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Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012

Tomorrow, Lonely Planet releases their highly-anticipated title Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012 (affiliate link). I always enjoy reading this annual volume that highlights some the best places to visit and things to do for the coming year. The best part? I love the quirkiness of many of the lists. They reflect the humor and wit of those involved in the project, including LP editor Robert Reid. Whenever my path crosses with Robert’s, I always find myself giggling inside at his quips and observations of life and travel. Here’s one of the many videos he’s produced:

The book is filled with fun tidbits about countries all over the world that will teach you tons of new things without ever leaving home. For example, in the book’s “Ways to be a World Champion” list we learn there are tons of fun ways to claim the title of “champion”, even if you aren’t competing in the London Olympics (like Finland’s Wife-Carrying and Air Guitar Competitions or our very own World Beard & Moustache Championship or Grocery Baggers Competition in the USA.)

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012 has some traditional lists, such as top 10 cities and top 10 countries. The lists also range from the practical top 10 best-value destinations to the prophetic best places to witness the apocalypse (listed below).

The 10 Best Things to do in 2012

Anniversaries, global gatherings and essential destinations for the year- 2012 travel planning starts here

  1. Honor Scott’s Polar Centenary
  2. Follow Napoleon Across Russia
  3. Visit Namibia’s Protected Coast
  4. Go Football Crazy in Poland and Ukraine
  5. Chase Australia’s Top End Eclipse
  6. Meet the Maid of Orleans on her 600th Birthday
  7. Discover a New Middle East
  8. Explore Maribor’s Old Town
  9. Play Arcade Classics at the Smithsonian
  10. Check Out Korea’s Expo

Top Spots to Witness the Apocalypse

It’s coming on December 21st, according to Mayan prophecies. Usher in the big day at these bunkers, resorts and auspicious sites.

  1. Greenbrier Resort. West Virginia, USA
  2. Sedonia. Arizona, USA
  3. Mount Ararat. Eastern Turkey
  4. Chichen Itza. Yucatan, Mexico
  5. Global Seed Vault. Svalbard Islands, Norway
  6. Uluru. Northern Territory, Australia
  7. Capital Visitor Center. Washington DC USA
  8. Great Pyramid. Giza, Egypt
  9. Vivos Shelter. Nebraska, USA
  10. Glastonbury Tor. England
Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012. Available in bookstores November 1st ($14.99 or $9.99 for the ebook in the iBookstore), Best in Travel is an annual volume that tells the public the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the upcoming year. 

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