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San Antonio Family Vacation Giveaway

We love sharing money saving travel tips on Traveling Mamas and we love it even more when we get a chance to give away a trip, especially to family vacation destinations like San Antonio. I’ve taken my family to San Antonio for a vacation and we loved every minute of our visit. We played hard all day, visiting historic sites and the variety of nearby attractions. At night, we walked along the RiverWalk, watching barges float by while strains of a passing mariachi band played. We enjoyed a wonderful family meal at an outdoor restaurant and basked in the relaxing atmosphere until Little CajunMama fell asleep in my lap.

San Antonio has so much to offer as a destination, whether you are taking that family vacation or looking for a romantic getaway. The San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau is offering amazing incentives for visitors. S.A.V.E. San Antonio offers special rates for hotels as well as discounts on attractions and shopping.

San Antonio TX - Riverwalk at Hyatt
The Prize Package:

Two (2) Nights at the Grand Hyatt
AND Passes for four (4) to:
Children’s Museum
SeaWorld San Antonio
Wonder World Park
Double-Decker Tour of San Antonio

How do you win our San Antonio giveaway?

To enter, just post a comment at the end of this post telling us why you would like to visit San Antonio. Please include your email address for contact purposes. Contest ends on Tuesday Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Winner will be announced as soon as possible. The winner must be a U.S. resident and respond within 48 hours of receiving the notification email; or we choose another winner.

Bonus Entry: Tweet “Hey @TravelingMamas I want to win a trip to @VisitSanAntonio #SAVEsummersweep http://bit.ly/p04dBF”

More chances to win a trip to San Antonio.

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Now it’s your turn. Post a comment about why you would like to visit San Antonio.

Vacation giveaway provided by the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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  1. Just saw your tweet. I love San Antonio. Would love to take my niece there in early August, she has never visited the Alamo! @AnnickVer

  2. Hey there! San Antonio, I have been told, is a beautiful place, and I would love the chance to visit there and experience it for myself! Thank you for the opportunity to see it – I hope I win!

  3. I would love to visit San Antonio. I have never been and it ever since I read a Sarah Bird book that took place there, it has been on my list of places to eventually visit. I am planning our September Vacation and would love to start it in San Antonio.

  4. i have always wanted to visit texas the almao was be so awesome to see andto visit sea world my husband loves nature and animals he has never got to travel before so , this trip looks to be so intersting and enjoyable for sightseeing also

  5. Would love to visit San Antonio!! Have two kids and love to travel and take them to experience new places. Would love to get them to all 50 states before they graduate college!!

  6. I’d love to visit San Antonio because it’s one of my children’s favorite places to visit. We never run out of things to do.

  7. I would really like to visit and travel to SA for family fun! I have 3 girls and I know they would love it just as I did when I was a child. The river walk and the music would make there whole trip, they love to dance ! Thanks for the chance to getaway for a few days with the family!

  8. Would love to have the opportunity to visit San Antonio with a guided tour. So many places to see….don”t want to waste a minute!

  9. I graduated from high school in San Antonio but haven’t been back much since my parents moved away. I’d love to share the city with my family now that I have kids of my own!

  10. Would love to go to San Antonio. Have never been there. I have looked at so many websites at all the wonderful things there have to offer a family and I would love to take my there.

  11. I would like to win a trip to San Antonio not only for the rich history and beauty of the Riverwalk but also because my fiance’s cousin is dying from Hodgkin’s disease. I would like my fiance’ to be able to spend time with his cousin before he passes. We have been to San Antonio a few times and I absolutely love it there. It is so beautiful and I love the many sites that offer the truest form of history there is.

  12. We would love to come to San Antonio to see the sites and to see our newest grandbaby, Madison!

  13. My kids really want to visit Seaworld.. And I’d love to visit San Antonio!

  14. San Antonio has so much to offer as a vacation destination for a family. From educational to historic sites to parks that have fun for the whole family to romantic strolls along the Riverwalk at night for Mom and Dad. I would love to be able to visit and take in all San Antonio has to offer my family.

  15. i would like to visit san antonio because i like having the chance to go to new places and that’s not often. also, i like having the chance to win free things. such as, this vacation trip for my family and i. san antonio is such a beautiful place and i’d love to take the chance to explore a place like this with my wonderful family. if i had the chance to win this vacation trip, i would probably do cart wheels for the next week. 🙂 san antonio is gorgeous and i’d love to visit!

  16. I would love to take my family to san antonio because the last time we went was for a graduation, and it was a quick trip. We did not have time to enjoy san antonio like I did when I was little. I would like to go back and show them why I absolutely love san antonio!

  17. I’d love to take my family to San Antonio because it’s such a fun kid-friendly place for a family mini-vacation. It’s not summer if we don’t get to spend at least one weekend in San Antonio. REMEMBER THE ALAMO! 😉

  18. We would love to take a trip to San Antonio! There’s SO MUCH to do!! The Riverwalk, the Witte museum for kids with the big treehouse, the McNay art museum, the Alamo, the Tower of the Americas, a world-class zoo, the Botanic Gardens, and of course you can’t leave out Sea World and Fiesta Texas!! LOVE IT!!!!

  19. I would love to visit San Antonio because it is my favorite place in the world. My sister and her family live there. I was born just south of there in Alice, TX. We visited S.A. often when I was a child, especially the zoo and the Alamo (of course) and I have brought my family there all the time they were growing up. We all love San Antonio and the thought of being able to go there again and enjoy the sites would be fantastic. I hear they are doing some work on the missions and I would love to see that, plus the extension on the river open to the boat rides. So much to do and love about S.A. I want to go to the Majestic Theatre as well. Was taken there as a child. Can’t imagine anyone not loving San Antonio!

  20. I was there about 30 years when I was in college and loved it. I ‘d love to see how the river walk has developed along with everything else that has made it such a vacation designation these days!

  21. I am a mother and grandmother who works as a school counselor and then a missioary, during school vacations. San Antonio holds a special place in my heart and I have 4 precious grandchildren that I do not get to “treat” to vacations at all. I would LOVE to win a trip to San Antonio with them. I live just Southeast of Houston in Pearland, Tx. Please let me take them to the beautiful, fun city of San Antonio where “Fiesta” is the word of every day!

  22. I would love the opportunity to take my family to San Antonio. We have never had a family vaca before. =)

  23. I would love a trip to San Antonio because for one I was born in Texas but left shorty after. Never knowing or remembering what my home birth state looks like. I have 4 kids now and would love to show them the state I was born in. Not to mention I have a sister I’ve never met in Texas. It would be a great way to show them the rich history in San Antonio and at the same time getting together with long lost family.

  24. I would love to visit San Antonio because we have not had a family vacation in almost 5 years now. My son LOVES orca whales and he has been wanting to see Shamu for about 5 years now. Also, I was born there and I would like to take my son to see where my birth mom lived when she was pregnant with me before she gave me up for adoption. And we really love San Antonio, the Riverwalk and everything about San Antonio!!! We haven’t been there for about 8 years and I really miss it!!!

  25. I would love to take the family to San Antonio for a mini vacation. We have been once, but because of other obligations were not able to see or do all of the awesome things this city has to offer. I also like it because it is only a few hours drive from our home in the Dallas area. Thank you for the chance!


  26. I would love to visit San Antonio to see Riverwalk and visit the Alamo. Not to mention Seaworld. I would love to show the kids the nicer parts of Texas. We drove straight through last year and didn’t get to stop so they could see the interesting parts of the state. I’d love to be able to give them that opportunity!

  27. I would love to visit San Antonio, because my husband lived there as a teenager. He hasn’t been back to visit in over 20 years, and the kids and I have never been. Being able to visit San Antonio would be a dream come true!

  28. I love San Antonio! It is such a beautiful city with such ethnic diversity! I am going through a divorce after being married for 39 years. I need a fresh start to get my life back on track again. I would love to take a trip to San Antonio and soak up the wonderful ambiance of the River Walk and see the historic Alamo! My life has changed drastically, but I am trying to stay positive and get myself back into the swing of things. What a great way to kick start my new life!

  29. Would love to take my grandchildren to visit San Antonio. They have never been although they live in Texas! Such history and fun all in one place.

  30. I would love to take my family for a little R&R before returning back to school. I enjoy spending time with my family and this would be a wonderful trip to spend with them.

  31. I wouldlove to g to San Antonio, the river walk loos like u are in vinice Italy , the pics i have seen , it looks wonderful, please pick us, thank u have a blessed day

  32. San Antonio is my favorite city in the entire world! This sounds like a very nice family vacation. And we definetly need an escape for a few days!

  33. San Antonio! We would love to come and visit with our teenager!! Looks like there are soooo many fun things to do. Hope we win!

  34. We’ve been trying to get back to San Antonio for a long time. I promised myself this would be the year and we’re taking the grandkids this time! Unfortunately, hubby lost his job a few months ago and we aren’t sure what the future holds. How do you start over at our age? Whoever wins this trip, (fingers crossed it will be me!), needs to enjoy it with passion! Good luck, everyone!

  35. We would love to go back to San Antonio. It is an amazing place to visit! So many fun and exciting things to do there. I hope we win!

  36. I’d love to go visit San Antonio with my husband for our 13th wedding anniversary! We went one time before, but things were crazy and we didn’t get to see very much. I’d love to surprise him with a redo!

  37. What a great prize package travelingmamas.com is giving away! Really enjoyed looking through your website. I would love to take my son to the San Antonio Children’s Museum & do the Double-Decker tour! How fun!

  38. My family recently moved to Texas because my husband started a new job with a company here. Of course, he can’t take vacation time until after 90 days, but San Antonio is close enough a weekend getaway with our daughter would be perfect! We’ve never been to Sea World or any of the places listed so this would be an amazing opportunity to get to know San Antonio!

  39. As a freshly single mom, I am so excited to FINALLY be able to take my kids on vacation to new and exciting places around the US. I would love to see San Antonio and was hoping to visit next spring with the kids. I would love to win this trip for them.

  40. San Antonio has always been my favorite Texas city. So much culture and history. Tons of great places to eat. Hotels are unique. The scenery is amazing. There is always something to do there. We even brought home an unexpected souvenir after staying in San Antonio for a weekend trip several years ago. Our son is now eight 😉 Shanneman at gmail dot com.

  41. I just watched the promo from the San Antonio Vacation Experience (S.A.V.E) Program….omg I need to go there – being a native Michigander, my travels have been limited to the eastern region of the US – I have always dreamed of traveling to the western states and this would be a fantastic way to experience that for my children & myself. I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of my daughter who, at 19, took a personal hiatius from college to buy a one way ticket to Alaska and stay for the summer….
    What a great opportunity you are offering for whomever wins this fantastic prize. Thanks!!

  42. I would really love going to San Antonio for my BabyMoon!
    kenmeiazumaga at gmail dot com

  43. I would really love going to San Antonio for my BabyMoon!!
    kenmeiazumaga at gmail dot com

  44. I would love to win a vacation to San Antonio! I just graduated from nursing school in May and started a job as a nurse in June. My kids are desperate to take a trip this summer, but I can only get away for a long weekend…a trip to SA would be perfect (and my kids would be THRILLED!)

  45. I would love to go to San Antonio! My fiance is from Texas and we want to go there for our Honeymoon! This would make an awesome wedding present! August 27th! Almost there! This contest is perfect timing!!! I’m posting on twitter to help make sure we get it.

  46. I would love to kick up my cowboy boots with my family in San Antonio. Thanks for the contest.

  47. I LOVE BEAUTIFUL SAN ANTONIO! We can’t get enough of the ART, CULTURE & HISTORY.

  48. My husband and kids love the movie, Pee Wees Big Adventure, where Pee wee has to travel to the Alamo to find his stolen bike. They would love to actually be there and take in the sights.

  49. I visited San Antonio as a child with my family so I would love to take my family. We have 3 sons and things are sooo expensive now, so winning a free trip would be the best thing that could happen to us! I really hope I win!

  50. I would love to take my family of four to visit San Antonio because I would love to be able to show them that’s theres more to see and do than the Alamo.

  51. Would love to visit San Antonio and see so many of the sights: historical and modern. Sharing them with loved ones would be special memories to make.

  52. I would love to win the San Antonio trip! I would love to take my kids to the Alamo and have them exposed to all the culture and the history that San Antonio gives off.

  53. I would love to go to San Antonio because my daughter was born there and just celebrated her 13th birthday. I want to take her back to where she was born and show her the hospital and first place she lived as a baby. Show her all the sites and all there is to see in San Antonio.. I LOVE SAN ANTONIO!

  54. I would love to go to San Antonio because many of my friends say that it is a beautiful city and loads of things to do there

  55. I would love to win this trip for not only my kids, but also my husband. He works so hard everyday to give us the things we need and seldom does he ever ask for anything for himself. Although we live in the neighboring state, we have never had the opportunity to visit San Antonio. Thank You.

  56. I would love this vacation. I have two great kids that are always happy with little and deserve to have some fun. My husband also has been down due to an accident that has left him partially handicap. This would be a great opportunity to have a family vacation together and have some fun.

  57. i would love to visit San Antonio because i have never been there and i love to visit new places.

  58. I would love to go to San Antonio. I understand the River Walk is beautiful, and my husband would love to see The Alamo.

  59. I would love to visit because I have family there and I have heard wonderful things. I also am in need of a vacation and this is within driving distance (I’m from Oklahoma!)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  60. I am a single mom of 3 beautiful children, and I would love the oppurtunity to take my children on an adventure filled vacation to San Antonio to learn about its history, as well as spend a little time with them that I so rarely get.

  61. I’d like to go because we have friends there who we haven’t seen in ages and love the Riverwalk

  62. I would love to visit San Antonio to go to Six Flags and Sea World. Both places look like a lot of fun. I would have to visit the Alamo as well, just because, lol!

  63. I would love to win because we have friends and family who live nearby but my girls have never been to Texas (and it’s been forever since I have been).

  64. I’m a Social Worker turned Speaker that conducts workshops empowering our youth, parents, and employees. The recession caused many schools and business to cut back, which meant me losing the majority of my regular gigs and income the last few years. San Antonio is a beautiful place, and would be a great getaway to regroup, refocus, and exhale. Thank you for your time. Marcus Sibley, MSW

  65. I would like to visit San Antonio because of the rich culture and all the family friendly activities!

  66. I would Love to Visit San Antonio because I love Sea World and the Riverwalk and I want to surprise my Hushand with a 50th Birthday vacation and this would be Awesom to win

  67. I’d love to visit San Antonio again, and I’d love to take my kids. I remember going there when I was young because an aunt and uncle lived there. We always visited a place where they had lots and lots of deer, and you could just drive around and look at them. Don’t remember what it was called, though.

  68. i would love to go to seaworld because i never never been and it looks really fun!

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  69. I would love to be able to take my family to San Antonio, this would be a great opportunity to make many wonderful memories!

  70. I would like to go to San Antonio because it has something for everyone, history, amusement parks, zoo, museums, delicious food, markets, etc. Thanks for the chance!

  71. I would love to visit San Antonio to see the Alamo and teach my son about Texas indepdence!

    brandi.westmoreland @ gmail dot com

  72. San Antonio is a great town to visit! There is so much to do.
    dgtwight at sbcglobal dot net

  73. I’d love to visit because the only time I was in Texas I mostly dealt with family matters Never got to explore all the fun stuff!

  74. My FamIly anD I Woulve love to vIsiT the great CiTy of
    SAN ANTONIO!!!! Choose us plEaSe. We havEn’t takEn a reAl vacatiON iN a long time. Choose US pleAse 🙂

  75. We’d love to visit San Antonio as a quick getaway holiday before our first child starts Kinder 🙁

  76. I would like to visit An Antonio because we’ve never been on vacation before and I think it would be a treasured bonding experience for my son and I.

  77. My hubby is from Texas and whenever we fly back there no trip is complete without a visit to San Antonio-my favorite town!

  78. My fiance wants to visit the Alamo and I vacationed in San Antonio during my first marriage in 1994. I love the boat trip through the canal and my son wants to go to SeaWorld. We can drive there and it would be an affordable vacation for my family.

  79. I would love to visit San Antonio again because I haven’t been there for a looooong time and I think it’s a beautiful city with so much to do.

  80. I would love to win this! This would be a great vacation for me and my family. We are only about 5 hrs away from San Antonio so we would really enjoy this! Thanks for the chance!

  81. I have been watching airfares to San Antonio for a few months. Never been, but would love to take my kids and mom (who’ve also never been). While so much of the country is oppressed by heat, up in the Pacific NW /Oregon we’ve had two years of not much summer (and the other seasons we get a lot of cloudy days, but know that is coming) — I’d love the chance for a sunny fall getaway with some historical connections, SeaWorld, Children’s Museum, and a “fancy” hotel. Thanks. Great website!

  82. I would love to win so that I could go enjoy some time with my husband on the Riverwalk. I think it can be so much fun to walk around and eat next to the water.


  83. I would like to win because I haven’t been back since I went to basic training (USAF) over 30 years ago and I would love to take the girls and Ian. 🙂

  84. We love San Antonio! We live in the Houston area and love visiting San Antonio. We love the history! I would love to visit the Alamo again!

  85. I am a history BUFF(!!!!!!!!) and am trying to teach my daughters the importance and relevance of history throughout the world, but mostly in America. SA is a cornerstone of regional American history that no American should miss out on.

  86. I have fond memories of visiting San Antonio and the Riverwalk in the mid 80’s. Haven’t had a chance to return since then and would like to show my family the wonders of San Antonio

    Derek Franklin

  87. I would love to visit San Antonio… simply because San Antonio is one of the richest culture places you can visit in Texas. To see the look on my daughters face seeing the animals in person or visiting their childrens museum would be priceless. Not to metion my husband and I will probably be bigger kids than her visiting a new place with so much history, LOL! In general I would love to visit San Antonio for the food, culture, and history that the city provides for the first time!!!

  88. I would love to be able to blog about it and show that you don’t have to leave San Antonio to have a great vacation when SA offers a fabulous staycation right in our own backyard!!

  89. I would like to visit San Antonio because it seems like a beautiful city!

    brensweepstakes at aol.com

  90. I’d love to visit San Antonio because it looks beautiful and family friendly! We like to explore local culture and cuisine (except my 7 year old DD, she likes chicken tenders and fries!)!

  91. I would love to visit San Antonio because I have a cousin who lives there with his family and have not seen him in some time. I have heard that San Antonio has a lot of great things to see so would love to take in the sites with my cousin and his family….oh and I have never met his wife nor his daughters so this would be a very special trip!

  92. San Antonio is a FUN city. I especially love the River Walk and Mi Tierra Restaurant (yum – best Mexican restaurant ever!).

    It would be a pleasure to return a 2nd time to the city…perhaps in the winter? I bet my girls (ages 2 & 4) would love SeaWorld!

  93. I’ve never been to San Antonio. In fact, I haven’t been on a vacation in years.

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