Boycott the Staycation

The Traveling Mamas are asking families around the US to Boycott the Staycation. What is a staycation? It is an act of taking your vacation at home. We know that gas prices are up and the value of the dollar has dropped, however we are urging families to travel.

We’re not suggesting that you absolutely must take off for a week or two, or travel to Europe or a tropical locale. Even if you book a hotel room in a neighboring city or go camping a few hours from home, you’ll feel better if you get away for a few days. Don’t stay at home, visit someplace different and make some memories.

We’re giving away great prizes throughout the month of July. There are several ways to win our random giveaways:

1. Leave a comment on this post, telling us where you’d like to travel to this year (your actual plans or some dream destinations).

2. Leave a comment anywhere, on any post throughout the month of July, and you could be named a random gift winner!

3. Purchase one of our T-shirts, email us the order number, and we’ll give you an extra five entries for the random drawings. (Email boycott@travelingmamas.com.)

4. Because we want you to Boycott the Staycation, if you send us a picture of you wearing our T-shirt while traveling, we’ll add another ten entries. (Email boycott@travelingmamas.com.)

5. Leave a comment on some of our prize-specific posts. For example, a LUSH gift-pack giveaway that Mudslide Mama is running ends July 8.

Click here to see detailed information about our Boycott the Staycation campaign and links to our prize sponsors.

Happy Travels!

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  1. Say no to the staycation! What kind of goofy, made-up by some PR team name is that, anyway?
    I’m, going to Napa Valley and New York City! …And quite possibly, the Grand Canyon as well, if hubby’s work schedule allows.

  2. Where I would LIKE to go…if I could…would be to take my family down to Texas to see the Alamo.


  3. Well, if I could take my family anywhere it would be…. India. Or Greece. Or Italy. Or Australia, while I’m dreaming! Just popped over from Ali’s site to see one of her latest designs. Looks great!

  4. What a ghastly idea!

    I’ve nothing against deciding to take holidays within the US, but, staying at home!! That, IMO, is a sure-fire recipe for turning anyone into an inward-looking, xenophobic moron!

    And, while we’re dreaming … India and Antarctica!

  5. I’m taking my 1-year-old on his first plane ride – from Jackson, Miss., to Portland, Oregon – in August. We’re flying solo – no hubby to help out. Eeek! Wish me luck!

    Also taking a girls trip to Memphis (July) and maybe a family hop to west Texas (July). We shall see . . .

  6. Hey, I posted about the fallacy of Staycations last month: http://www.mortaine.com/blog/2008/06/04/on-staycations

    We live in our RV, so we’re on “permanent staycation!” This week, we’re in the Adirondacks, and next week is really like a vacation– my sister is bringing her 2 kids up from Missouri to visit for a few days! Among our must-see destinations: The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory! Fun AND educational!

  7. I am packing up and moving home to Atlanta from Miami. I’m trading in trips to the beach for trips to the Georgia Aquarium, Piedmont Park, and Centennial Park.

  8. We might not venture far this summer, but have plenty of travel plans in the local area…things we always wanted to explore. Plus….it’s nice to have a break from always heading abroad. Let’s hope credit crunching will be over soon, at which point I want to go to Mongolia!!!!!

  9. We will be driving to Penscecola, Florida if my husband’s transfer goes through, stopping off perhaps to see family in Ohio or MS. My ultimate vacation – anywhere really – I love traveling. Driving – down route 66. Flying – to that anti-aging island in Bejiing for sure.

  10. ummmm Actually… I planned a staycation before it was marketed as a “staycation”. I am a working mom with 3 wonderful children. My initial plan was to take them to Disneyland this year and neighboring parks… HOWEVER the extra $700 (or more) that I would spend on gas to repeatedly fill up our SUV and $1100 + tax and gratuities I would spend on hotel would much better be spent on my children. We are going to SF and play like tourists, we are going to local amusement parks, we are going shopping at the outlet malls, we are eating breakfast out everyday, lunch every day and dinner, we will visit Napa and possibly Monterey…I think staycations are great ideas for us moms that are on tighter budgets… for me anytime I don’t have to cook at all for a week and can enjoy my children and our home is still a vacation for me. Now if there are any moms that want to sponsor our vacation I would then gladly boycott, but until then, I am working with what I have and making the best of it for my family (lol)… and I KNOW my children are going to have a ball….

  11. oh sorry … my future travel plans include, Disneyorld,Paris, Afrika,London and a day spa :0

  12. Staycation, schmaycation–I’m calling it locavacation, as I did on this blog posting here:


    I see nothing wrong with playing tourist in your own town. However, our own summer vacation plans do include some travel, albeit all of it drivable. We’ve been to the Jersey Shore and plan to go back later in July, and we’ll be going to Maine for a week in August.

    Good luck with your contest and boycott!


  13. Living in Colorado, we do lots of skiing, camping, and flyfishing throughout the year (lots of “mini-vacations”) Sunlight Mountain in Glenwood Springs has a great Ski & Swim package, and summer camping in Creede and fishing the Rio are just two of our favorites! However, this summer has been our busiest travel summer by far!

    San Diego in June for 10 days to be with family, then fishing the Arkansas (Salida CO) and the Rio Grande (Creede and Southfork CO).

    In July my cousin Charlotte turned 60 and we took a girls trip to New York City. That was great fun!

    Next week the family, with Jack the Wonder Dog, are heading up to Wyoming for camping, flyfishing, and Yellowstone (Jack will be kennelled in Jackson for the Yellowstone leg of the trip)!

    Seeing the sights in New York was fun, but nothing compares with the great outdoors…God is the greatest, most awe-inspiring architect!

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