Celebrate Because It’s Champagne Day! #ChampagneDay

Today the world celebrates the second-annual Champagne Day. Started as a grassroots online effort to celebrate the sparkling wine that comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France, Champagne Day is celebrated worldwide in wine stores, bars, restaurants, at private events, in homes and online. Events include Champagne discounts at retailers, tastings, TweetUps and spontaneous celebrations. To find some of the events happening around the world, visit the Champagne Day Meetup site.

Open a bottle of bubble for Champagne Day
Open a bottle of bubble for Champagne Day

Additionally, in honor of Champagne Day, the Champagne Bureau hosted a contest where individuals submitted photos of authentic Champagne labels in order to win an iPad2, and the Bureau is proud to announce that Eric Mueller is the lucky winner. There were over 300 submissions of Champagne labels, all of which are available to be viewed on the Champagne Bureau’s Facebook page.

“Champagne is the quintessential wine of celebration and, with celebrations worldwide, Champagne Day is a great opportunity to enjoy Champagne with your friends and family,” said Sam Heitner, director of the Champagne Bureau. “As you celebrate, enjoy, smile, share your experience online and remember that there are many quality sparkling wines produced worldwide, but true Champagne only comes from Champagne, France.”

To participate in the festivities, follow the #ChampagneDay hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and on other social media sites. For more information about #ChampagneDay or the worldwide effort to protect wine place names and origins, please visit http://bit.ly/rhBcbh or www.champagne.us.

Champagne Day for two
Share a bottle of Champagne with someone special.

I think that each day is special and a reason to celebrate, that’s why every day is Champagne Day at my house. What are your plans for #ChampagneDay?

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