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Orlando Vacation Home Travel Deals {plus Giveaway}

Orlando, Florida is consistently one of the top family travel destinations in the world. It provides a wide array of activities, a plethora of theme parks, restaurants for any taste, and a range of lodging options to suit almost every budget. Hotels and resorts are a good choice for a full service short stay, but if you plan on bringing the entire family, chances are you’ll be looking for exceptional Orlando vacation homes that provide a bit more privacy and all the conveniences of home.

www.OrlandoVacation.com is one of the premiere vacation home rental services in Orlando. They offer resort lodging, townhomes, condos, and large homes. They will also bundle together lodging a vacation home deals to include theme park tickets such as Walt Disney World Parks and Universal Orlando.

The best part? You only have to put down a $50 deposit to book your Orlando holiday and you won’t have to pay anything else until 15 days before your arrival. You can choose a traditional hotel resort stay that provides a cooked breakfast each morning, such as the Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista located 145 seconds from the main gate of Walt Disney World. Or, book a 3 bedroom 2 bath townhome at Emerald Island Resort that not only offers a full kitchen for your convenience, but arcade, swimming pools, internet cafe and much more.

Would you like a chance to win a stay at Emerald Island Resort? We’re giving away a 5 night stay thanks to OrlandoVacation.com. All you have to do is leave a comment below with a tip for visiting Orlando, be it in the parks, a fun attraction, or a really good restaurant. If you haven’t been to Orlando, that’s okay, just tell us what you’d like to do if you are the randomly chosen winner.

Contest ends December 20, 2012 at 11:59pm EST and is open worldwide to persons 21 years of age or older. The only blackout dates are December 20, 2013 to January 4, 2014, and of course based on availability. Winner will be chosen randomly. Entries are limited to one comment per day, per email address. Winner will be contacted via email to claim this orlando vacation home stay and must respond within 48 hours or giveaway will be forfeit and another winner will be chosen at random.


Congrats to Pamela Moran, comment #13. Have fun in Orlando with your family making lasting travel memories!

Giveaway sponsored by company and some compensation was provided.

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  1. I would love to take my girls back to Orlando for a stay and another trip to Disneyworld. Christmas time at Disney is such a fun experience.

  2. One of the may things I like about Orlando is that not only is it a great destination in itself with the parks and attractions along International Drive, its the perfect hub for other adventures such as Busch Gardens in Tampa or a day trip to the space coast.

  3. When visiting Disney eat all you want and wear comfortable shoes. With all that walking, there is no way you will gain an ounce. 🙂

  4. My wife and her sister have been talking for months about taking the grandkids to Orlando. Needless to say, this would give them the excuse they’ve been looking for.

    And as to attractions, where do I start?! We all know the obvious choices – Disney, Sea World, Universal – but my tip is to spend an evening at Cirque du Soleil La Nouba in downtown Disney. It’s great fun for the whole family.

  5. I have not done this myself, but I hear it’s a good deal to purchase some type of food package they offer.

  6. Would love to go to the New Fantasyland at The Magic Kingdom! My stepdaughter is Belle at Enchanted Stories with Belle! My 4 year old is special needs and I think she would love it!

  7. This would be a perfect “baby”moon for us since we are having twins in June and we could visit family while there! We’ve been to Disney and I’d love to explore what else Orlando has to offer!

  8. This looks a wonderful place.

    In my last visit to Orlando i found Winter Park to be a quaint little place to shop and dine. Nice place to roam after a meal too. Didn’t see it at night, but i’ll bet it gets lively!

    Hope to have a reason to go back soon (hint) 🙂

  9. I would take my lovely bride on a 37 year honeymoon !! Thanks for the opportunity Shannon and Kudos to TravelingMamas.com

  10. Looks like an awesome place for a nice and quiet deserved “Girls” trip!
    A different place, other than the norm, to relax, site see and regroup before 2013 ~~~ it too will pass! 🙂

  11. Hi Traveling Mamas! I really enjoyed Sharon’s blog from a road trip through Louisiana, and my wife and I went there this spring. We had a great time! Didn’t meet any stray dogs though…

    Anyway, would love to go to Orlando! Fingers crossed!



  12. My tip for Orlando (aside from Disney and Universal) is a meal at Cuba Libre! The food is FANTASTIC!

  13. ThiS would be an awesome surprise for my husband if I win!!! we could celebrate our FIRST anniversary in Orlando !!! With no kids that is 🙂

  14. I love traveling to Orlando. My best advice is to go during slow park times. The beginning of September is great.

  15. Orlando, my love!
    1. Pack a sharpie marker with larger groups…labeling tickets for each person can come in handy.
    2. Ziplock bags are a must so that when you have leftover food in the park you can pack it up, tickets can be easily found in bags, and you can stick any photo pass you obtain in a bag.
    3. Plan for all weather. You never know what you’ll get in southern Florida.
    4. Go early, take a nap in the middle of the day, and go back in the evening.
    5. The Cobb salad at The Brown Derby is absolute perfection and the Napoleon at the French cafe in Epcot is heaven.
    6. Character Breakfasts are a real treat…ESPECIALLY if you book them at the earliest time. You are then able to get in to any park, Universal and/or Disney, earlier than when they open. Send someone while you all eat to get FastPass tickets and then be ready to head to the other rides the second the park opens.
    7. Buy comfortable costumes or t-shirts for your little ones before your trip online. You can buy costumes at discounted rates. Dress up your child as a princess before you get to the park but don’t worry too much about how wonderful she looks. Make sure she is COMFORTABLE!
    8. It is much easier to maneuver the parks in extremely small groups (pairs and threes). If you are with a larger group, don’t be afraid to split up. Set a meeting place and time before you split up.
    9. Plan ahead of meeting places. Cell phones don’t always work.
    10. Don’t get too stressed out running from ride to ride. Know that it’s okay to not get to everything in one visit. Enjoy the magic of Disney, Universal, and the company you are with.

    Taking dance teams to Orlando has been stressful; however, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it all. Maybe one of these days I can get there without a team of middle schoolers in tow.

  16. We were always told that October was the slowest month at Disney. Don’t know if that is true anymore, as it’s been over 20 years since I’ve been there! Would love to go back and see all the “new-to-me” parks and attractions.

  17. If you visit Orlando in the off-season, prices are much cheaper and the attractions are much less crowded.

  18. My tip for visiting Orlando, It would have to be, be prepared for fun. Orlando is Americas playground . There is so much to do there.From theme parks ,world class dining, shopping, golfing and many more attractions. Orlando is the best place to vacation in my opinion. So make yourself an itinerary because there are so many things to do,you cant possibly do them all in one vacation.
    Make sure to take time to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and natural beauty of Central Florida.You will not want to go home.

  19. One of my best tips when visiting the parks is that water is free in the parks. You have to ask for a glass/cup of water (not bottled) and you can get it free. No need to carry water bottles around or pay high prices for drinks.

  20. If you go to Disney World every year, it might be cheaper to buy an annual pass and time your visits so they fall within the same calendar year, i.e. August the first year and July the second.

  21. make your dinner reservations for disney several months in advance to ensure you can eat at your favorite restaurants

  22. Get there when it opens and start with the most popular rides because lines wont be as long. If I was chosen the winner Idl ove to see Epcot again

  23. if you’re bringing the kids, follow their schedule not yours and take breaks as needed – nothing is worse than dragging around over-tired over-cranky kids

  24. Some of the rides at Disney World are a little scary for small kids. Know your child and plan accordingly.

  25. They have dinner shows at the neighboring disney hotels. Some years back, we went to a Hawaii Laua at the Tiki Resort. We were there during March, so it was during off season. You don’t have to be at quest at the resort. They have several shows and they put you on a waiting list got right in. Got right in good food and great show. Worth the price. All the food and drink you can eat at set price.

  26. When visiting any theme aprk, you must have a plan of “attack” ahead of time. A good nights’ rest, comfortable shoes and an early start is important too.

  27. My tip is, go to Disney in February, crowds aren’t bad and Disney usually runs pretty decent specials. We’re getting 30% off our room.

  28. At Disney parks – take advantage of the fastpasses – saves you lots of time waiting in line!

  29. We would love to go back to Disney! The job situation has been shaky the past few years and it would be wonderful to go back and have free accommodations!

  30. At Disney World, plan to eat your meals at off hours to avoid crowds and lines. Reservations are necessary at a lot of the nicer restaurants so get the number and call ahead.

  31. I haven’t been since I was a wee little thing, lol, and would to go back again now with my family!

  32. We love Orlando…my best tip is for WDW….get there at park opening. All parks Disney and Universal are a TON less busy when they open then in the afternoon, Enjoy the pool or take a nap in the afternoon when the parks are busiest!! 🙂

  33. My tip… Eat a nice big breakfast before visiting the park, that way you won’t get hungry too early at the parks.

  34. I would love to take my boys to Orlando. I have always wanted to but the opportunity just was never there. We love amusement parks.

  35. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Orlando, but I’d say to anyone visiting to allow extra time to see the places you want to see because everything always seems to take longer than you think, and you don’t want to be rushed and miss things.

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