Random Giveaway and Anthony Bourdain

It is time for another random giveaway at TravelingMamas.com. This one is sponsored by The Traveling Channel. They know how much we love Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, so they sent us a few goodies, which we are passing along to one of our readers.

Tomorrow night a new episode of No Reservations airs, and I would like to say I would be in front of the tv watching, but I’m going on a special trip to the Florida Keys with my daughter for a few days. My fingers are crossed that all the tropical weather will stay away while we enjoy some mother/daughter time.

This episode of No Reservations is particularly special because Tony travels with the FAN-atic casting call winner, Danya Alhamrani, to get a real taste of Saudi Arabia. She’s a 33 year old Saudi Arabian woman who won a chance to show Tony around her country. You can learn more about this episode at The Travel Channel’s official site.

And now for the winner of our random giveaway. Congratulations to Donna Kozar. Be sure to check your email so we can get your mailing address to send your Travel Channel gift pack.

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