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The best carry-on luggage is…

My husband surprised me with a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. What do you get a traveling mama for Valentine’s Day? Luggage of course. We don’t usually spend a lot of money on this holiday, so you can imagine my surprise when my husband delivered a beautiful red carry-on luggage. His words to me were, I am so tired of you struggling in the airport with a non-spinner luggage. He really does pay attention!

Seriously though, I was able to try out this new Samsonite Silhouette Spinner carry-on during one of my travel trips last weekend.

This is the first time that I was not worried about my luggage over-tipping. I absolutely love how you can just roll it on four wheels. Running through the airport was so much smoother this time. Can you believe I was able to pack 4 days worth of clothes, shoes, bathroom products and make-up all in this luggage? This included day and evening clothes too.

The room inside will surprise you.

As you can see, it includes a wardrobe bag for you. The two zipper pockets were so convenient for my shoes and bath products. There is a Travel Sentry lock for security included in the bottom zipper pocket. On the way back home, I had extra things so the case expansion came as a delight for added packing capacity.

One of the best features — SamGuard Protection which resists stains from oil, dirt and water. Do you know how awesome this is when traveling? Perfection!

The handle pulls upright and locks. You are smooth sailing during all your travels with the rolling in-line skate wheels. Also, the luggage includes two big pockets on the front of the luggage as well as a pocket on the very back. You will not be short for any organization with this carry-on. I love that I did not have to just throw everything inside the luggage. I actually could organize in the different pockets.

All of this said, this is why I am putting it on record — The Samsonite Silhouette 12 Expandable is the BEST carry-on luggage. Luggage Pros actually has this specific luggage on sale right now for $159.38 with free shipping when you add to cart. Great deal.

Happy traveling!

Disclosure: My husband purchased the luggage for me. Luggage Pros is not affiliated with us in any way. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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