Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations in the US

Cousins-A Family Vacation 1950 image by RobertHuffStutterWhere will US travel consumers spend their vacations this year? ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents, recently released results of its annual survey of hot travel destinations. The best part about this top destination survey is the information is based on actual vacations booked by consumers, not a list made up by so-called experts.

Here are the top ten summer destinations for 2010:

Orlando – It’s not hard to imagine that the highest percentage of domestic travel bookings are for this popular family destination. Orlando isn’t just about theme parks, although that’s the main draw. Many conferences are held in this Florida city and other attractions are becoming wildly popular. Planning a visit to Orlando? Be sure to visit ThemeParkMom.com to find out some of the latest deals and openings.

Las Vegas – Vegas weddings and mancations are popular in Sin City, but many trade shows are held here each year, including CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and BWE (BlogWorldExpo). I have a teen who’s a Star Trek fan and asked to attend the Trekki Convention this summer. I wonder if I’ll have to don Vulcan ears to be admitted. If you’re going to Vegas with a limited budget, be sure to check out our list of free things to do in Vegas.

San Francisco – This city embraces travelers from all backgrounds. Each Sunday from April 25-October 10 the Golden Gate Band performs an outdoor concert. Pack a picnik and enjoy the delightful climate of this top ten destination. For more information, visit the official site, OnlyinSanFrancisco.com.

Miami – Saints. Superbowl. Need I say more? Maybe a who dat!

Los Angeles – The city of Los Angeles is a popular destination, but it also is a great place for drive. Check out some Los Angeles scenic driving routes available on the Official Los Angeles Visitor Site.

New York City – The first time I visited NYC I stood in Times Square with my head back and mouth wide open gawking at the massive hi-rise buildings. It was so hard to get a glimpse of the sky and people were walking past me in a rush to get to their destination. Everyone should visit the Big Apple at least once in their lives and if you’re keeping an eye on your travel dollars, then this list of free things to do in NYC might come in handy.

San Diego – This outdoor summer fun destination is home to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, which offers a new exhibit to satisfy science and sci-fi buffs alike. The Science of Aliens exhibit offers technology to map out what life on another planet might look like. It also chronicles Pop Culture artifacts documenting our fascination with aliens throughout history. Check out SanDiego.org for official events going on throughout the summer.

Honolulu – The Islands of Aloha all are fabulous destinations, but the most popular place to fly into is Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. One of my favorite free things to do near Honolulu is to watch the Friday night fireworks show at Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach.

Seattle – One of my favorite quirky travel bloggers shares her experiences as a resident of this misty city on NerdsEyeView.com through local field trip posts.

Washington, DC – Every time I visit Washington, DC I leave feeling patriotic and uber-American. This final top ten destination may be where our laws are passed, but the history and architecture keep bringing me back. I love walking The Mall and visiting the Smithsonian Museums. Here’s a post on planning resources for your visit to Washington, DC.

“Although the top destinations have remained relatively unchanged for many years, it’s interesting to see some fresh destinations, both domestic and international, appear on the scene,” said Chris Russo, ASTA president and chair. “Regardless of whether a destination is a perennial favorite or a soon-to-be favorite, working with a professional travel consultant to plan your next vacation ensures you will get a great value and an unforgettable experience.”

Well, Chris, this mama has visited a few of these destinations but it looks like I’ll have to step up my travel schedule so that I can visit ALL of the top ten summer travel destinations in the US.

Have you visited any of these travel hotspots or plan on visiting for a family vacation or romantic escape? If not, where do you like to go? Be sure to leave a tip or two in the comment section to help a fellow traveling mama plan her trip.

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  1. Yep. Even though they will be poo poo’d by some as tourinsty, overdone, etc. There is a reason why they are popular places.

    Though I’ve not been to Seattle or Honolulu, the rest are great places to take kids. Even Vegas.

  2. They all sound interesting. I guess it’s time for me to start checking some places off my list. I’m missing Miami, so maybe that’ll be first :).

  3. Isn’t the US a fabulous country, where all those diverse destinations are so accessible? There is nothing quite like the thrill of travel and the exploration of different societies and lifestyles. We work hard enough as it is, and all deserve our holidays!

    Amanda Alexander PCC (ICF)

    Professional coaching for working mothers

    1. Hi Amanda – Yes, we all work hard and it is definitely amazing to live in a country where all these destinations are available. I’m all for international travel, but the US is so large in itself that it could take a lifetime to explore all the corners. Happy travels!

  4. NYC is my hands-down favorite. Having said that, I do enjoy the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. And, here’s a secret tip. If you are visiting D.C. on Memorial Day or July the 4th, visit the Capitol lawn the night before. You know that fantastic concert you see on TV? They have a dress rehearsal the night before and you can sit on the lawn and observe. Just ask all the boys on our Roanoke Championship Little League team who had to sit through the rehearsal when they came to the metro area for Virginia State Little League Tournament. No, I will not tell you what year that occurred. It was probably before your time :-).

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  7. It couldn’t have been better, this is list of some very good beaches in the US. Though the order of the listing will differ from the person to person, but the important thing is that most of them will comply to this list. I would like to add something over here that the general conception of the people is that the beaches are the best places to be at during the summer, but I believe that there are many other places that will sound to be a better option to some of them.

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