Capture Family Travel Memories with the Flip Ultra HD {Giveaway}

There’s no doubt that The Flip Ultra HD is one of the most user friendly digital video cameras. It also set the bar for competing companies to produce products. Sadly, The Flip is no longer being produced and is becoming harder and harder to find in stores. In the Research and Development Department, we’re always getting delivery of products for review and testing, including a variety of small and compact video cameras.

My first compact digital camera was The Flip, and for a beginner, it was so easy to use, even a preschooler could record a movie. It was sturdy, surviving a few drops on the ground, and still kept on working. Then The Flip Mino came on the market, and while it was a good product, I still liked the original Flip best.

This digital video camera is a classic for family travelers looking to capture their memories on video. It connects easily to any computer via the internal USB arm that swings out for connection. The software is already on the camera and the video can be edited and uploaded to YouTube or your favorite video sharing site easily.

Since we have an extra, brand new Flip Ultra HD, we thought we’d offer this for one reader to capture their next trip or family memory on video.

The Giveaway:

One (1) Black & Silver Video Camera, rechargeable battery pack, wrist strap, soft case, user guide, BONUS Flip Tripod.

Records 2 Hours of video

How to Enter:

Leave a comment telling us where your favorite trip was, and who you were with. If you’ve never been on a trip, then tell us where you’d like to go, if given the chance. That’s it!

Bonus Entries: (Once you enter with the comment above)

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Contest open to entries worldwide, but must be at least 18 years old. Contest ends August 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be contacted by email and must provide mailing address within 48 hours or will forfeit prize.
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Winner Update: Congratulations to comment #391 Jenn!

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  1. My family and I went to Hawaii and had a fabulous time about 10 years ago. It is the most beautiful place I have ever visited! We had a blast!

  2. my favorite trip was to bermuda this past june… it was for a wedding and i went with a bunch of friends and it was just a really fun time

    thanks for the giveaway!

  3. My favorite trip was last year when I took my 2 boys to Gatlinberg. We had never been there before & had a blast. They want to go back again & we are looking to try & go next year on spring break.

  4. My favorite trip was when we took my then 1 1/2 year old son overseas to England to visit where we had lived when we were first married. We had so much fun and created so many memories, even though he was so young. Also, I consider it a sign of our strength as parents that we survived those plane rides!

  5. My favorite was this summer when my family and my sisters family went to Orlando and Disney World.

  6. My favorite vacation was in Hollywood Florida with my Fiance and our children. We spent a week at his mothers.

  7. My favorite trip was going to Disney World with my sister. We both love the atmosphere that Disney creates and we both love living like children there.

  8. If I had to pick just one, Yellowstone Park and the Grand Tetons with my family a few years ago. It was just such a beautiful place.

  9. My favorite trip was back in 2003. We went to Maui for 2 weeks. A vacation I’ll never forget.

  10. My favorite trip was to New Zealand. I had wanted to go there since my country report in 6th grade. We shopped for engagement rings in Christchurch and hubby proposed to me on the beach in the rain in Kaikoura. Wish we’d had the flip to have someone record that for us.

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. My favorite trip was to Disney Land. I was with my husband and we had a wonderful time.

  12. My favorite trip was a belated honeymoon/business trip to Chicago with my husband. This is the only trip my husband has went on with me and we had a wonderful time.

  13. I had the most incredible trip this summer. My entire family flocked to Vail, Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was perfect, the mountains were breathtaking, and having the entire family together was a dream! It was absolutely my favorite vacation!

  14. My favorite trip was traveling up the east coast to Boston and New York with my best friend!

    incorporealidol [at] aol [dot] com

  15. A few years ago my grandma died leaving my aunt behind who is mentally impaired. At 65 my aunt had her first place in an assisted living apartment. I asked her if she could plan a trip where would she go? After 65 years of doing what she was told and not really given choices, it took her a bit but in the end we went to The Grand Ole Opry and then drove over to Graceland. We ate dinner chauffered by a pink caddy and enjoyed the sights in Nashville and Memphis. Being a long time country music fan my aunt was beyond happy and I was too for being able to give her that.

  16. After many many years my husband and I were able to get away and we went to the white beaches at Destin~

  17. Trip to NYC with my new wife. We were also picking up her younger son to move him back to OH.

  18. I have not been on a vacation in many years. My 1 year old son is flying to Fl. for 2 weeks to spend time with his dad, and I am very excited for him!! My dream vacation would be to the Divi Divi Resort in Aruba. Saving my pennies and someday will get there.

  19. Favorite trip was to Mexico when I was younger I remember when I first went to visit my grandparents and my parents native land.

  20. My favorite trip was to Vegas with my best friend

  21. I’d like to make a car trip to Death Valley, California when the desert blooms after a winter’s rain.

  22. My husband and I never got a honeymoon and just celebrated our 10 th anniversary. We would love to see Greece as a delayed honeymoon.

  23. My favorite trip was my first time to Thailand. It was a blast from the jungles to the sea!

  24. Favorite was a Caribbean cruise with my hubby. We had a wonderful room with a balcony and it was just beautiful. Loved having a whole week just to relax and do whatever we wanted.

  25. My favorite trip was tent camping with my wife in Florida. We went canoing, biking, and swimming in the springs. The cherry topping was the day we got back she found out she was pregnant! 🙂

  26. My favorite trip was to Disney World and I was there with my husband and two sons.

  27. Free trips are the best. My favorite trip was last summer when our boss chartered a plane for all of us and we spent a week in Barcelona at his expense.

  28. About 20 years ago, I took a cruise to Alaska with my parents. I pretty much went out on my own while in Alaska and had the most wonderful time. I met a bunch of people my age and we toured Alaska. This was really my favorite trip.
    Thanks so much.

  29. my favorite trip was a cruise to the Caribbean. would love to go back to see more of the islands

  30. My favorite trip is going with my family to Disney World. We loved it so much, we now live behind the castle! 🙂

  31. Our family went on a trip to NYC and had a blast, but we’d like to go to California next 🙂

  32. I went to the coast a long time ago with my boyfriend at the time and had a wonderful time.

  33. We took my nieces to Orlando Florida to Disney. It was there first time and it was fun and magical. We made it a big family event and everyone had a blast.

  34. My favorite trip was our honeymoon in Jamaica! I went with my husband for the first five days. After that we met up with three other couples for a friends trip!

  35. It had been raining for days so we almost changed our minds about going to Tayrona National Park, but we didn’t. We took the long route in by foot (vs boat). After a two-hour hike in mud up to our knees, in the jungle with lots of scary insects and prickly branches, we arrived in paradise. It was just us, my partner (aka Frenchie) and I, and the blue ocean with palm trees standing tall on the beach and the backdrop of the green jungle. At night, we slept in hammocks perched high enough that I thought I could actually reach the stars. And we weren’t even on a honeymoon, but it sure felt like one.

    Full story:

  36. My favorite trip was in my own state of NH to North Conway with my fiance and our 1 year old son, EJ. For most of the trip my mother also stayed with us which was wonderful because she’s my best friend and she was a live in nanny. We stayed a historic hotel, The Eastern Slope Inn which is right in the middle of the town which had so many cute shops within walking distance. We got to enjoy the beauty of our state and it was our first family trip!

  37. My favorite trip was scuba diving in Cozumel Mexico. I can’t wait to go back!!!!

  38. I’ve gone on trips, but nothing too exciting. My dream trip would be to the African Safari. I’ve always wanted to go!!!

  39. My favorite trip would have to be the one I took to Paris last spring with my best friend; in addition to the traditional tourist hotspots, we were lucky enough to go to the first three days of the French Open tennis tournament. It was an amazing, surreal week, and I’d love to make a return trip someday. Thanks!

    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  40. My favorite trip was to kentucky lake with my husband

  41. My favorite trip was a drive I took with my boyfriend from Oregon to Colorado. We took our time and camped along the way-so much fun!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  42. My favorite trip was with my family (5 0f us) in a little ford focus, driving all the way down to P.E.I.

  43. My favorite trip was helping my sister move to Oregon for college. We stopped at all the roadside attractions our parents vetoed when we were little—feed the deer, feed the ducks, see the snakes, palm reader, etc.

  44. Favorite trip: Family wedding at Moon Palace AI in Cancun. Parties, family, beach, pool, FUN, I just wish I had captured it on a FLIP!!!

  45. One of my fav trips was to New Mexico with my family. NM is just enchanting and magical. I loved it

  46. My favourite trip was visiting Saint-Pierreville, the village my family comes from, in the Rhone-Alpes. Beautiful little village of a few hundred tucked in a little valley in the mountains.

  47. My favourite trip was with my best friend; we drove through the American South-West. It was a lot of fun.

    Aliya D.

  48. My favourite trip was with hubby and our 3 kids, we went to Prince Edward Island. First time the kids had ever been and they were so shocked by the colour of the sand. We had a blast because the kids were at the age where they were old enough to appreciate a family vacation and still young enough to have fun and act silly with Mom & Dad.

  49. I shared your giveaway on my Facebook page: Deb Dorrington
    I am a fan of TravelingMamas on Facebook also.


  51. My favorite trip was to Las Vegas with my husband to get married!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  52. I loved tromping around Costa Rica–spelunking, diving, trailriding, mud bathing. . .etc. . .!

  53. I loved tromping around Costa Rica–spelunking, diving, trailriding, mud bathing. . .etc. . .with my family!

  54. My favourite trip was travelling to Alberta with my family. It was quite an adventure that I never forgot. We had just bought our first travel trailer and we were heading out west from Ontario. Before we could even get out of Ontario, the awning ripped off the trailer while we were on the road. A lady and her husband carried it back to us. Then when we got out to Alberta our heater broke, and the door nob when through the window. It might not have been too funny at the time, but it has turned out to be the best and most funniest memory of travelling with my family 🙂

  55. if given the chance i would love to go to hawaii because i have never set foot on a beach before and i would love to just see palm trees and beauty of hawaii!

  56. I have never been to Hawaai and have always wanted to go. I think that would be so much fun. I would love to bring my kids with me.

    If not there, I would absolutely LOVE to go to Europe and visit my family there. They live in the UK and I have many relatives there that I have never met. I would love to go to my grandparents’ graves and leave some flowers there. My mom lives there so I think it would be a grand adventure to visit there. I have never been.

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  57. My favorite trip is with my hubby to Las Vegas! We try to go every couple of years and have a great time every time we go! I love going to new restaurauts and spluging on things I have never tried!!!

  58. My favorite trip was when I was in high school and I travelled to Germany with a group of classmates and several other schools from around the country. It was awesome sightseeing and seeing all the history that Germany had to offer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures because I didn’t have a camera but I will have a lifetime of stories about my travels.

  59. I was blessed to be able to go to Tanzania. The people and animals were amazing. It was a trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen in the airport on the way home and all of my videos and photos? Gone.

  60. My favorite trip is going to be the one my 7 year old and I are saving up for! Where does he want to go? “The Ocean, a zoo, roller coasters, and a spa for you mommy!”. We are about a month or so away from reaching our savings goal. Our first trip together. It’s going to be magical.

  61. I loved going to Rome in Italy, it was only for three days which was way to short though and I can’t wait to have an option to go back!

  62. I loved my boys first trip to the beach. They ran from the water but loved the sand!

  63. My favorite trip…so far…was the trip we just took to Las Vegas. My youngest son had just turned 21 so what better way to celebrate than a trip to Vegas. The best part of the trip wasn’t the gambling, it was the first time we had been together as a family for about 10 years. Great fun, food and family.

  64. My best trip was to Toronto to see the Blue Jays and I got to meet some of the ball players.

  65. My favorite trip was to Crystal Lake, Wisconsin, with my family, where we spent an entire vacation month in a cottage on an island! I found a baby meadowlark there that had fallen from its nest when a storm tore it away, and my father showed me how to feed it and take care of it!

  66. My absolute favorite trip was a cruise to the Grand Cayman islands and to Cozumel, Mexico! We rented this Jeep that looked like it wouldn’t even make it out of the parking lot and explored Cozumel on our own! It was SO much fun

  67. My favorite vacation would have to be when we went to Destin Florida b/c normally we always vacation with a large group of friends but that time it was just my husband,my daughter,and I.It was so nice having real ALONE time with my family especially since my husband works offshore so much that we hardly get to see him.The best part was walking along the beach together as the sun went down every evening:)

  68. i will love to visit italy it has always being my dream and i can record with this camera all the new fashion trent. I always dream to be a fashion designer. thanks and god bless you.

  69. my favorite trip is the first time we took our son to disneyland the excitment on his face is what ill never forget

  70. My favorite trip was Disney World with my family 4 years ago. Due to the crunch on money we have delayed vacation trips for a while. Right now, we are thinking about were we can afford to go next summer (2012) with the preteens.

  71. Hey! ive always wanted to go on a trip to the bahamas, maybe if i go someday a flip camera would be handy 😉

  72. My favorite trip was to Orlando with my family. We went to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Sea World. I had so much fun and hope to visit Disneyworld again soon 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. My fave vacation spot is Galveston, TX, with an ex of mine. The beach walk shopping is the best!

  74. I would love to be able to record my kids memories in hawii..we’ve never been a single mom and work a kids are 7 and 5 there in sports and i think they would have ablast on a suummer vacation..I would love to have something to capture there memories for them to look at later in life..

  75. My favorite trip was to Miami beach with my aunt and cousins.. This was my first time leaving New York And I enjoyed every minute of the sunshine state.

  76. My favorite vacation was when I went with my family on a week long cruise to the Mexico and Belize!

  77. my favorite trip was this year.. to disney world and universal with my boyfriend. we acted like kids and had the most fun ever!! 😀

  78. The best trip I have ever been on was when I was younger and my family and went too Colonial Williamsburg in VA. Learning all that history was a blast but not as much as going to Bush Gardens the next day!!

  79. My family and I went to Savannah, GA and visited all of the haunted sites in down town and I was able to show my family where I was born and grew up has a child. Our next trip we are wanting to go to the grand canyon.

  80. My favorite trip was when I went to India with my granparents and little brother. We all ended up with terrible colds during the trip and bonded at the Taj Mahal while passing tissues around to help with the sniffles 🙂

  81. i would like to go visit england where i was born, i was two when we left so i have memories and would like to show my sons where i came from

  82. My favorite trip and i should say one and only trip was to Orlando, Florida with my two year old twins to Walt Disney World. Medical doctors said I was never going to be a mom, but i never gave up hope. I always wanted to go there because people say it is a magical place and indeed it was. My wish came true and we had such a great time

  83. Niagara Falls, Canada with my fiancee and her 9 year old daughter. it was fantastic to be where my parents honeymooned so many years ago

  84. ive never been on any vacations when i was a kid we couldnt afford to do things like that and i still cant afford it but i can dream!

  85. My favorite trip was to Glacier National Park in Montana. I went with my two cousins, two uncles, an aunt and my 84 year old grandma. We went in memory of my Aunt Sue who died of kidney cancer last year. Her favorite trail was the Highline Trail in Glacier.

  86. I’ve never had the chance to travel anywhere outside of my own state (Oregon) since I was a little kid. Id love to go anywhere to have some fun and relax! I guess if I had to pick i’d go to Itlay, its one of my bucket list goals before I leave this world!!

  87. My favorite trip was to Chiang Rai, Thailand. I was with a few of my friends, and we were all exchange students in Thailand. Chiang Rai had some beautiful temples, and amazing, scenic views.

  88. My fave trip is when I went to Maui Hawaii and got married to the love of my life 9 years ago! was the trip of a lifetime and I am hoping to go back next year on our 10 yr anniversary and show our daughter the spot where we married!

  89. If I were given the chance to go on a trip, I would take my family to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. My children have never been able to go and I would love to take them.

  90. My favorite trip was to Disneyland with my new husband shortly before he deployed to Afghanistan with the Marine Corp. We had pictures but how fun would video of us meeting Goofy have been!?

  91. my favorite family trip was camping at barren river lake in glasgow, ky with my wife and daughter. we swam, cooked, walked and played. i only wish i had a video camera to capture it.

  92. The year before Katrina hit the Gulf, my husband and I drove with our four boys to visit his sister in Louisiana. They lived right on the canal in Bay St. Louis where there was plenty of fishing and lots of tree lizards to play with! Unfortunately, they lost everything in the hurricane but we are glad we got to visit their paradise.

  93. My favorite trip as an adult was with my entire family. My husband and child as well as my mom and dad, sister and her family, brother and his family. We went to Disney Land in Fla. and made special memories. It was in 1999 and it was the best vacation EVER!!

  94. I haven’t gone very far from home, but my favorite place so far was when me and my family went to Cedar Point, in Ohio. It was so much fun.

  95. My favorite trip was to Germany. I was able to go to all the major cities like Munich, Frankfort and W. Berlin.

  96. I just came back from a trip with my now fiancee, I proposed to her in front of her entire elementary class. A couple of weeks later we drove from Ohio to Sarasota, Fl, it was fun had car trouble, got lost stopped at like wht seemed to be thirty gas stations. I would like to take her again after we get married next yr july 20, 2012, somewhere fun in the car just the two of us and the flig ultra hd.

  97. My favorite trip was traveling to a small village in Poland to see where my great-grandfather had lived before coming to the USA. Wonderful time spent with my mother.

  98. While getting treatment for Breast Cancer I created my bucket list. The number one item was taking my child (who wasn’t even born yet) to Disney World. Two years ago I got to cross that off my list when I took my 3 1/2 year old daughter there. I’ve been a lot of places but it was definitely my all time favorite trip. My memories of her expressions when she saw her favorite princess, hugged Winnie the Pooh and then ran back because she almost forgot Tigger and danced in one of the parades will be with me forever.

  99. i would love to go to australia with my lovey wife. it was one of the best placest in world to see

  100. My favorite trip so far was our family trip to Gatlinburg 2 years ago. It was our first trip as a family; myself, my husband, and our first son, Jaxon. This Christmas, we are going again with our second son, Colton. I know we will have a blast!

  101. My fav. trip was to Las Vegas for an entire week with my best girlfriend, while we left the men-folk at home. It was great being a “kid” again!

  102. My favorite trip was a cross-country road trip, starting in Georgia, traveling Northwest through South Dakota, down to the Grand Canyon and back home on I-40, with many stops along the way!

  103. My favorite trip was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my fiance and my 1 1/2 year old son. My fiance and I got married on a beach outside Cancun during that trip. We enjoyed all the pleasures that Mexico has to offer. We are now planning a trip to Alaska with our now 2 year old and soon to be newborn.

  104. My trip was to Mexico… I went by myself and I would like to go next year with my wife….

  105. I have never left New York but i would love to visit florida with my son and daughter that are 3yrs old…thanks!!

  106. My favorite trip was with my family last year. It ws the first time my daughters visited Peru. They were completely fascinated

  107. My favorite trip was on a train ride in the North Georgia mountains right before I started college. I was with my parents and my brother.

  108. My favorite trip was to Hawaii, the big island, about ten years ago. I loved snorkeling for the first time and the beautiful scenery.

  109. my fave trip was with my mom and husband on an alaskan cruise…really enjoyed the time with my mom!

  110. Amsterdam with my sister. We had the most amazing time and met some of the greatest people of our lives!

  111. Our favorite trip was to ClubMed Punta Cana. Went with 2 other families and has a great time!

  112. <3I will be going to Hawaii and i would love to have this camera to capture all the amazing moments that i will have it will be mt fist trip to Hawaii please me make it special <3

  113. My favorite trip was hiking through the bamboo forest off the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. Not only were the towering bamboo trees beautiful, but the sound of them clacking againist eachother was the most beautiful things I have yet to experience in my life. I found more beauty in that calming clacking than any other thing I had ever seen.

  114. My favorite trip was with my family hiking through the bamboo forest, which is off the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. Not only were the towering bamboo trees beautiful, but the sound of them clacking againist eachother was the most beautiful things I have yet to experience in my life. I found more beauty in that calming clacking than any other thing I had ever seen.

  115. My favorite trip was hiking through the bamboo forest off the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii. Not only were the towering bamboo trees beautiful, but the sound of them clacking againist eachother was the most beautiful thing I have yet to experience in my life. I found more beauty in that calming clacking than any other thing I had ever seen.

  116. i went to vegas to see a band play with my ex girlfriend i would like to go to mexico and if i win the flip i could video tape it

  117. For my senior year at high school my dad saved up and took me from Florida to California and back on the back of his motorcycle to see the national monuments from here to there. We went to yellowstone, vegas, mt. rushmore…and discovered a monument called Crazy Horse which is still in production. Now 4 years later I`m a mom myself, I would love to be able to take my child to see Crazy Horse in a few years when he can appreciate it!

  118. My favorite trip was going across country to Florida all the way from Arizona with m best friend Lexi.

  119. My favorite trip was to Italy with my girlfriend Shannon, it was great we meet tons of people and ate about almost everywhere.

  120. My Favorite trip was out to Colorado to visit a friend. Beautiful state and lots to do!

  121. i havent been on any vacations yet im still young and trying to get my finances in order but i want to go to nyc and see wicked on brodway more than anything

  122. My favorite trip was to NYC with my mom & daughters an all girl trip. Little did I know it would be the last trip I had with my mom, which makes it even more special. Thanks for the chance!

  123. My wife and I haven’t been able to take a nice vacation since we’ve been married. (Had children young) But given the chance we would definitely visit Central America.


  125. My favorite trip was to Las Vegas with my boyfriend a few years ago, it was a blast!

  126. My favorite trip was to Washington DC to reconnect with the love of my life after 40 years. Seeing all the historical sights with him, eating dinner at a small intimate Italian restaurant, and having our picture made outside of the White House is a memory that will last me another lifetime.

  127. My favorite trip was to Disneyworld in 2008 with my husband, kids and Dad. One year later he started to get really sick and now we never would have been able to take that trip with his health and finance issues.

  128. My favorite trip was to Paris, France with y wife and son. I got to see things I have only read about in books.

  129. My favorite trip was Cancun. LOVED it there. My dream vacay is tahiti…oh so beautiful!

  130. I love Miami. I went to Miami with mi dad and my brothers and sisters 4 years ago. I hope the I can comeback some day

  131. My fav trip was our beach trip last month with my husband and 2 sons, it was my youngest boys first time at the beach. Each trip I take with my family is usually my new favorite!

  132. My fav trip was with my now fiance 🙂 to Cancun. We stayed at the Eldorado Royal and had a blast! We had a candle light dinner on the beach, attended a friends wedding, and spent the days having fun in the sun! Loves it!

  133. My favorite trip was taking my two boys to New Orleans for a weekend. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon 11 years before and it was so much fun to show them all the places we went and go to new places with them! Lots of past and new memories!

  134. my favorite trip was to Key West with my family and my husband’s family 🙂

  135. My Favorite trip was to NY! Loved seeing all the lights and tall buildings, and seeing “ground zero”. Was great, and can’t wait to go back.

  136. I have not been able to go on a vacation for over 10 year due to several back surgery. Now that I’m able I don’t have the money to go because of hospital bills. My husband and I would like to go to Australia. I have watched a lot of shows on TV about Australia Including the Opera show when she went. I didn’t miss a day of her show . I thank Australia is beautiful and would like to have the opportunity to go.

  137. Disneyland! I was with my husband and kids. We love going to this place. Our last trip in June was the first time our daughter visited the happiest place on Earth. We love it!

  138. My fav trip was just this summer to the florida coast with my son , nephews, niece , husband , sister and brother in law…just chilling on the beach

  139. My favorite trip is one we just got home from. We went to Boston and loved every minute of it!

  140. My favorite trip was to Honduras with my mom and a couple of people from my church. We were there for a mission trip. My mom started a school for teaching piano in the town where we stayed. The locals were so happy that we were to help. And they truly changed our lives.

  141. My favorite trip was a cruise to the Carribean with my family. We loved getting our hair braided in Mexico and the midnight buffets on the ship. =)

  142. never been on vacation my mom couldnt afford it when i was a kid and now that im old enough to go on my own i stil cant afford it

  143. I went with my family to Hong Kng and it was a wondeful time. We saw so much and even made it over to Macao for an evening. Quite a good time.

  144. My favorite trip was a cruise to Alaska with our family. It was wonderful and so interesting and different.


  145. mini family reunion. camping at kerr lake. my family grew up camping so we still go every year and now we have kids of our own..i love to go all at the same time.

  146. My favorite trip was my most recent trip to Myrtle Beach. Reason was that it was my Wife, my 4 year old son and 1 year old daughter and I. It was nice having such a wonderful family vaction.


  147. my fav trip was on my honeymoon wiht my wife,it would have been great to have a flip cam:)

  148. My favourite trip was a roadtrip out to eastern Canada, but my dream would be to go to the UK and see where my husband was born and grew up. Thanks!!

  149. Spur of the moment trip with my boyfriend to Bahamas! I think we’ll do a mystery trip next!

  150. My favorite trip was to Destin beach, FL with my husband, mom, and two brothers. We were there to see my youngest brother which is in the military so we don’t get to see him as often as we would like having a camera to capture the moments that we do have would be great.

  151. My favorite trip was to Washington D.C. with my youth group when I was younger. We fed the homeless and it was a very humbling experience and drew me closer to God.

  152. I think my favorite trip was taking my kids to Sea World in April. What a great place to visit. Had a nice time and would love to revisit soon!

  153. My favorite trip was a trip to South Carolina to see my son graduate from basic training, my other son came with us and that was the last trip we all had together. We had a great family time. nupa123atgmaildotcom

  154. My favorite trip was to Savannah, Georgia with my boyfriend (now my husband). Enjoying that beautiful, historic city with the love of my life was romantic and memorable.

  155. My favorite trip was with my wife, on our honeymoon, in the Amish country in the central part of Ohio. It was a very peaceful and relaxing setting.

  156. My favorite trip was last summer to pensecola fl all 3 kids the hubby and me! Rented a condo and we swam and watched dolphins from the balcony. It’s was the greatest family vacation ever!

  157. My favourite trip was travelling to Nigeria to meet my inlaws. Nigeria is a beautiful place and it made the day and a half of travel well worth it. How I miss you Nigeria and long to return soon 🙂

  158. I am on vacation now! I love visiting the retro hotels in warm, sunny Daytona Beach, FL! We found a great condo deal and always drive to our destinations!

  159. My favorite trip was going to Chicago with my grandma around 8 years ago. I never get to go on vacations, so it was nice. Miss_slytherin[at]live[dot]com

  160. I would love to travel to the Caribbean. The white sand beaches and crystal, clear water would be a wonderful site.

  161. My favorite trip this past year was to Huntington Beach in Southern California. I stayed at the Hyatt Resort and Spa for the weekend with my wife and 2 daughters. Needless to say it was a ton of fun! 🙂

  162. My favorite trip was to Vancouver B.C. with my wife and sons. Of course we did all the tourist stuff and had a ton of fun…but when we went whale watching that was fantastic, what a sight to behold.

  163. My favorite trip was to the beach with my family.
    It was my kids first time seeing the ocean so there were lots of great pictures.
    This video camera would have been perfect for capturing the look on their faces and the excitement in their voices.


  164. I have not been on to many trips, I think my favorite trip is going to be the one I take in a few days, and that is to move back to where my family is, I will be taking it with my husband and daughter. I am excited, and scared all at once.

  165. me and my family went to daytona beach and universal studios this summer

  166. My favorite family trip took place when I was fourteen. It was a roadtrip with my mother, brother, aunt, grandfather and my aunt’s cocker spaniel. We spent a week happily sightseeing, booking last minute rooms at hotels/inns, and sampling the local foods along the way. Great fun!

  167. My favorite trip has to be Yellow Stone National Park. It is where my wife and I are going back for our 10 year anniverary.

  168. My favorite trip was to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday. We went with my wife friends and sister.

  169. My favorite trip was Florida last January with my girlfriend. I’ve been to Universal studios several times, however see had never been to Florida at all. So it made the experience unforgettable.

  170. my husband travels so much for work and so this summer we (2kids and dog)joined him so we could spend more time with one another. we traveled to many familiar cities(Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans)that we expected to have enjoyable experiences , but the biggest surprise of our travel destinations was our 3 week stay in Baton Rouge. i’m convinced baton rouge is the birthplace of hospitality! the experience left such an impact on our family, that it’s the big joke around our home that i’m already making plans to send our daughter to LSU! the FLIP Cam would have been perfect to VLOG our summer experience.

  171. I have been to , canada, michigan, chicago, tennesse, north carolina, georgia, virginia, but I must say my best trips are to disney with my husband and 3 kids, nothing beats a smile mickey can make!

  172. Our last rip was to San Antonio with hubby and myself.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  173. i have been on many trips but none would be more exciting than being able to go home and see my family that i havent seen in a year and a half.

  174. My favorite place was Zanzibar, in Africa! And if I could go anywhere I would go back to Egypt. We went to Egypt in the middle of the Mumbarak issues and were forced to leave with only one day of sight seeing!

  175. Panama City Beach Florida with my family best beach its lovely
    trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

  176. My favorite trip was going to Yosemite National Park with my family. I love the expression of my children when they discover something new in life. I wish I can win this camera…..cuz I dont have one yet :(. And record my memories with them…

  177. Yellowstone National Park. I was with my Mom, Dad, Husband, my parents dog Stormy and my pug daughter Makwa. We had to turn back out of the park because it was on fire but the time we spent together camping and putzing around from town to town was perfect.

  178. My favorite trip is always with my sister. The last one was to Miami, and we had a great time. We have traveled all over together, and each time we go somewhere, it’s better than the last trip.

  179. My favorite trip was to Disney when we took our baby there for the first time. It was amazing to see him so happy and excited about meeting Mikey!

  180. our favorite trip was local, we went down the Kakankee river on the families first canoe trip, beautiful weather, had a nice picnic down river and the kids all had a blast, very cheap one day trip.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  181. My favorite trip was a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville, North Carolina with my parents and little brother.

  182. shared on facebook-

  183. If I could go on vacation, I would want to take a road trip to Yosemite National Park and Big Sur and then make my way north to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

  184. My favorite trip was to walk on the Ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick Canada with my husband our dog and unborn son!

  185. We took our boys to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina several years back and spent almost all of our time hanging in the ocean! They absolutely loved it and the joy I got from watching them have so much fun was priceless!

  186. We went to the beach this summer took the twins it was there first trip… they loved it! My teenagers also had a blast! Can’t wait til another vacation!

  187. My favorite trip was to California a few years ago. The food, climate,
    environment, people so different from the East coast…..

  188. My favorite trip was with my boyfriend to Las Vegas!!!! Then i came back home as his WIFE!!!!!

  189. I would love the opportunity to take my family to Hawaii! It has been years since we’ve had any type of vacation, and what a vacation that would be!!

  190. My husband and I would love to take our five wonderful children to Disney World!! Thanx so Much!!!

  191. i went to San Francisco in 2007 and i fell in love with it! it was just gorgeous and we even walked across the golden gate bridge and back. i cant wait to go back!!

  192. My favorite trip was a gift from my mom for my High School graduation. I went on a European tour with my mom and twin sister. We went to England, Italy, Switzerland and France!

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  194. My favourite trip was to my friends house when she live in Halifax, NS. We traveled by car my husband and kids. We had a great time!!

  195. My favorite trip was St. Lucia with my husband where we conceived my son – it was the BEST SOUVENIR EVER !
    lisae819 at yahoo dot com

  196. My favorite trip was my senior class trip to Disney world! 70+ of us went! SO great 🙂

  197. My favorite trip was when I went me my husband to Las Vegas for this past Valentines Day. It was so romantic!

  198. My best trip was a drive up the oregon coast with my husband and two children. It was spring with the full effect of the rain, regardless of weather it was the best! We had never seen the coast, it was beautiful beyond words, but i’d also like to see el capitan next.

  199. My favorite trip was the Walt Disney World with my two kids, husband and sister.


  200. My favorite trip in the whole world was this year to Watkins Glen NY with my husband and my four kids. We had a blast going to the water falls, the beach, a local fair for the fourth of July with unlimited carnival rides. It was truly the best week we have ever had while traveling

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  202. My favorite trip was to Washington D.C. with my husband. We went to the Smithsonian Museum. We both really like museums and they have so many exhibits, it’s mind boggling.

  203. We had the best time when we went 2 years ago as a family to Disney World. The kids were only 5 and 8 and they were a joy to watch enjoy the magic!!!

  204. One of my favorite trips was going to Niagara Falls as a kid with my grandparents and sister. It was pretty amazing.

  205. My husband and I had recently gone to Arkansas for my daughters wedding. One of the most awesome part of the trip was being there to give her away and to see my family to which I hadnt seen in over 5 yrs. The worse part was we hit a deer along our way to the wedding, totaled the car (no injuries) and still make it to the wedding. 🙂

  206. My favorite trip i’ve ever taken was to the Florida Keys. We had no plans and no schedule and it was absolutely amazing the whole time!

  207. My favorite trip was to South Padre Island, TX with my parents and siblings. I would love to take my husband and daughter there sometime as well!

  208. If given the chance, I’d go to Ireland. After many failed attempts, and with my first child on the way, I had to postpone my plans of traveling to the beautiful island once again. I’m hoping to finally make it within a couple of years with my beautiful baby girl strapped to my chest 😀

  209. My favorite trip was my first time to New York, It was my first time meeting her in person after being in a long distance relationship for a year and it was beautiful, I saw all of new york for the first time while seeing her for the first time. I will never forget it.

  210. My favorite trip was to Disney World with my two daughters for the first time (for them…not me!..LOL). My wife and I took both of my two daughters. We have been several times since…however, their first time seeing Cinderella’s castle and meeting the princesses was the BEST! I will never forget their faces when they saw Ariel…it was amazing!

  211. My favorite trip was a road trip with 3 girlfriends, through Nashville, Mississippi, and Louisiana!

  212. My favorite trip was to Puerto Rico a few years ago.It was special because it was the last time that I would see my grandfather before he became ill and eventually passed.As an adult I still felt like a child around him because of all of my memories of the times that we spent together.It was hot,sticky,and uncomfortable in my grandmother’s home but I wouldn’t have traded that trip for any 5 star vacation in any other part of the world.

  213. My favorite trip was with our two children when they were younger to Florida for the Daytona 500. My husband and I and the kids took 2 weeks, travelled in our RV to Daytona, parked a Volusia Speedway during Speed Week; watched races there at night and went to Disney World, Marineland and just about any other attraction we could find. Then while hubby and friend went to the Daytona 500; the kids and I went shopping at a mall across the street. It was a fantastic time!

  214. My favorite trip was aboard the Disney Cruise Line -Dream ship on the christening cruise and to sail one week later on it again!! Love all the Disney Cruise ships!!

  215. A few years ago my family and I traveled to Missouri, Tennessee, and then Cherokee, NC.

  216. My favorite trip was to Essaouria, Morocco, an awesome oceanside town known for windsurfing and a relaxing atmosphere!

  217. I have not been on any trips since I have been an adult and my husband and I never got to take a honeymoon…so I guess I would like to go somewhere that had a white sandy beach, nice weather, and me and my hubby!!

  218. My favorite trip was to Sedona, AZ. It is so beautiful which made up for the fact I was there with a jerk.

  219. My favorite trip was to Margarita Island, Venezuela and I took my son with me…but he seemed more fascinated about being on the airplane lol

  220. We saved for four years to take our girls to DisneyLand two years ago, it was amazing! We had such a great time, and took SO many pictures. This fall my birth mother is taking us on her dream vacation, to see the Polar Bears – that will top DisneyLand by a landslide! Can’t wait.

  221. I have been married for two years now and still have not been on a honeymoon, so I would love to go anywhere at this point!!

  222. I’ve only been on a few trips, but the trip I’d really like to take is to Great Britain with my children so that we can explore our roots.

  223. My favorite road trip was about 10 years ago with my family. We went to Colorado. Went swimming on the beach & then had a snowball fight on a mountain all in the same day!

  224. My favorite trip was taken with my husband to the mountains of WV. We enjoyed long hikes and all the natural caverns the state has to offer. A very beautiful area.

  225. My favorite trip was to Jamaica where I met my fiance. Jamaica is a stunning place with wonderful people. I hope everyone who wishes for beautiful trips with their families have the opportunity to take them very soon. One love.

  226. My favorite trip was traveling all the way up the Eastern Coast line. From New York to Maine. Awesome!

  227. My favorite trip was when we took our 3 children to Williamsburg, VA.
    We spent our days going to busch gardens, water country, and colonia williamsburg. Our kids had sooo much fun!

  228. My favorite place to go is Prince Edward Island in Canada. I went when I was a kid and then again in 2007 with my family. It’s just so beautiful!

  229. My favorite trip was a trip my husband and I took to Maui. We had a friend there whose father owned a bed and breakfast type place and we were able to stay there at a deeply discounted rate. We watched the sunrise 10,000 feet above sea level, went snorkeling, had a spa treatment, went to a street party, visited the national parks, walked to a waterfall, and enjoyed the darkness at night as there is very little outdoor lighting on the island.

  230. My favorite trip when when my husband and I took our two children to San Diego. It was the first time we had all seen the ocean. We went to SeaWorld and the zoo. Such great weather.

  231. My favorite trip was to Australia. I studied abroad there last year and it was fantastic!

  232. A family vacation to gatlinberg, TN….Its the only time that i can remember my whole family on a vacation together….it was wonderful!

  233. My favorite trip was to Disney World with my husband and kids. Seeing the kids faces and how happy they were was priceless.

  234. A few years ago I went to the island of Samoa. It was a long plane ride, but it was worth it. I stayed right on the beach at a place called Coconuts. If you just want to relax, then this is the way to do it, great weather, clear warm ocean, a nice pool too. What’s better than delicious drinks & food in a tropical beach paradise setting?

  235. My favorite trip was to Punta Cana with my husband. It was like Paradise-so beautiful and relaxing.

  236. I went to austin swsw festival with my fiance an it was amazing we found our love all over again.

  237. My favorite trip was in 2010, when we were finally able to take all of our children on an 8 day trip to the Virgin Islands. We’re a combined family, so accomplishing this trip took us a few years, but was so worth the wait!

  238. For our 30th anniversary, my husband and I stumbled upon an actually-affordable 30 day cruise. Our travel agent said it was the best deal she had ever seen! Thus, we flew to Sydney (using our airline miles, we paid an astounding 90 bucks for both fares) , spent a few days there, then hopped a cruise ship for (get this!) New Zealand, Fiji, 2 Samoas, Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, 2 Hawaiian Islands, then back to Los Angeles, where we spent Thanksgiving with my cousin (another week gone!) before returning to a cold, snowy Ohio. The best!

  239. florida was fun, wish i could goto somewhere warm to get away from the snow coming my way

  240. My favorite trip to take is every year around July my husband’s family and I go to a beach house in Charleston, SC. We get a chance to all get close and learn even more about eachother.

  241. Maui, Hawaii with my husband for our honeymoon a year after our wedding. Trying to save up now to take the kids there. We loved it.

  242. i would love to go to maui with my 2 sons 1 daughter and husband we have always wanted to go there

  243. I live in Ohio and I went to California with a group of friends three years ago. It was the time of my life. We stayed in an amazing hotel for nine days. We visited all the amazing beaches but my favorite was Laguna Beach. I would love to go back sometime 🙂

  244. My favorite trip was to belize for my cousins wedding. we stayed in the jungle for 3 days and got to explore caves used by the maya thousands of years ago where the maya did human sacrifices. The human bones as well as pottery were still left in the same place that the maya left them thousands of years ago. pretty amazing.

  245. My all-time favorite vacation was a trip to Gatlinburg. My boyfriend had just got back from a year long deployment to Iraq and he took me to Gatlinburg for our first Christmas together. We stayed in a cabin on top of the mountain. We’ve now been married for 2 years 🙂

  246. My mom and I are planning on going to see the Women’s Professional Soccer championship together. I would love to win this Flip to have footage and later make a movie from the footage to show years later to future generations.

  247. My favorite trip was to Cedar Point this year. It was my husbands and childrens first time ever being there. It was very special. Even though I rode the train like 7 times, it was still fun.

  248. The best trip I’ve ever taken was definitely a Mexican Riviera Cruise with my family. We had so many fantastic times as a family! Sadly, none of us have a video camera besides our phones. *cough cough* I’m hoping for the best here! thanks!

  249. My favorite trip was to Jamaica on my Senior trip 11 years ago. I went with about 10 friends to an all inclusive resort. It was awesome!!!

  250. I went to Venice, Italy with my parents, it was absolutely amazing. There was so much culture and history

  251. My favorite trip would have to be when I went to Six Flags and took my Daughter and her “bff.'” We had a blast over there and it was fun to prove to my daughter that roller coasters were scary…

  252. My favorite trip would have to be when I went to Six Flags and took my Daughter and her “bff.’” We had a blast over there and it was fun to prove to my daughter that roller coasters were scary…

  253. My favorite trip was to Las Vegas, NV… June 9th, 2003 when I married my best friend and soul mate!

  254. I would say my favorite trip was to Hoover Dam with my then girlfriend, now my wife. When we visited it was 120 degrees. I am bigger guy and was sweating myself skinny. When she still held my hand, and cuddled on the van, I knew that she was the one…I wish I had some video of us back then!

  255. My favorite trip was to San Francisco because my now husband proposed to me there. It was a great trip!

  256. My favorite trip was to Disney World when I was a kid. I went with my parents and 2 brothers!

  257. My favorite trip was going to Florida with my sister every year to see our grandmother.

  258. My favorite trip was to Bermuda with my new wife on our honeymoon.

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  259. My favorite trip was taken last year. We live 3000 miles away from my in-laws. The kids and I traveled from South Carolina to California where we met up with my mother-in-law, 2 nephews, 1 neice, and my sister-in-law. It was great to see all the kids together and to spend the time making memories with our family.

  260. My favourite trip was to Orlando Florida with my fiancée (he was just my boyfriend then) it was a trip to remember since a) it was my 1st time on an air plane b)it was my 1st time in Florida

  261. My favorite trip ever was the ONE time in my life I went to Disneyland (a few years ago) and took my son. I loved seeing his eyes light up at everything going on in the park and we were able to be there for a week. It is one of the only trips I’ve taken so far in my life and it was a complete blast! I took over 600 pictures!

  262. I would love to go to Europe with my husband when he gets back from deployment in Jan 🙂

  263. My favorite trio was on a cruise to The Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and The Bahamas. I was with my family, such beautiful waters and fun filled times!

  264. My favorite trip was with my husband and 4 children(now adults) to South Padre Island in a condo. We just enjoyed the beach and parasailed.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  265. My favorite trip was a cruise to Alaska. I had my camera stolen so this will be good to have to replace it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  266. In 1987, I wanted to go to the very first Star Wars convention sanctioned by Lucasfilm. It was cheaper to drive than to fly, so my mom came along and we took three weeks to get to L.A. and back to Florida. We went into Mexico for the day; visited the Alamo, Saguaro National Park and the Grand Canyon; spent a night in Vegas; crossed the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona; and just had a blast. The convention was great, too. I’d love to take that trip again with my husband and teach him that getting there can be 3/4 of the fun.

  267. My favorite trip was to Hollywood,California and I went there with my
    daughter to see American Idol finale

  268. my trip to jamaica with my husband – we had an amazing time just relaxing!!

    autumn398 @

  269. My fav. trip was last summer with my family. We went to Disney World and had a trip of a lifetime.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  270. Thanks for the giveaway…favorite trip was to Ireland with my future wife about 10 years ago !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  271. So many trips in my life….but only one did I fly on a airplane!
    I went to LA with my Mom & we went to the “Price Is Right”..did not get choosen. She rented a car & we drove all around Beverly Hills & looks at the Stars homes! She did this for my College Graduation present!

  272. Me and a bunch of my friends went on a trip to California for Coachella. It was my first time out of New England and was amazed by palm trees! Especially the ones lit up with multicolored lights at the concert. I had never seen such beautiful sights before or since this trip. Dying to go again!

  273. Big Sur with my girlfriend we went too Hearsts Castle i wish we had on of these to record every second of that trip

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