Van’s Warped Tour 2014

by Lauren Lane

Vans Warped Tour is an on-going music festival that i’ve been DYING (figuratively, not literally) to go to for the past few years. Unfourtunately, I was never able to meet my wants; which isn’t a bad thing… I just had needs that needed to be met. We all are thinking the same thing, “needs come before wants Lauren”, and I completely understand, therefore I haven’t gotten the chance to go. So, at the begining of this year I made a promise to myself that I was NO DOUBT going to Warped Tour 2014. Being the determined, insistent teenager I am, I begged and pleaded for months to make this happen. Then, one day out of the blue the skies opened up and a ray of light came shining down on me and the “Okay, i’ll bring you” i’ve been waiting for FINALLY came. (I know, sounds totally dramatic and cliche), but it happened, I swear!!!

Warped Tour 2014 Dallas

June 15th finally arrived, and I couldn’t have been more stoked to finally get there. I brought my friend Katelyn along because,TIP ONE: always bring somebody to go with, if you go alone you will have nobody to share the memories with! This was the 20th year the Vans Warped Tour has been around, so of course there were people who knew what they were doing!!!!! Then rolls in my friend and I, being newbies, having no clue whats going on, and all we wanted to do was get some food in our stomachs before we passed out. TIP TWO: Eat before you go!!!! Food is overly priced at the festival so don’t spend money that you don’t HAVE to spend on breakfast, use that money to buy something!!!!!!!! The festival does allow you to bring a snack from home, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Being the newbies we are, Katelyn and I had no clue we could do that and we were stuck buying seven dollar lemonade, and eating the free sample beef jerky as our only options. Along with the fact you can bring something to munch on, you can also bring a refillable water battle, and refill it at the water station. Another perk, so you don’t spend all your money on buying bottles of water.

Once the day went on it only got HOTTER and HOTTER….. The sun was beating down, there was a TON of people everywhere, it was miserable; but it was a miserable that was WELL worth it. Kind of an oxymoron, I know, just go with it. I have never seen so many dehydrated, sunburned people in my life. So make sure you drink water ALL the day of AND the day before; and as much as you don’t think you need sunscreen, you need it. Trust me! Been there, done that, bought a t-shirt, needless to say the sun got the best of me. (I’m just hoping this awkward halter top sunburn turns into a nice tan).

Warped Tour 2014 Dallas

BRING A BOOKSACK NOT A PURSE (OR YOU CAN DO WHAT I DID AND BRING A FANNY PACK HA). I promise this tip will save your whole entire day. When you are jumping in the crowd you are not going to want a purse flying everywhere and falling off your shoulder. With a booksack its on your back and it just sits there like a little koala. When you’re walking around there are TONS of booths with free things to give away and you don’t want to carry it ALL day……. It would get in the way of everything!

If you’ve made it this far reading my post then I thank you, you are rad, and you deserve all the stars in the sky. SO, I leave you with my last tip: Don’t be afraid to dance. The concerts are no fun if you just stand there because you think you are going to be judged, WHO CARES. 9 out of 10 of the time the person standing right next to you is a really cool person. So get up and jump and shake what your mama gave you, it’ll be worth it. I PROMISE. (Wow, i’ve promised a lot of things in this video haven’t I?) My first experience at Warped Tour was a ball, and I know every year will just get better and better. I think everybody should get the chance to go at least once before they die because it was SO worth the 7 hour drive.

Lauren Lane is one of Traveling Mamas teen contributors. Her articles have also appeared on Channel One New online. She lives in Louisiana and loves to travel with her mom, CajunMama.

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