Augusta National Golf Club, Home of The Masters

The Masters in Augusta, GA brings in the best golfers and golf fanatics from around the world. My family has been watching the tournament to see how Tiger Woods plays and to see just who will earn the coveted Green Jacket this year. It is amazing how this one event turns a sleepy southern town into the hottest sports spot. We once took a family road trip that brought us right through Augusta, Georgia. Of course, we made a pit stop along the way.

The Masters 2010 by Keith Allison

Those who are familiar with this holy ground for golfers know it as Augusta National Golf Club, the exclusive home of The Green Jacket and America’s top golf course (named by Golf Digest). We were enroute to my in-law’s home of Aiken, SC when my husband had this sudden desire to get a glimpse of the course of all golf courses. Of course, the moment hit him just as we passed the exit.

I scrambled around with a map trying to locate another route. At first, my husband accused me of navigating to the wrong place, as we noticed dilapidated, run-down buildings. Across from this shanty town we saw an area of overgrown bushes and a tall fence. Now, this is not a description of the entire city of Augusta, just a small area around a place where we imagined a surreal world of pristine lawns, polo shirts, and khaki pants.

Augusta National Golf Club Masters Tournament by Shannon Hurst LaneAs we investigated further I saw a sign. No really. I saw a sign for Augusta National Golf Club. The entire family experienced a Clark Griswold moment as we peered through iron bars, hoping to get our eyeballs on Magnolia Lane, hidden behind the large locked gate. I fervently said a prayer that we wouldn’t get robbed as my husband stood there meditating, in awe of being at such a divine destination. Soon after, he took a deep breath, uttered an OKAY, and allowed us to load back in the vehicle where we continued our journey.

Magnolia Lane Augusta National Golf Club Masters Tournament by Shannon Hurst Lane

Stranger things have happened and maybe once day we’ll get to sit under the big old oak tree or brush a hand over Founder’s Circle. While I’m dreaming, I can even imagine us teeing off at Amen Corner and me being the first woman ever admitted as a member to Augusta National Golf Club. Heck, I’d just be satisfied by one day having that chance to actually be allowed inside the gates! For more info, check out where you can plan your own visit, during The Masters or any other time of year.

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  1. It’s really funny how some smaller towns, especially in the south, have helter skelter development, with shacks next to mansions, but I woudn’t have expected it around the home of the Masters!

  2. 🙂 I agree… In the South, you can go from a totally nice, manicured lawn to a run down building within minute. But I think that’s part of the beauty and charm of the South. We were in Columbia this past weekend and the whole town is packed from people who stayed for the Master. Maybe we will plan to check them out next time.

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