard lands you would otherwise never see. The inside access and knowledge makes for a fun and educational trip.

  5. I hope you don’t mind a plug for this weekend’s Ninth Anniversary event at Falkner Temecula Winery. The public is invited to participate in a lively weekend that inclu des Jazz performances, winery tours, huge sales, and other fun events. In order to help make room for some new bottlings, selected wines will be offered at up to 50% off case prices. Selected gifts will also be on sale at up to 30% off.

  6. Judy, I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to the Temecula wineries! We are a growing wine country and are so happy to hear about your great experience. The next time you get a chance to visit the area, please stop by Wiens Family Cellars. We are known for great read wine and we’re one of the few wineries that allow you to bring a picnic lunch. We hope to see you soon!

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