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Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Land theme park

I can’t lie: I’m an Angry Birds addict. When I’m on a flight waiting for the cabin door to shut and the flight attendant makes the announcement to shut off all electronic devices, I’m frantically trying to kill those darn green pigs. When I’m at work taking my non-smoker smoke break, I’m outdoors at a picnic table trying to annihilate a stack of concrete beams in hopes that the pig with the helmet will go “poof”. I’m such an Angry Birds addict, that I ditched my steady road trip boyfriend Kimo the Dashboard Hula Guy for an Angry Bird to hang from the rearview mirror of my 2012 VW Beetle. There’s really a gaming gangster inside me begging to be let out.

Like Virgin Galactic, the Angry Birds are now breaking the sound barrier, and they are not only going to space, but they are also going to have their own amusement park.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space teaser image (c) Rovio

The first time I played Angry Birds was thanks to Nokia and the preinstalled Angry Birds game on my N8. I was trying to be a hipster, and act all cool like I wasn’t into gaming. Really though, I’m a closet gamer. Once I played Rovio‘s Angry Birds it was all over and a new obsession was born.

Sadly for my addiction, on March 22 I’ll be able to download Angry Birds Space. I was first notified about this announcement by my 15 year old son who yelled from his room, “Mom, you Angry Bird freak, I hear they are going to space. New game coming out.”

I was like, “Wah?” and then went to do a bit of research. Now I will have a new excuse to put off housecleaning, dinner, and even packing for my next trip. Fortunately, I also heard that there will now be a new Angry Birds theme park. It’s on the other side of the globe in Finland, but now I have the perfect reason to take a trip to that country — to stalk Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Land

Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere (Finland) will be home to the family friendly Angry Birds Land. It will be the first of many Angry Birds Lands around the world. This spring, Särkänniemi will reveal more information about the design of Angry Birds Land, which will include many different elements such as rides and amusement park games. This area will also include “Magic Places”, where outdoor activities and the gaming world meet.

April 28 is the opening of Särkänniemi Adventure Park’s summer season. There will be sneak peeks of Angry Birds Land construction on the park’s website and FaceBook page.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about both Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Land. Those Angry Birds have entertained me for many hours while waiting on delayed flights as I travel around the world researching stories for TravelingMamas.com. Are you an Angry Birds addict? Do we need to start a support group?

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  1. Hi Cajun Mama, whilst I hate to correct you, it’s not … Tempere, it’s Tampere, approx 100kms, 1 hr on the train from Helsinki. (Great trains with WiFi, air conditioning and run immaculately on time. Which is more than can be said for our UK trains.) Don’t forget, if you do plan on visiting Finland, as a general rule, it can be very cold and can snow from October through until April. It’s beautiful in the summer time and the Finns are very nice, friendly people. Let me know if you are ever planning a trip and I’ll give you some tips on where to stay, what to visit and what to do whilst you’re there 🙂 Safe travels. Ray

  2. Thanks for the correction Ray. Duly noted and will definitely contact you about travel tips should I ever get the opportunity to visit Finland. It’s on my list!

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