Holiday Shopping – $25 Worth of Savings on Spectrum Brand Products

Holiday shopping season is in full swing and we’d like to help you save money on a few items. One of our sponsors would like us to share with you their $25 Spectrum Brands Coupon Savings Book. A special oupon book included on select packages of Rayovac AA 24 packs and AA 30 packs good for $25 in money-saving coupons on Spectrum Brands including:

  • Rayovac Rechargeables
  • George Foreman grill
  • Remington hair care products
  • Dingo Dog Bones
  • Flex360 Flashlight

Rayovac battery packs are available at Target, Walmart and most retailers where batteries are sold. Don’t forget to include Rayovac batteries when purchasing battery-operated holiday gifts or for those battery-powered travel electronics.

Remington Hair CareFor those who travel frequently and are looking for travel sized hair care items with a little flair to them, I recently purchased an adorable Remington mini hair-dryer and Remington mini flat iron and used the coupons from these coupon books. They are affordable and compact – just right for a traveling mama or little traveling mama.

Find more information on Rayovac promotions and coupons at Rayovac on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post by Rayovac.

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