Reader Q: Are there bed bugs at my Disney resort?

Dear TravelingMamas,

I read your blog and wondered if you’ve heard anything about bed bugs at Caribbean Beach Resort. I’ve read several posts on trip advisor and, at this point, not really looking forward to the trip.

We tried moving to another hotel, but choices are limited due to the upcoming holiday. Any advice is appreciated.

Concerned Mom

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort | image by Shannon Hurst Lane TravelingMamas.com

Concerned Mom – Thank you for reading TravelingMamas.com. Bed bugs are an industry wide concern not just for Disney Resorts, but for anyone in the hospitality industry. Bed bugs have been around since ancient times and aren’t just in some hotels. They can be found in restaurants, gyms, and residential areas. Bed bugs are not a sign of uncleanliness and are usually brought in by other travelers. In Florida’s climate, I’d be more concerned with mosquito bites.

Double standard room at Disney's Caribbean Beach ResortI’ve stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort in the past on a personal trip and so have other Traveling Mamas. It’s a fun themed property that is huge. While the rooms aren’t the height of luxury, I found CBR to be clean and comfortable during our time at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. I did not find bed bugs in my room, nor did any of the other travelers in our group. We had 10 rooms in use at the resort.

I also visit TripAdvisor‘s member reviews to find tips and advice on hotels and destinations before I leave on any trip. What I’ve noticed through the years is that some people will go out of their way to complain before they will to give kudos for a job well done.

I reached out to Walt Disney World Resorts, and even during this holiday time they were glad to provide information to help ease your worries regarding your upcoming family holiday to Walt Disney World. Here are some facts from Disney regarding bed bugs not just at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, but at all official Disney properties:

· Disney has an extensive and aggressive pest management program, including trained entomologists on staff, as well as a thorough treatment process for rooms when there is a confirmed case.

· In addition to preventive efforts, housekeepers inspect guest rooms daily and follow appropriate procedures when a concern is identified.

· Additionally, Disney’s Pest Management Department works with researchers and institutions from around the world, to discover and implement safe and effective applications and techniques.

I hope this eases your fears and that you have a wonderful family holiday at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. Please send us a trip report when you return.

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