Giveaway: Josh Groban’s Awake: LIVE CD/DVD set

I HEART Josh Groban. There. I’ve stated it to the world. I’m also excited to have a copy of his Internet Limited Edition CD/DVD Awake: Live which includes bonus tracks.

I listened to the CD this weekend while cleaning the house and boy does it have some tracks that are perfect for a romantic roadtrip. Josh’s silky sexy voice turns my knees to jelly. In fact, I almost didn’t get the house cleaned because I put in the DVD after I was finished listening to the CD.

Never fear, you have a chance to win your own copy. In fact THREE of you will have a chance to win a copy of Awake: LIVE. Just leave a comment about Josh Groban and his music and you will automatically be entered to win.

If you don’t win, you can still buy a copy. And be sure to catch Josh in concert or even on the television. Check out this 20 minute AOL video: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Contest ends at midnight on May 20 (tomorrow). We’ll announce the winners this Winning Wednesday, May 21.

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  1. His music is really awesome and beautiful plus he is not bad to look at either!!!

  2. The first time I ever heard josh was on the Oprah show. I thought, here is another young kid wishing his way to the top. I was amazed at his voice and have been a fan ever since. He is great.

  3. he’s like the boy next door who just happens to have the most wonderful voice!!!

  4. I don’t have any of his cd’s.I don’t know why because I like to listen to his music

  5. I love his voice, and the dvd would be wonderful to watch when I’m on the treadmill

  6. This man is beautiful inside and out.His music is a message from his heart.

  7. I hope that i win this. If I do win I will give this to my mom because she loves Josh Groban.

  8. Josh Groban has a voice that you just can’t get enough of—plus he’s a very nice looking man.

  9. Josh Groban has been a major inspiration to my husband. He sings a lot of his music at weddings and fundraisers. Every time he sings Josh Groban songs, it brings people to tears!

  10. Oh my gosh, I would so wish to be lucky enough to win this great prize.

    I really do looove Josh Groban’s music!!! His singing voice is just sooo beautiful & melodious… uplifting & peaceful.

    Josh Groban’s music really touches and speaks to the soul!! Truly, a very talented and gifted young man.

    Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  11. Josh Groban is one of the most amazing singers in years. He has a wonderful gift for all to hear

  12. I absolutely LOVE Josh Groban. I have almost all of his CD’s but not this one! He has tremendous talent and his voice is so soothing. I love to listen to his music at the end of stressful days to relax.

  13. When I first heard his voice on a talk show, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. His voice is mesmerizing. He has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

  14. This mans singing makes me melt. He has the most gorgeous voice I have ever heard.

  15. One of the sweetest guys I Love dearly His smile makes me smile. He’s amzing! I love him with all my heart and more than he’ll ever know. His Music is amazing and helps me so much when im going through a tough time In this point in time I have realized I am nothing without him, I can‘t do a thing without him by my side. Theres time’s were you don’t know what to say or times were just lost and O just put on of his cds in and man it makes me feel so much better but I always find ourselves in the end; everything turns out fine. If I didn’t have his wonderful music everything would be pretty boring. Every moment gets better and better. He’s like no other, really! I’ve never felt this way so strongly about someone’s music till I first listened to his music. Spending time getting to know every lyric in my spare driving the car is sp fun . I still don’t know every single word ,but I am excited about getting to know some more =p. Sure I know im a dork ,but I love that. !I can’t get enough of him. Everything he does in everyway is just great.I never want to lose him, I feel like he’s made a diffrence in some peoples life. He means bunches to the music world!I’m only so lucky to have been blessed to discover his music years ago. God Bless Josh!!!

  16. I love Josh I would hear his music on the radio and was mesmerized by his voice It was sometime before I discovered his name and then went on a search to buy every CD he had out I adore him He is truly a great talent and oh what a hunk–don’t tell my hubby I love JOSH and am not ashamed to admit it

  17. Great talent – I’m sure listening to him would make my commute each day less stressful.

  18. My girlfriend totally adores Josh Groban’s music. Since, she is a huge Josh Groban fan… I’d love to win this for her. She would just be so tickled with this prize!

  19. I heard him for the first time on PBS and he had and has a fan for life since then. One incredible voice!!!!!!

  20. Beautiful voice, I could listen to him for hours. And I will if I win this CD!

  21. One of the very few of the current singers I would make an effort to see in person!

  22. Very lovely voice-I would love to win this! Thank you for this giveaway!

  23. I love Josh Groban’s music. His voice has a unique and romantic quality that relaxes me.

  24. What can I say about Josh Groban that hasn’t been said before. Gifted, inspirational…I could listen to him for hours.

  25. Josh Groban is my mommy-needs-a-break music. Mug of hot chocolate, hiding in the basement, Josh Groban on my iPod = me time

  26. Josh Groban’s music is good for the whole family. Thanks for the chance.

  27. He has been given such a special gift. Everytime I hear him sing, I think of Angels nearby.

  28. I have a 15 Autistic Nephew who LOVES Josh Groban…He even sang one of his songs on a 12 News story that they did on him. He would love this Album!

  29. I love his classical music. Understanding the words are not so important when you have a voice like that.

  30. I love his crystal clear, strong voice. It sends chills up my spine. 🙂

  31. Although I don’t have any of his CD’s, I should. He is very talented & has a beautiful voice!

  32. He makes me want to learn Spanish and Italian…and whatever other language he sings.

  33. *the first time i heard josh groban’s music i became cold,it was so soothing and had me talking about josh for the whole day,everyone wanted to know who he was.i myself am a very good and inpiring singer but i want to be like him one day singing for the world.josh groban has helped me to be confident, he inspires me to fulfill my dream to become a singer.I MEAN THIS GUY IS GREAT!!before mariah carey was my favourite but i must say josh really stole my heart for good.if i win this prize ill be OVERJOYED!! I OFTEN DREAM OF THE DAY I WILL GET TO SEE HIM PERFORM LIVE.I LOVE THIS the country that i live in every day life is so hard and challenging but i have decided that i am going to rise up against all odds,and josh has helped me to do that.he will never know how much i love and appreciate him. *I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAM BECAUSE OF JOSH GROBAN MY INSPIRER

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