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Winning Wednesday: William Joseph CD

Italy, Hawaii, Australia, Alaska, Ireland, Paris, and tropical getaways seem to be tops on everyone’s list of dream places to visit.

The last time someone mentioned to me that they dreamed of going to Australia, I encouraged her to go. It happened to be my cousin, who came back after a two week tour to sell her condo and car and ended up moving to Surfer’s Paradise.

We never know what path in life we may travel, but keep those dreams and actually plan to see these places. Some of you want to see family, others just want the excitement of seeing a new place. I know first-hand how awesome it can be to work towards the goal of a destination and the emotions that overwhelm you once you get there.

Congrats to the following winners of William Joseph’s latest CD, Beyond. We hope you will travel to your dream destinations in the near future. Be sure to take your new CD with you on your journeys.

Sharon Fairclough dreams of Paris. Bobv wants to see Tahiti. Flora Presley fantasizes about Greece and has a closer dream of Mount Rushmore. Debf would like to visit Australia (say hi to my cousin for me) and Andrea Bialy has a desire to see Lebanon.

Congrats to all our dreamers. Check your email addresses so I can get a mailing address to send your prize. Remember that dreams can become a reality. Be sure to check out some of Traveling Mamas tips for saving. Instead of saying you would like to go somewhere, change your thinking and say you WILL go to that special place.

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