Ireland Tips

I learned a few things while I was in Ireland:


A hot soak in seaweed relieves jet-lag.

When someone says “Now that’s good craic (pronounced crack)” they are not referring to a drug. They are referring to a fun time and good conversation.

Do not ask for cream with your tea or coffee. You will get whipped cream. Instead, ask for milk.

A proper pint of Guinness is served to those who wait. It takes time for this brew to settle properly before drinking.

People in Ireland don’t name their children Shannon (uh-hm, Mom). It is the US equivalent of naming your child Mississippi or Rio Grande.

You can pay to spend the night in a former insane asylum in Sligo.

Sitting in a pub, Guinness in hand, with a peat fire burning, is a really good memory to have.

Jack in the Box is not a restaurant, it is a dead man from Dublin.

U2 got their start playing on Grafton Street.

Temple Bar is not an actual bar. Well, it is a bar, but the name refers to an area that is the cultural quarter of Dublin.

After a few pints of Guinness, you might see faeries.

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  1. Thanks for the giggle! We are headed to Ireland this summer, so glad to get a humorous heads up so close to Saint Patty’s day.

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