Road Trip Comfort in the Routan

Dear kids, please quit fighting over who gets to charge their DS Lite on a road trip. If you would’ve charged them before we left home, like I asked, then you would still be playing your games instead of having them taken away for arguing.

There’s another one for The Airing of the Grievances. No Traveling Mama likes to threaten with the old “If you two don’t stop, I’m gonna pull this car over and….” I know my mom did it when my brother and I were kids. In fact, I distinctly remember her getting frustrated and trying to get us, slapping the back seat while she was driving, trying to find a leg to pop. My brother and I would scoot as close to the doors as we could, just laughing as she blindly flailed her arm backwards trying in vain to reach us.

Fortunately, today’s prize sponsor, Volkswagen has come up with a solution for all those holiday road trip arguments. The Routan. Not only are people having babies just to get a Routan (Come on, you know you’ve seen those Brooke Shields commercials), but they are planning holiday road trips as an excuse to sit for long periods of time in this luxurious minivan.

I’m not a fan of the minivan. There are too many seats and inevitably I’d end up being the taxi driver singing endless rounds of “The Wheels on the Bus”. However, if I had to get a minivan, this would make my short list. I like how the third-row seating has a button to fold it down. Plus, it flips over for tailgating events. The Routan has plenty of under seat storage, neat little gadgets, and lots of power outlets. Plus, I’m a big fan of Volkswagen. RedBugg has been a very good investment and road trip friend.

So what is today’s Festivus prize?

One (1) Book: “Welcome to Your World, Baby”, authored by Brooke Shields

Three (3) Volkswagen T shirts

One (1) Volkswagen branded tin

One (1) box of Kleenex tissues (new Antiviral kind, not lotion) Kleenex Tissues have developed a new tissue for your whole family. New Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues have three soft layers, including an anti-viral middle layer that kills 99% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue. Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues are strong enough to stand up to cold or flu viruses while being gentle enough for everyday use, and is the only facial tissue that offers these benefits.

One (1) package of Wet Wipes from Huggies

Congratulations to Carolyn G who is today’s winner of our Thirteen Days of Festivus Giveaway. Her comment was ” This makes me laugh!! I didn’t know others celebrated Festivus. My favorite part is the airing of grievances. I always make a huge list. LOL” We love Fetivus around here, Caroline.

Oh, and check out the Babymaker 3000 and make a virtual baby.

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  1. These commercials always amuse me because my baby on the way is the product of “German engineering” (courtesy of my husband!)

  2. This brings back memories. My mother-in-law drove a tan VW Bug during her college years and early teaching days. Then, my husband drove his mom’s car to go to and from college. After we were married, my husband drove a VW Golf to and from work! Please enter me in your delightful VW giveaway drawing.
    Many thanks, Cindi

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