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Carnival Wishing Wall at Times Square

Times Square was total pandemonium tonight. I know it’s always crowded, but there were tons of people out Christmas shopping tonight. It was body-to-body everywhere.

One place we found a bit of peace was the Times Square Visitors Center. It’s a neat space where you can learn a bit about the history of Times Square – including the peep shows. You should have seen my face when my daughter asked about that exhibit!

We also got an up-close look at the crystal ball that drops at midnight each New Year’s Eve.

But our main reason for visiting was to see the Carnival Wishing Wall, which Cajun Mama told us about earlier this week.

At the Wishing Wall, you can write a wish for 2011 on a piece of confetti. It’s pinned to the wall, and on New Year’s Eve, your wish will become part of the confetti sprinkled over Times Square.

The Theme Park Kid and I made wishes. Hers said, “I want everyone to have a great 2011.” That’s an unselfish wish if I’ve ever heard one.

It was fun to look at the other wishes pinned to the wall. One in particular caught this frequent traveler’s eye. It read, “No more bedbugs.”

You don’t have to travel to NYC to make a wish. Carnival is also accepting them online at www.facebook.com/carnival

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