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School has already started in a few areas near my home and my own children will going back to class next week. The summer vacation is quickly coming to a close, and that means it’s time to plan that weekend romantic escape or a mama girlfriend getaway. If you’re anything like me, you enjoyed the quality time with your kids during the summer, but glad to get back to the regular routine.

First Day of SchoolWith back to school, that means back to school savings, allowing you to take those few dollars saved from school supplies to put towards that spa treatment or dinner for two on your romantic escape. Here are a few tips on how we manage to stay fashionable and still save money on back to school supplies, which my husband and I use towards our back to school celebration romantic escape.

  • School Uniforms: Our area school system requires students to wear uniforms. I keep my eyes open all summer for uniform sales. Being the parent of a teen girl, I also have to consider the style/cut of the uniform pants and shirts. We purchase polo style shirts online and then have a local monogram shop add the school logo.
  • Designer Notebooks: We could spend lots of money on fashion notebooks, but fortunately my daughter likes to be creative and add her own personality to her notebooks. We purchase plain notebooks in the required subject number, and then she decorates the front cover with stickers and decorative accents.
  • Shoes: I watch the sale papers all summer and wait for the best sale I can find. When my daughter finds shoes that she likes, if the price is right, I’ll purchase a second pair a half size bigger so that we’re prepared as her foot grows through the year.
  • Project Supplies: When school supplies go on sale, we also use this time to stock up on supplies for our project closet. For some reason, kids always seem to wait until 10:00PM the night before a project is due to realize they need poster board.
  • Batteries: Rayovac is offering a back to school coupon for $1 off alkaline batteries. You can download your coupon from Rayovac’s Facebook Page.
  • Packing  a Lunch: School lunches aren’t all that expensive, but if your child doesn’t eat it, then it’s a complete waste of money. We always check the school menu, and if the cafeteria is serving something my daughter isn’t keen to nosh on, then she packs her lunch.

What are some of your back to school savings tips? Do you celebrate the kid going back to school? Have any back to school trips planned for your future?

School Supplies

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