Natural and Organic Skincare

Dear Mother Nature – Not only have you dried my nasal passages, but now my skin is all gooky from bad airplane air and the brisk wind from the winter ski slopes.

Enter skinbotanica. This company provides natural and organic beauty products, such as the Eminence Exclusive Rose Collection. This particular collection is available in handy travel sized containers and are shipped to you in a gorgeous presentation. This starter set includes six products to begin a skin regimen that will clear up any acne and soften wrinkles. readers can save 10 percent on this and other products available at by using code SEBL 10 at checkout.

Congratulations to Kristina who is today’s Festivus winner.

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  1. Just had to give you this Festivus alert. Tucson’s Loft Cinema (Independent and Foreign films) will celebrate Festivus tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 20)with a Feats of Strength contest, Airing of Grievances and holiday Sweater Parade. Ahh, the holiday season is alive and well in Arizona.

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