Fun Family Attraction in Branson – Ride the Ducks

A few years ago our young family experienced an attraction at Stone Mountain, Georgia called Ride the Ducks. It was an okay family experience at the time, but when we had the chance to Ride the Ducks again while in Branson, Missouri, it made me think of just how much our kids have grown.

The Missouri Department of Tourism arranged for us to experience Ride the Ducks in Branson and after we all took the tour, we decided it was much different than our previous adventure in Georgia. Before I go through a boring description of just what this attraction entails, I thought I’d share a snippet from my daughter’s travel journal.

Family Attraction in Branson Ride the Ducks

“I got the chance to experience the ride called Ride the Ducks. Now you’re thinking, do I really get to ride a duck? Well, no. It’s actually cooler. You get in an automobile that can go on land or in water. They used these vehicles in WWII and the Korean War. It was used to carry weapons or for night attacks but now it’s used for enjoyment for all ages.

The funnest parts are the quackers that you get and you can drive! Moms, watch the kids quack like there’s no tomorrow! So go check out Ride the Ducks in Branson, MO.”

Kids Get a Chance to Captain the Ducks in Branson

As you can read, she really enjoyed Ride the Ducks and even learned a few US history facts. My husband and I were surprised at the tour of the Branson area and the war history tour (which included a breath-taking view of Table Rock Lake). This tour is accessible for those with mobility issues and even includes a short cruise on the lake. Kids get the chance to captain the vehicle in boat mode allowing mom and dad to take plenty of photos. My kids’ favorite part? Quacking along to songs as we drove back through Branson. They liked it so much they continued to quack – all day.

WW II Ambulance in Branson

The price for a family of four runs around $50 plus tax. There are also other family friendly attractions in the Branson area available in combo tickets which may save you a few dollars. Ride the Ducks attractions are available in other cities and are owned by Herschend Family Entertainment. I love how their mission statement is to “Make Memories worth Repeating”. We repeated the Duck experience and it was so worth it!

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  1. I just saw this ride when the COO of the company was on “Undercover Boss” recently. Looks like a fun ride, especially for the little ones.

  2. Cute idea! Next trip to Branson we will definitely need to make the stop. Believe it or not, the most memorable thing I can recall from the family trips to Branson as a child was stopping at the Frog Museum in Eureka Springs. haha! I have always had a little passion for tree frogs.

  3. I remember seeing this when my then-boyfriend (now my husband of several years) and I stopped in Branson on the first leg of our romantic first-summer-together cross-country road trip. At the time, I thought it was sooo cheezy! Now it looks like a blast! It just shows what having a couple kids will do. We had the ducks here in Memphis till a few years ago–too many fluctuations on the water level of the Mississippi & her tributary, too little cash. Road trip!

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  5. Hallo, schöner Bericht. Ich kann nicht verstehen, wie so viele Leute die Atomkraft ablehnen (was sich nicht zuletzt in den Wahlergebnissen zeigte) und dann aber nicht bereit sind, im eigenen Haushalt auf Ökostrom umzusteigen. Es gibt doch mittlerweile genug Stromanbieter und bezahlbare Tarife.

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