Going on a road trip soon? Get a FREE Pringles Trip Kit

It is almost March and our family is gearing up for our annual road trips. After illnesses and surgeries, we had to put road trips on hold for a couple months. We are all itching to get back on the road and take our first trip of 2012. I am actually on a plane this morning to Nashville, TN but it doesn’t count as a family trip since I am by myself.

When taking a road trip, do you hear lots of cries and “are we there yet?” I can help you solve this problem. We have been taking family road trips since the girls were 6 months old, so we are veterans at making the road trips smooth with very minimal meltdowns. Travel kits are your best friend with kids. Pringles is actually helping us out with their very own trip kit. Transform an empty Pringles can into a trove of road trip entertainment and information.

Visit the Pringles Facebook page to download your very own FREE Pringles Trip Kit.

Each kit includes tips and games for both parents and kids to ensure everyone in the family has a smooth journey. Some of the Trip Kit content includes:

· Download coloring pictures and games like tic tac toe to keep the kids entertained and actually hoping they’re not there yet

· Keep all passengers in the car happy with fun family activities like bingo and riddles

· A before leaving checklist help insure you didn’t leave anything at home, while the after leaving checklist will help you make sure you have everything you need for the journey ahead

· Download the Charmin Sit or Squat iPhone application to make sure you use the cleanest restrooms on the road!

Once everything is downloaded and printed, just roll up the pages and place them into an empty Pringles can to complete your Trip Kit.

Safe travels!

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