Family Road Trip Safety Tip – Dealing with Allergies

Vintage Road Trip Car at California Automobile Museum flickr image by Kari Marie

Road trips for families with allergies can sometimes be a challenge. But, what’s a mama to do to help keep her kids as safe as possible on a road trip? Most cars build up dust and all sorts of other allergy triggers. I know for our family, even driving through an area where the grass has just been cut can be a trigger and we all start with the watering eyes and coughs.

One tip that may alleviate allergy triggers on a road trip is be sure and have your air filter changed with your oil. Purolator BreatheEasy Cabin Filters are one option to keep the air inside your family vehicle clean and odor free. Well, free from odors coming from OUTSIDE your vehicle, that is!

Every vehicle I have owned has had an air filter and I never even realized it! Implementing a cabin air filter can trap out harmful pollutants like; dust, bacteria and mold which can   cause health problems with long term exposure. So if you are embarking on a family road trip, make sure your car is well equipped so you and your kids can breathe easy.

Nothing is worse than traveling with allergies that act up. Do you have particular tips for dealing with allergies while on a road trip? I’d love to know what solutions you have when away from home on a family vacation or summer holiday with the kids.

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