Travel Size UV Sanitizing Wand

I really hate all the germs people carry around and the TSA only allows me a certain size hand sanitizer on the plane. How can I get rid of all those icky things people carry around?

Did you ever wonder how to kill all those yucky germs when traveling? No need to carry around an endless supply of antibacterial wipes to clean surfaces. This travel size UV sanitizing wand from is under $40. It takes less than a minute to get sanitary with a UV Sanitary Wand. Cleaning appliance turns on when pressed up against a surface. UV Sanitizing Wand is great for the home, office, breakroom or traveling. UV light only turns on when up against a surface, the light will not turn on when the wand is right side up making it kid friendly. It only takes 45-60 seconds to clean an area.

I tested this product, and while I can’t tell you if it actually kills germs (how can you tell?), it is light-weight and compact. Retails for around $37. Congratulations to Deci Worland who commented that a surprise was needed to cheer you up. Now you can be somewhat germ-free. Surprise.

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