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Andrew Morris House Bed and Breakfast in Natchitoches, Louisiana

The bed and breakfast experience is a unique way to visit a destination, but not many travelers are willing to break away from their favorite hotel brands, when it comes to travel. As family travelers, we usually opt for the hotel, but on a weekend visit to Natchitoches, Louisiana with my son, I felt it was time to introduce him to a different lodging option.

A Unique Experience

We went to BedandBreakfast.com to search rates and availability. Because we were booking last minute, I was able to find a discounted rate at the Andrew Morrow House. Our room rate was comparable to a local hotel, yet offered such a different experience.

Andrew Morris House Natchitoches Bed and Breakfast

antique writing desk in LouisianaWe arrived late that night to a well lit and quiet antebellum planter’s cottage circa 1855. Innkeeper Charles LaCaze Jr. left a key for us and we unlocked the door to this historic property to get settled in for the night. My son commented that he felt like we were breaking into someone’s home, but I assured him that it was okay.

Our room was spacious and even offered a private bathroom, which isn’t always part of the package at a bed and breakfast. Fortunately, the Andrew Morrow House has four rooms, each with a private bathroom.

A Civilized Start to the Day

What I enjoyed most about our experience at Andrew Morrow House was the multi-course breakfast served at 8:30am in the dining room. My son and I ventured downstairs and I enjoyed a cup of Community Coffee in the parlor while the other guests drifted in before the meal began. My son, who is into fine dining, was impressed with this aspect of the experience. We had a lovely conversation with the other guests and the meal was extraordinary.

antique dining table breakfast

The main breakfast entree was Cafe Brulee French Toast, prepared by the innkeeper and was actually a special request by one of the guests, who frequents the property while in town on business.

Cafe Brulee French Toast Andrew Morris House

A Great Value

Whether we were able to get a discount on the booking or paid the regular fare, a night at Andrew Morrow House is a wonderful value, compared to other lodging options. We had a spacious and comfortable room, complimentary beverages during our stay, a divine multi-course breakfast, and personal service beyond compare.

Andrew Morris House Ragan Suite

Natchitoches is a lovely town in central Louisiana and was also the film site for the movie “Steel Magnolias”. There’s an abundance of bed and breakfast options to choose from in this historic destination, but I highly recommend Andrew Morrow House Bed and Breakfast.

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  1. So glad you and son innjoyed this B&B and thanks for the photos. This is what we as innkeepers like to hear, a job well done, relaxed, well fed happy guests make us happy too!

    If you are ever out in Virginia, in these Blue Ridge Mountains, please come and stay with us at The Claiborne House B&B. We are at the start of the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, and central on the midatlantic.

    LET ME COOK YOU BREAKFaST – Innkeeper at The Claiborne House, where our motto is “NO POP TARTS ALLOWED!”

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