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The Masters Golf Tournament – Things you may not know

For most people, The Masters is something only viewed on television and it’s only a dream to step foot inside the gates of Augusta National Golf Club.

The Masters 2011 Scoreboard at Augusta National Golf Club

We have a few photos and little gems of a visit to Augusta National Golf Club. Here are the things you may not know about The Masters and the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club:

The Etiquette – Of course, with this being a gentlemen’s game, there are rules and etiquette to follow. There is the dress code, which consists of collared shirts and no blue jeans. But, did you know that there are specific rules regarding reactions for when your opponent makes a bad shot? You are not allowed to clap or even cheer under your breath. It just isn’t done at The Masters. All spectators are handed a 68 page spectator guide that outlines what is expected of visitors to this prestigious event.

Ernie Els putting at The Masters 2011 Augusta National Golf Club

No Cell Phones – No cell or mobile phones are allowed inside The Masters. You know why. There’s always one person who forgets to turn off their ringer. Plus, during the actual tournament days, unauthorized photographs are not allowed, even from a phone. Don’t worry if you need to make a phone call while you’re there. There’s a house phone so you can call your BFF and say, “Guess where I am?”

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches – The pimento cheese sandwiches are a tradition at The Masters. They’re one of eight sandwiches served at this event, but especially the pimento cheese because it’s said they were a favorite of Bobby Jones. The concessions are moderately priced with these Southern comfort food sandwiches priced at $1.50.

The Masters concession price list

The Restrooms – You may think I’m mentioning the restrooms because they’re made of marble or something. Nope? It’s the service. An employee wipes the stall down each time someone enters.

The Masters 2011 at Augusta National Golf Club

Fruitland Nurseries – Augusta National Golf Club is built on a former 356 acre indigo plantation turned tree nursery. One of the popular pre Civil War plants populized on the property and still can be found on the grounds are the azaleas. The holes are named after the plants that adorn each hole, in honor of its former site use.

Spectators at Amen Corner The Masters 2011 Augusta National Golf Club

1949 – Bobby Jones first penned his spectator suggestions, which are followed on the course today. That’s also the year the first Green Jacket was awarded.

Sundial at Augusta National Golf Club

It’s About the Experience – The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club is not about making money. It’s about a time-honored tradition that brings in the best of the golf game from all corners of the world. This year marks the 75th year of The Masters which originally began as an invitational tournament by Bobby Jones and a gathering of his friends.

You can learn more about The Masters at the official website – www.Masters.com

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  1. NO cell phones at all?

    So if your kid breaks an arm at school, do they come find you on the green?

  2. This tournament along with the British Open seem to capture the history and etiquette of golf so well. It must be a remarkable experience to see this world famous course. In Australia, it is normal for many to get up on a Monday morning before work to watch the drama of the final 9 holes unfold.

  3. Some things never change and the pimento cheese sandwiches are still $1.50 in 2013. However, jeans are allowed (but frowned on by locals), the bathrooms stalls are not wiped down after every use, and the $109 ladies shirts in the golf shop are made in Korea. I’ll be happy if my golf shirt (purchased yesterday) doesn’t shrink after one wash cycle. 🙁

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