On the Move Approved: Flip Ultra Video

A while back I was searching for something small and easy to use that could record snippets to provide content for our TravelingMamas YouTube page. A wise family travel blogger I know, Sheila of BootsNAll’s Family Travel Logue, mentioned that I should try the Flip Ultra Video. She claimed it was so easy and simple that a kindergartener could use it. So, the research began.

I found the Flip Ultra Corporate Site that listed its predecessor and also a newer model, the Flip Mino. I compared all of them, including available accessories, such as a mini tripod and even an action mount for catching those skydiving trips. Both the Ultra and the Mino looked really cool with just a few differences. The Mino is a little smaller and has a rechargeable battery, whereas the Ultra can still fit in a pocket and uses two AA batteries. The Mino is also more expensive at $179.99US MSRP and only comes in black or white. The Ultra is listed at $149.99 and comes in a variety of cool colors.

So, I searched on eBay. I checked out Amazon. I even went to Target and Walmart searching for this elusive gadget. I wanted to see it in person before I purchased it. I had given up my quest that day and continued on to Sam’s Wholesale Club to satisfy my inner bulkaholic before calling it a day. Imagine my delight when I saw, illuminated under fluorescent lighting, a large pyramid stack of Flip Ultra Videos for $124.99 each. What a steal! Of course, I added it to the grocery bill.

I couldn’t wait to check out and open my treasure in RedBugg. My son was so excited, he tore at the plastic casing with his teeth like a puppy with a new peanut butter filled Kong. He placed the batteries in it and began recording with one touch. When we arrived home, we popped out the USB arm and plugged it into the computer. The easy to load software comes pre-loaded in the camera and is super easy to use.

So far, we’ve taken that little find and filmed numerous travel memories which will soon be available for viewing. This fun, easy, and affordable little gadget definitely gets the On the Move Approved seal from me. Thanks for the tip, Sheila!

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  1. I actually saw Oprah mentioned this camera during her episode on Youtube. It looked awesome and I requested as a Christmas gift. I’ve been loving it ever since. Great tool for bloggers 🙂

  2. I’d speak for the Panasonic SDR-S7 which I bought recently,and made my last couple of videos on. Not sure how much it sells for in the States, but it’s just a tad under £200 here.

    And, the good thing is, you don’t feel like a tourist, or a ‘poor man’s Cecil B. DeMille’ while you’re filming.

  3. I’m telling ya, I LOVE that thing! Point, press button, make video, upload. Even I could figure it out, and I’d never shot video in my life.

    I’m glad it worked out well for you; it’s always a little scary when I tell someone that a device is “idiot-proof.” Maybe I should come up with another term….:)

  4. Just bought my hubby a Flip Ultra based on this review. These people should be paying you!

    Great review and I can’t wait to surprise him with the video camera.

  5. My mom is 83years old and could use a cell phone. Great info & I need to watch her because she has health issues.

  6. Was there just a new version of the Ultra introduced? Have you had a chance to review it yet, and what was your verdict?

    Can any of the flips zoom in? What other techie features do they have?



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