Space Camp

Raise your hand if you wanted to go to Space Camp when you were a kid. Me! Me!

US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, ALI used to spend every childhood summer in Huntsville, AL, the home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. I would beg my grandfather to take me to the Space Center so I could buy astronaut food, bring it back to his house, and suck on the freeze dried sponges of chocolate ice cream or strawberry sandpaper until the inside of my mouth was on the verge of bleeding. Then one day, this awesome movie called Space Camp was out at the theaters. This classic movie became the dream of kids for decades. Everyone wanted (and still wants) to go to Space Camp. Remember Max and Jinks?

Well, guess what? You can go to Space Camp. Your kid can go to Space Camp (mine did). And, you can even go to Space Camp WITH your kid. How cool is that?

The Space Camp experience isn’t cheap, but scholarships are available for a select few. However, getting the chance to live a childhood dream and inspire your own child is a priceless experience that your child will always remember.

Simulator at Space CampI wish I could say that I had that parent/child experience, because I know I still want to go to Space Camp. Maybe I will keep that on my list of things to do, but after years and years of planning (and a little help from the grandparents) we were able to send our son to Space Camp for a week. He had the best time and learned so much. It was worth every penny.

Even if you don’t get a chance to stay for Space Camp, all families can enjoy a day exploring the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL or any of NASA’s other space centers. You never know when you might have the chance to see something that will be inspiring to your child’s life.

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  1. I’m actually taking my son to space camp for the first time this spring. I was wondering what there is to do for the parent spending the week while their son is off at space academy? Where to stay?
    Any help would be great, as I’m not from the area.

  2. How do I ask my Mom to let me go to space camp? I was thinking about asking her for it for my birthday, but I don’t know how to ask her. I’ve been wanting to goo since nothing was on TV so I watched Little People, Big World; it was the one where the youngest one (I don’t know his name), went to space camp, it looked awesome!

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