Best Travel Camera Bag for Women – Review of Jill-e Bag Plus Giveaway

I’ve been searching for the perfect camera bag that is not only functional for my gear, but also stylish. I’m sooooo over the “bonus camera gear” bag that’s been included with my past two camera purchases. They were black and “blah” and bulky too. Sure, they protect and hold a good bit, but a mama has to look good when she’s traveling.

jill-e designs small camera bag

Fortunately, jill-e designs answered my plea and that of many other women by offering stylish protective camera bags with fashion and flair. The company sent me their small pink patent leather camera bag to test out, and boy have I put this thing through the ringer. I’m tough on bags and wanted to make sure it would pass the CajunMama test. I took this bag to Montreal and I took it to the Mardi Gras Experience in New Orleans. One was an air trip while the other was a road trip and the jill-e small camera bag passed.

jill-e small camera bag packs more than you would expectIn this bag I was able to pack a Canon Rebel SLR with extra zoom lens, accessories, Flip Ultra Video, a mini power strip, and phone charger. The side pocket was the perfect place for my passport and it even includes a change wallet for some airport spending money. I’m sure I could fit a good bit more into the jill-e bag if I put my mind to it. This isn’t just a camera bag – it could also be a general travel gear bag or small diaper bag.

Traveling Mamas On the Move Approved LogoFunctionality and equipment protection is important when traveling, but with the added elements of fashion and all-around fabulousness (yes, I said fabulousness) this pink patent leather package with brown leather croc trim is just what I was looking for in a travel bag. That’s why the jill-e small camera bag is On the Move Approved.

The jill-e small camera bag retails for $169.99 which is a competitive price for a professional camera bag – and it’s super cute! Even if you aren’t a photographer, the padded velcro sections are great for organizing your travel gear. The company offers many other bags in various colors and sizes, even for guys (JACK). The jill-e small camera bag would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or a Traveling Mama’s birthday. Maybe my kids will get me the large bag, which is big enough to act as a weekender (hint, hint).

jill-e design bags are functional and fashionable

Want to win your own jill-e pink patent leather small camera bag? You can get up to three entries by doing the following: 1) Leave a comment on this post stating where you’d take your jill-e bag and what you’d pack in it. 2) Fan jill-e and Jack bags on Facebook and leave a different comment on this post stating you’re a fan. 3) On twitter, retweet this contest through the retweet button at the top of this post and leave another comment letting us know you tweeted.

That’s it! Contest ends March 9, 2010 at 11:59 pm CST with winner being announced sometime on March 10. We’ll contact the randomly picked winner by email and they will have three days to respond with a mailing address or prize will be forfeit and awarded to a secondary winner. review product and prize provided by company. US entries only, please.

Winner Update: Congrats to DianeD who is now a Jill-e Facebook Fan!

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  1. We’re a military family always on the move – from now til July, we plan to be in Tuscany and Croatia, then leave our home in Italy for a new home in Germany while spending a few weeks in the US as well. So the bag would be WELL used 🙂

  2. I love to travel. I take at least 1-2 mini trips every month. I am on the eternal hunt for a great camera/everything bag. Everything is geared toward men. We women like things to be organized. a place for everything and everything in it’s place! This bag fits the bill.

  3. I sure could use a new camera bag and this one looks great! I would certainly use it on our travel destinations. Our next big trip is photograph wildlife (including grizzly bears) in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, British Columbia. But I would also use the bag for carting my gear in my truck for impromptu photo shoots around town, LOL!

  4. I love this bag – this is a great one – I’ve been in the market looking for a new bag and have found a few that I like, but I really do like the look of these bags!
    If I had one of these I would totally use it on my 10 year anniversary trip we are taking later this year – either to New York or Las Vegas (I think — maybe Hawaii or Key West —- we are obviously still undecided)! And I’d of COURSE pack my camera gear as well a few “things” for the plane ride (like magazine/book, snack etc). LOVE THIS! Def. putting it on my extreme possibility list 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  6. The Jill-e camera bag is awesome and in my favorite color too!

    I would take it on all my outings especially the beach!
    In it I would have my camera of course but also my sunglasses, lotion, lip balm, extra batteries and probably a snack of some kind. 🙂

    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  7. My father is terminally ill and we are making several trips to see him and taking tons of pictures. I would use the bag for those trips and to take the dig cam and the Flip.

  8. They look like very nice and quality bags. I would take it with me on my work travels.

  9. I love it! I am planning a trip to North Carolina this summer to attend a family reunion and of course I’ll be bringing my camera. This bag would be perfect! Thanks for the chance.

  10. I would love to win this bag. I love the pink color. I would pack my digital camera and small video camera in it. Looks like there is plenty of room. I would also put extra batteries in it and the cords that came with them.

  11. I would take it with me pretty much wherever I go since it’s so cure and I take my camera everywhere. I would take it on upcoming trips to new Mexico and Italy. Great giveaway!

  12. I would definitely use it for my camera – I currently have one of those bulky black bags! And, I would take it on my summer vacation – haven’t decided where yet!

  13. I would take this on our upcoming trip to Orlando, and I’d use it for our camera.

  14. I have been coveting this bag for about 6 months. I went to Europe recently without it, and that was a mistake. I am headed to Prague, Salzburg, and Venice in a few months, and don’t want to leave home without it!

  15. I would take this on our family trip to Mexico this summer. In it would be my Canon Rebel, extra lenses, extra memory cards, and my battery charger.

  16. After a childhood watching my grandmother take pictures (usually of me) and create her own darkroom, I am a avid photographer. This was in the days when women did not do anything like that (late 50’s early 60’s).

    Now I am the grandmother who always has a camera in her hand. My wonderful Nikon D90 currently has no camera bag . I am using my old Ameribag sling to carry the camera and the extra lens that my husband gave me for birthday present. While I am careful, it is hard to have my precious clink around.

    Tomorrow I am taking the day off to take my granddaughter on a photo expedition so she can take some pics for a contest.

    I surely could use this pink bag! And, she is a true pink queen (her room is painted in Victoria Secret’s dark pink (she wanted the stripes but her mother said no.

  17. I am a fan on Facebook and I would take my jill-e bag to all the Special Olympic events that my son participates this year! Go team FOCUS!

  18. I would take my jill-e bag on the plane and on the subway, basically anytime I’m traveling and I would pack my nice canon camera, passport, sunglasses and snacks!

  19. I would be taking mine local. I go to the state parks to hike and take pictures. This would be great for toting my camera and some snacks. Love all the compartments.

  20. I would love this. I currently don’t have a working camera. With my husband deployed overseas and i am not able to work due to an injury,money is tight. I would love this when my husband comes home from deployment to take pics of him and the kids!

  21. I would bring this Jill-e camera bag when we go back to Japan for vacation this summer! I bet it’ll turn heads there…:-)

  22. I would take it everywhere. I always want to get shots of my kids. I have a pink camera and a pink video camera, so I really need a pink bag to put them in. Please

  23. i would take it to national cheerleading compatition, which my grandaugther is particapating, i would put my camcorder, my camera, extra batteries, extra dvds,and the charger for the camcorder, in my camera bag.

  24. This is a fantastic bag that I would take EVERYWHERE, but especially to Disney World where I go all the time! It is exactly what I have been looking for to hold my Nikon D90 that my hubby got me for my birthday this past December. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  25. I would take my take your jill-e bag on my trip to Canada this summer first off I would pack my camera, snacks, some clothes.

  26. I would take my camera bag with me to Dominican Republic, where I will be going May 29th!!!! I would pack my new Nikon P90 Camera in it along with my charger and USB cable I would also load it up as I would my purse (cell phone, wallet, passport and flight documents!!!!:)

  27. I LOVE THIS BAG! It’s beautiful. I love photography and I’m really trying to enhance my skills at home and around the country while traveling. This bag would be perfect. So much room for everything!- camera+ extra batteries and my battery charger, makeup (for touchups, of course!), some snacks for the kids, travel brochures, and I always pack emergency supplies.. medications, first aid stuff, etc.

  28. This would be a great bag to bring on trips. Our next trip is to Las Vegas so that is the first place I would bring it.

  29. YEAH! A beautiful and functional option to taking my camera everywhere! Just this weekend, I commented to my husband about the many fabulous photos I miss because my camera bag is not on my shoulder! Thank you Jill-e and Jack for my weekend solution!

  30. I would carry everything in it! Canon camera, lenses, extra batteries, cables to connect with laptop, passport, wallet, etc. Daughter broke her leg and is hip to toe cast so had to cancel our trip to Hawaii. So for now, will just take around on little day trips until our next adventure… Oregon Coast for spring break. Love this bag, it is gorgeous and very functional too!

  31. I’d pack everything but the kitchen sink, or as much as I could carry on the airplane. Vegas here I come!

  32. I would take it on my 1st wedding anniversay trip to Las Vegas to take pictures for a memory album, because a year sure went by fast 🙂

  33. I would take the bag on my trip to North Carolina. I am going site seeing and going to see where my ancestors came from. This would come in handy. I plan on hiking so I will pack in some snacks and bottled water, hair things and chapstick!

  34. I would take it to Disney World with me and put all my stuff in it so I wouldn’t have to bring my purse!

  35. My lady and I are going to hawaii,, we will pack a cam/acessories and needed items for her. hopefully there will be room for a grass skirt on the way back

  36. I would take it on our summer road trip to south carolina. I would pack my camera, snacks for the trip and some toys for my son.

  37. I would take my bag on trips to visit family and friends, vacations, and everyday. I am always taking pictures.

  38. I would take my Jill-e-Bag to work, dinner, shopping, everywhere I go. I’d Keep lipstick and a dollar in it – just like mom told me.

  39. I would take this bag everywhere!! I take my camera with me often & have small bag that it & the extra lens barely fit in. To have room for more stuff would be wonderful!

  40. I’d love to win this for my trip to San Antonio. I actually need a bag for my dSLR camera, along with my regular digital camera and other carry on items.

  41. I would take the bag on my trip to Mexico. I would put water and camera and passport.

  42. My boyfriend and I are headed to Canada this summer and I would love to bring this bag with! I would pack my Canon Rebel SLR and all of my extra lenses!

  43. I fell in love with this exact bag while looking for Christmas presents for my two photographer daughters. Unfortunately I could not find it available in Canada. IF I am the luky winner I would a) take it to Alberta to let my daughters drool over it, then b) on my next trip to Italy where it would fit right in with all the Gucci and Prada bags! What would I pack besides my camera? Hmm…a lucky coin to throw into the Trevi fountain.

  44. I’d take it to Gulf Shores, AL for my summer vacation and put beach essentials in it like lotion, sunglasses, water bottle, etc.

  45. We haven’t been to Disney World in 12 years when my children were toddlers….I could really use this. We’re planning a May trip. This would be perfect for my camera, film, and all my supplies and beauty products too 🙂 Thanks!

  46. My family lives across country and I fly to see them twice a year. We always take lots of pictures, so if I had this bag I would pack my camera, film, ID, money and a hair brush.

  47. We are going on a cruise and this would be perfect! There is room for everything that I want to have with me that would normally be in my purse – plus a secure place for my new camera! I LOVE this camera bag!

  48. That camera bag is so cute. I never saw one so cute, you could use it as a purse. I love a bag with a bunch of pockets. My daughter bought me a hobo bag and I hate it. It is like a big black hole, it’s cute but everything just bunches up in the middle making it hard to find things.

  49. I travel a lot with my daughters – our next trip in April is to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, so this bag would come in handy for my camera. I would also keep our passports (not for this trip of course), and snacks

  50. I would pack my camera, ipod, wallet and keys in the bag for going to the beach, shopping, te zoo and the museum.

  51. I am looking for a camera bag to bring to Disneyworld. I want one that can also serve as my purse – this looks like it!

  52. I’d love to take this bag on our next vacation, haven’t planned it yet but hoping for a cruise! I’d carry our cameras and camera gadgets in it. Thank you!

  53. This gorgeous bag would go EVERYWHERE with me! From my home in CA to OK to visit my Dad – and then to Akumal, Mexico for vacation first. It would house my camera and extra lens, as well as extra memory cards, my iPod, plane tickets, ID, prescription meds, etc. I’d use it for my carryon for the airplane – it would be just perfect!! I’m sure I can find a few other nice little items to include, as well . . . What a great giveaway!

  54. I’d take it to Colorado when I go hiking. I’d put my camera, trail mix, bottled water, extra pair of socks,sunscreen, first aid kit in it. Thanks for the chance.

  55. I found your site by searching ‘travel camera bag’ — and wow is this perfect! We are going on a road trip through Ireland, England and the Netherlands this Spring so thats where this baby would be going if it were mine! Thank you!

  56. We are planning to go to the Midwest on vacation so this would be ideal for our trip. I would pack the camera in there and any other necessities that I usually put in my purse, including my wallet – and would carry it like a purse instead of using my shoulder bag. Great bag!

  57. I’d take it with me on my next trip to Europe! I’d pack my old Pentax K1000 camera along with my new digital camera, my passport, wallet, baby wipes, a bottle of water, and a few snacks. That’s really all you need to go on a great trip!

  58. I would take it on ever vacation or day trip from now on, starting with our trip in Flordia in a couple weeks. It would be great at Disney World and Sea World to pack my camera, sunblock, bug spray, wipes and my wallet!

  59. I am flying to see my grandsons so this would be pefect for my camera. I would also pack my wallet and trinkets in this bag!

  60. I would take it everywhere with me! And carry my camera, flash, wallet and lip gloss!

  61. This June my 13 year old daughter and I are traveling to New Orleans to visit my oldest son who is a teacher there. I plan to take tons of photos and not only would the bag safely carry my camera but also double as my purse while I’m there..wallet, credit cards and a few purse essentials. It would be great to just carry one bag with me while we’re sight-seeing.

  62. *Drool* I have had my eyes on these bad babies for years. 🙂 I travel about 3-6 times a year … next trip will be taking the fam to the Riviera Maya of Mexico. What I would have in it? A Fuji S5 Pro, zoom lens, passports, docs, iPods, Ninendo DS and possibly a book or two if it will all fit. Eeiiiii, so excited to repost this and to become a fan on Facebook. Pick me, pick me! 😛

  63. it’s so cute i would take it EVERYWHERE and put that new camer in it that i’d be meaning to buy :0)

  64. This would be great to take on my trip to Japn. I would everything that I would need for the day in it.

  65. I’d pack my camera, smartphone and blood glucose monitor, and take this groovy bag to work with me.

  66. I think Ive become addicted to handbags….most girls start early…ive started way late! I want almost everyone I see lately. This bag is SO cute and I would use it for an everyday bag! Car Keys, Wallet and of course all the loose change you toss in and find hundreds of dollars in a month or two when you can no longer put it on your shoulder because its too heavy LOL

  67. I’d *LOVE* to win this. My husband bought me a camera over a year ago, and I have yet to get a case for it. Instead, I am carrying it around everywhere, very protected on the front of me in my hands, lol.

    I’d take this just about anywhere I go – zoo, kids school, my families homes, etc. 😀

    Thank you!!

  68. I would give this to my daughter as we’re going on a trip to Disney (YAY!!) later in the year and this would be just about perfect for her.

  69. I would take it with me on my next trip to London and I would pack it with my passport, camera, wallet, chapstick and some good reading materia.

  70. I am the designated photographer for our family’s vacations! I would take this beautiful bag everywhere we go– starting with the Jersey Shore this summer. Thanks!

  71. I have several small trips coming up so I would be taking this gorgeous bag everywhere. I would back extra batteries and an extra memory card, and probably a book.

  72. I will take it with me when i go to Costa Rica. I would pack extra memory as well as extra batteries along with other items such as my wallet, tissues, etc.

  73. I’d take it with me everywhere!! My purse (or should I call it a saddle bag? It basically is!!) is essentially a camera bag these days anyway what with my 3 month old son doing cute stuff constantly that needs to be photographed. I’d love to fashionista it out a bit and take this pinktastic bag with me instead 🙂 Thanks!

  74. I would take this bag to Paris to visit my brother. I would pack my camera, passport, some toiletries and maybe some snacks.

  75. As a hobbyist photographer and a mom of 7, I’d love to have a bag to be a combo camera bag and diaper bag while still being cute enough to carry everywhere. So that’s where I would carry it — everywhere!

  76. My daughter and I are planning a trip to Greece (where my parents were from) and I would be so thrilled to take this beautiful bag along! Thank you.

  77. I have family that lives out of state so I would take it when I go to visit them. It would really be great as it would hold every thing that I would need to travel.

  78. I’d take this bag on my cruises and I’d pack it with my Nikon D40 and it’s accoutrements!

  79. I would take it on my next trip, which might be to the mountains of West Virginia or maybe San Francisco. I would put my two cameras and other gear in it. Maybe even my husbands DS.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. This would be a great camera bag to take with on a visit to see my daughter at St. Kitts!
    judy7885 at gmail dot com

  81. I wish I could say I’d pack my DSL camera, but I don’t have that nice of a camera yet. What I would pack would be my two different digital cameras (one does great night shots and one does great day shots) and the chargers and extra batteries for both. Plus I’d add the memory card reader to allow me to view photos from the memory cards on any computer. I’d also pack my mini-tripod and small grit brush (a tiny artist’s brush used to keep dirt and gunk out of the lenses) and a lens cleaning cloth. I’d also include a few small snack bars and photos of the kids (to remind my hubby that the bars are FOR the kids). LOL

  82. I’m now a Facebook fan as Donna Mehalko Holmberg.

    In my first post I forgot to say that I’d take the camera bag with me EVERYWHERE because I take a camera with me everywhere. I have a camera with me at all times… because you never know when the best shots will show up. I’ve taken the most amazing shots in the most unusual places – like on the side of the freeway on the way home from work, or outside the doctor’s office. If you don’t believe me, check out my photo albums on my Facebook page.

  83. I’d take it on our next trip to the zoo. I’d carry extra snacks and bottled water for the kids.

  84. My wife would love this for a “grab bag”. Keep some snacks, her camera, a waterbottle, and a few little toys. Would be perfect for the last minute trips she takes with the kids.

    henrysgraphics (at) gmail (dot) com

  85. I just got a new camera and I am going to Aruba for the first time for a week with my sweetie. I would pack all my necessary equipment in this book and have fun while looking so stylish.

  86. We are a family that is always on the go, whether it be here locally to the zoo, the museum or the aquarium or to places near and far. We travel to Whistler, BC several times a year and down to the Oregon coast. So I would get lots use packing both my camera and my flip in this bag.

  87. I would pack my camera, snacks and a map and hit the road with the family for a little day trip.

  88. I would take this everywhere! I’d put my camera in it as well as my DS, ipod touch, etc! I’ve been looking for a great bag for electronics for a while! My pocketbook is not up to bar because I feel uneasy when it’s left on tables, etc. This bag looks very sturdy and would definitely be great:)

  89. I regularly take short trips (as do the other girls in my family) and it looks like the next one will be to Chicago. This would make a great travel bag and sightseeing bag; looks to be just the right size for my camera, iPod, some cash, id, glasses, and a paperback.

  90. I would take it to the park with my daughter to get some great shots of her playing. And when we visit family every couple of weeks!

  91. I would take the jill-e bag to all my family get togethers. It looks roomy enough for my camera, extra batteries, memory cards, and anything else I want to stuff in there… I soooo want that bag!

  92. I’d take it on vacation and also to fly to see my daughter who is doing an internship this summer in Washington DC. Mommy’s sad she’s not coming home but a stylish bag can always cheer mommy up LOL!!

    I’d pack my camera, small toiletries, a book to read, a few snacks, etc. Thanks.

  93. Thanks for the giveaway…my niece has a teaching job – language classes this summer, in France, and I think she would love this bag.

  94. I’d use it for my camera, passport, and some batteries, for the DREAM trip I hope to take this summer.

  95. I’d love to take my photo bag to Spain, England, and New York City, but chances are, I’ll just take it around town. I do need a good camera bag for my Christmas present, a Pentax DSLR, plus the accessories (extra lenses if and when I get some, plus the cables, the extra memory cards, extra batteries, etc.). If we were traveling somewhere exciting, I’d probably pack the little snapshot camera in there as well, along with all its accessories, and my flip Mino as well.

  96. I would pack my camera and water and snack food and wipes and gum and tylenol and anything else I might need. I would use this on a trip to Scotland.

  97. I would use my bag of course for my Camera, Charger etc. I go out alot with my grandbabies 3 & 1 and would use it on trips to the Zoo, Amusement Park, anywhere…it would be the perfect accessory to our trip. Thanks so much for the offer.

  98. I’d take my camera, for sure, extra batteries, my phone, some lotion (in a plastic baggie), lip stuff, a mirror, gum and my keys.

  99. I would take my jill-e camera bag to the park,special events,and
    on vacation with me.I would pack my camera ,lenses,cleaner and
    everything I need to take great pictures.This is a fantastic camera bag!

  100. I would use this everywhere I take my camera and would pack the camera, cellphone, and makeup.

  101. I’m going to NYC this year so I’d take it there and I’d pack my camera, snacks, sunblock and basic essentials.

  102. I would take the bag with us on summer family vacations. Would pack it with my Fuji SLR, lenses, cell phone, tissues, and snacks. LOL!

  103. I’d take it on a cruise I am planning this summer. I would carry my camera in it and plenty of film.

  104. We own a motorhome and travel frequently. I would use the bag to pack away my husbands digital camera and my new video camera.

  105. I’m a mom to 4 and am always going somewhere fun that I need my camera at. Be it a day trip to the museum or just the park I always have camera on hand. I’d pack my canon Dslr and lens in it and with the extra space I’d be able to dirch the diaper bag and put the necessities in there!

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