Plane Quiet Noise Cancelling Headphones

I’m not too keen on hearing screaming kids when I’m on a flight. I really don’t want to listen to screaming kids, especially when they’re MY screaming kids. Now, moms all  over the globe can block out the whining of their six year old with this nifty noise reduction headset. No longer will you have to miss out on the sultry whispers of your romance movie while in flight. The only downside that I could find was the bulkiness, but that far outweighs the noise aspect. I really wish I would’ve had these on-hand when I flew to Hawaii and was stuck between a four year old and a dad with a toddler. I was soooo looking forward to quiet flight while I traveled solo and left my noisy ones at home. Oh, the irony.

plane-quiet-headphonesThe Plane Quiet Platinum is a full around-ear active noise reducing headset. It’s combined high fidelity sound, active noise cancellation, and low price, make it an unbeatable value. The Plane Quiet Platinum is also one of the lightest,active noise canceling headsets available. Experience “The Sound of Silence”. Compatible with: iPod ®/ MP3, CD, DVD players/laptop computers/ desktop computers. This item can be purchased at

pink plane quietI’m so excited to add that for a limited time, these also come it pink. Plus, each purchase will also help silence breast cancer! Pink Plane Quiet headsets are $99.95

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