Winning Wednesday – SmartyPig

Piggy Bank by jpre86It’s Winning Wednesday at and you guys know how we just love to give stuff away. This week we asked the question, “How do you finance your vacation?”

We had a great response, with most readers stating they save up their money in various ways.

A few of you charge your vacations and then worry about paying them off later. One or two readers mentioned that they would use the stimulus checks to finance a getaway. Mary says she robs Peter to pay Paul. I’m sure we’ve all had to do that at some point.

My favorite overall comment comes of Ed Nemmers, who wishes he had a sugar daddy. Me too, Ed. Me too.

Our winner for this contest is Lisa Fosses, who saves for her travel by working a side job. Lisa, you can now start an online savings account with a $50 gift card from SmartyPig.

Congratulations to Lisa and thanks to everyone who left a comment. Be sure to check out our many posts about places to travel this summer. offers travel tips and stories about Budget Travel all the way to Luxury Getaways.

So, dream of where you’ve always wanted to go and save up to make it happen.

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