King Bar and Bistro in Downtown Baton Rouge

The King Bar and Bistro is the onsite dining venue at Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge, a boutique hotel located downtown in Louisiana’s capitol city. The restaurant is located just off the lobby of Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge and also has street access on Lafayette Street. I spent a wonderful evening with a few friends and bloggers to sample a number of signature dishes at this local downtown restaurant.

King Bar and Bistro at Hotel Indigo Baton RougeSeating area King Bar and Bistro Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

The Regular Menu

We were treated to a multi-course dinner paired with local inspired cocktails and beer. The regular menu at King Bar and Bistro consists of local favorites and traditional fare with a neighborhood twist. All items on the menu are decently priced, making this a good choice for daily lunch visitors that work in the area. Breakfast is also served here from 6AM – 10:30AM.

Our Dinner Menu

Groups and private diners can arrange for special menus. Here’s what we enjoyed:

Prelude – We began the meal with a signature cocktail, the Teddy Bear Margarita. It’s named this because it’s so good it hugs you.

Teddy Bear Margarita at King Bar and Bistro Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

Beginning – Capital City Seafood Gumbo accompanied with Abita Amber. It’s a traditional seafood gumbo served over rice with a side of creole potato salad. Typical Louisiana comfort food that’s been served for generations.

Capital City Seafood Gumbo at King Bar and Bistro Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

Fresh – Ponchatoula Strawberry Salad accompanied with a French 75. This was a crispy salad of greens tossed with Louisiana strawberries and candied pecans with a sweet vinaigrette.

Ponchatoula Strawberry Salad at King Bar and Bistro Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

Main Event – Tin Roof Beer BBQ Shrimp accompanied with Tin Roof Ale. Juicy Gulf shrimp were BBQed in Tin Roof beer and served on a bed of Gouda grits.

Tin Roof Beer BBQ Shrimp over grits at King Bar and Bistro Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

Finale – Bourbon Pecan Pie with River Road Dark Roast accented with a New Orleans Praline liqueur.

Bourbon Pecan Pie at Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge King Bar and Bistro

Dinner was delicious and it was even better because I had a night off from (ahem) cooking for the family. I first met GM Francis Grayson a few years ago at a Mardi Gras ball. It was a pleasure to see him again and meet the rest of the staff at Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge. I felt like a celebrity being treated to such a special meal and enjoyed cocktails with friends afterwards.

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